An anticipation of what is coming, is being felt. There are options, and they will be chosen when it feels right to make the decision. The energy has something of a tense atmosphere as if there is a red hot project that will be coming to a new height soon, one that is really big, bigger then earlier and probably bigger then ever.

The project is a feeling in essence, and emotion of homecoming, of belonging and of a new to be found explosion of heart warmth that steers your actions like it’s a mission on fire. Like you are in the kitchen and the hearth is burning cosy and that stirs your mood in the direction for the ultimate dish cooked with your souls passion.

When you are home when your passion burns, it is a sustainable situation. Here, you will finally not waste your energy; in the past you may have burned yourself out running after some goal or person and that uprooted you and you were left barren, or you may have felt you learned from that and closed your boundaries until there were only walls to look at left.

A new view is presenting itself now. Even when there is a war stirring that nods us to look at things differently and make adjustments and make a new choice, this new view can be peaceful.

War is in You and is resolved in You. It is in fact that you have the possibility of vision that you can make the view towards the future positive without a contrast. The world atmosphere may be eschatological, but one who is at home (or starts to accept that one is), can see the stirring as a call for passion.

Love is a state of being and indifference is its real enemy. The creative tension can be used for grandeur (too). It’s an art form, I suppose.

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