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Coach, author and speaker on the natural abundance of the soul in money and love, born in 1980 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. "Helping Sensitive Creatives make more Money. For they are in fact the original Magicians that gather to rise in Truth. Passing on of the Key to soul prosperity in manifested Money and Love. Our values are Freedom, Respect and Prosperity. This is a commission of Enki and Thoth." *** The only Magic that is True is Love ***

The Deva’s Channeled

“Hey hey, we are the deva’s! We are gnomes and fairies, dryads and fae. Yes yes we are playful and a lot of fun, and today we’d like to play with you, so immerse yourself into our realm, you’re definitely gonna like it. You want justice and that is good, yet you’ve got to understand [...]

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Angel Assistance of Omael Divine Angel 30

The guardian angels have arrived in assisting our mission, literally that is, because they weren’t summoned or anything, but when one creates the Divine mission and starts building, at a certain point they come to assist. Angels are divine energy fields that assist in healing and building. After Archangel Michael opened the way, the first [...]

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