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Coach, author and speaker on the natural abundance of the soul in money and love, born in 1980 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. "Helping Sensitive Creatives make more Money. For they are in fact the original Magicians that gather to rise in Truth. Passing on of the Key to soul prosperity in manifested Money and Love. Our values are Freedom, Respect and Prosperity. This is a commission of Enki and Thoth." *** The only Magic that is True is Love ***

My time with the Master Christ: formation of a new professionality

Motto “As God creates, so man can create. Given a certain intensity of will, the shapes created by the mind become subjective. Hallucinations, they are called, although to their creator they are real as any visible object is to anyone else. Given a more intense and intelligent concentration of this will, the form becomes concrete, [...]

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My PEACEful Christmas letter to you [secret 224E Christmas Gift]

The holidays are different this year, we are invited to create the PEACE we so desire in our hearts homes in ourself. This peace message completes your Christmas <3   Dear sensitive creative, dear friend, To be honest, 2020 did not fully go to plan for me. On a worldwide scale, in our society at large, this [...]

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The Master Christ Speaks – GOLD Consciousness

“The time has come for us to be in your heart. You will hear us in your mind as well. This is normal. The time is here for those that choose peace to be in peace with us. The specific kind of peace we offer you at this time of great distress, is one that [...]

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Choose Peace Now – The Great Conjunction

You have been pulled in one direction or the other, concerning the situation in the world. You feel strong about where you believe you are heading. You feel right about the consequences of your choice. But somehow, you feel bad still. Like, an undercurrent of anger and fear, of insecurity. It is as if your [...]

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Pick a Symbol Reading for your Best Future

We live in seemingly daunting but essentially crucial times to make your ultimate choice. Now is when you can chose your fate. Will it be peace no matter the circumstances and start the soul journey no matter the consequences?     ** purple moon ** You are a feeling oriented person and your gut feeling [...]

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Pick a Symbol Reading for Inner Abundance

Make your pick out of these four symbols and read underneath what it means for your state of inner abundance and how to make that better for you with real results.     ** flaming egg ** You’ve got the best ideas, now you’ve got to take them serious enough to make them reality! It [...]

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Remember Your Magic From Before Time In 2020

The following blog is about the purple dawn of creation, the magicians' roots, the revolution of 2020, how you are in it and where it leads you. It provides an understanding about what is going on in the world right now, in a couple of layers. It may be a cause for much more questions; [...]

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9 Lessons brought by 2020

* making up the state of affairs half way * Are you a sensitive creative or spiritual entrepreneur (to be)? These 2020 life and work lessons will speak to you. I made a video for you, in which I talk about them. While looking forward to get the sound better in future video's, and seeing [...]

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Going deeper is possible in 4 easy steps

It may be hard to believe that coming home to your ultimate lover and your full money abundance is as simple as going deeper, deeper and deeper with yourself until you are there. But it is! And you can do that with this four step tool called KEY. It sounds simple, but what IS going [...]

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