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Spiritual Teacher of Twin Flames & Mission Business. Born in 1980 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. *** The only Magic that is True is Love ***

Twin Flame Mission Workshop

It is not so widely known that your Twin Flame Mission is of great support to try to come together. When you'd find out more about what yours is, you will start to live in the frequency that will attract your True Twin Flame to you. This makes everything streamline so incredibly much better...! But [...]

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Christed Masters supporting Union

Community members more and more spontaneously connect with the consciousness of the Christed Masters these days, and Jesus and Mary Magdalene are very famous in that group. They are intimately connected with guiding the unfoldment of Harmonious Twin Flame Union on earth right now. Also, personally I do work with them, as I have exchanged [...]

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Vibration + Relating = Highway to Harmonious 🔥🔥 Union

Recent real life experiences that I had as a Twin Flame spiritual teacher, have clearly indicated, that there is a formula to your success in moving towards your Harmonious Union. That success formula is, we learned, that you need vibration + relating both. I would like you know more about what this means, so the [...]

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Twin Flame EASTER 🔥🔥🍎 online events

Upcoming Easter weekend, you are invited to go deeper in your Twin Flame journey. I conceived of 3 excellent events for you, that can be perfectly combined, to make the most out of that. Let’s study, heal and meet each other! See you soon. Love, Petra. 5 min VIDEO EXPLANATION: https://tinyurl.com/TwinFlameEasterEvents   🍎 Automatic Distant [...]

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Call in your Harmonious Union 🔥🔥 totally possible

  Dear friends, Wow! This year started profound here, in the Twin Flame department. In our online community, we had 2 cases of people having reached the state of consciousness of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, that it is all about. TWO! Bam. In our social media outreach, in YouTube video's this has been discussed by [...]

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Union Vision for 2024

My heart goes out to a situation in which the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are on equal level and in their own power and world, while at the same time being FULLY connected by the peaceful in-between-land of sacred silence, friendship and rest where the tree of Union roots and grows. I love [...]

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