Ever thought about needing a miracle when you feel stuck?
Or how pleasant it would be to add miracles to an okay situation?
Yeah, that is possible.
I am entitled to miracles.
You are entitled to miracles because of what you are. – Lesson 77 of A Course In Miracles #acim
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This I find so interesting about ACIM: it looks to me as though for the average norm of a western mindset, the above statement of “I am entitled to miracles” sounds pretty narcissistic at first glance, because you in that sentence have a right to something that sounds kinda special.

Because the idea of being entitled is from a social emotional and mental health perspective often connected to the idea of being falsely entitled, being wrong about your rights and role and rudely unaware of your silly stance as well. Something along those lines.
But nope! This Course in Miracles sells it as if it’s the new normal and there is truth to it, what’s more: Truth with a capital T, because lesson 77 goes on about it as if it’s ice cream. I will eat the ice cream because I am entitled to it because of my birthright, and then I will also offer ice cream as if I make it in my kitchen myself!
So interesting… I think we are allowed to have a laugh too, when we do consciousness work. That’s why I say it in this way. 😉 And then go back at it to see that it is actually very true. It’s a miracle that I even exist. And that is for you too, just the same!
That is not narcissistic, but rather guides you to the value of the deeper meaning of the fact that you ARE. Deeper then the shallow forms only, we can then get a grasp of the vastly mysterious nature of the universe, the all and our own existence. We are invited here to find our stability in a new way exactly there.
In this new found balance, that is indeed foundational, we can then start to attract the real profound and everlasting things that click with our beingness without effort: our Soul Money, our True Mission, our Ultimate Co-Creational Partner. And that then makes this methodology (A Course In Miracles) suddenly very practical!
Yes, it’s like a manual, guiding us lesson by lesson through the deeper value underneath our defenses and it is those that are in fact narcissistic and not where it eventually leads us. The Union Consciousness that ACIM thus makes accessible for us, makes it possible to reach this concrete destiny for real.
Union Consciousness may perhaps be something intangible, invisible to the untrained eye and a phenomenon that is not yet engrained in the minds and energies of that many people when you would look at percentages of your nation or even the entire world. But that does not need to hold you back from starting your journey there: it’s an open road you can simply choose to go!
The mention of the idea of ‘union consciousness’ is not literally in the book, however those words separately you will read many times. Taken together they indeed – and mostly for the Twin Flame fans – refer to where you want and also need to go for making come true that desire for the True Twin Flame. Simultaneously, that level of consciousness is where your mission lives, and your entrepreneurship on the base of that is steered by the singleminded success guide that is the Divine.
My hopes are you take that literally, because that is indeed so, and it is also my personal experience, and of the leader of our ACIM Book Read Club that will have its first outing upcoming Sunday March 20, Brittany from the USA. She has read a lot in it, and has reached high degrees of what I just summed up for you.
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See you soon then.