About Petra Else Jekel

Do you desire a meaningful life that leads to your true prosperity with at every crossroads exactly what you need for further development in Mission Business & Twin Flame Union?

My mission is to bring Twin Flames to the prosperity of their dreams via their Mission. Prosperity is feeling good and money in your unique way. Experience money in line with your heart and ending this separation is therefore part of what we do here. Entrepreneurship with your creation aligned mission is the practice of action I can bring you fully and rationally into. This also brings universal and unconditional love in flow and your ultimate love life to fruition. What sets this avenue to (inner) wealth apart is that it is truly instigated by Source.

The methods that are used to achieve this, come from union consciousness and form a new generation of magic that is being introduced from the Master Magician out for this new time. We therefore root into universal unconditional love in an innovate way with money as a valuable outside paired up with an inside made out of love or creativity or sexuality (which is in a holistic sense the same): two sides of the same coin. The most far reaching path you can walk here is The Ultimate Pleasure Path to Perfection: this is the authentic spiritual path that world masters walked, now opened up for everyone through the laws distilled from the lived reality of the Crystal Magician with Pacal Votan as guide.

Let me, in the role of Dean of the Mystery School, be your guide in the magical landscape of Soul Money and Twin Flame Love that the normal mind can not really see yet but the magical mind understands, by means of healing and intelligence, organic transformation and clear-cut tools. Artistic and life creativity paired with holistic and practical business. Inner work and building your company can seamlessly coexist. Partnering up with your ultimate lover, goes together with making a breach and let money flow with ease. This is all build on the steadiness of the spiritual rock bottom of Source: in that sense I do not place value on being your medium or psychic nor on channeling; I am a direct Source reader and someone that converses directly with the living masters of my tribe and that I lead.

Does this make me a spiritual teacher or a business professional? I am the returned Creative ID Master that teaches Golden Flow (fulfilled personal energy fields) after this was perfected in me on June 3rd 2019 and I reside in the state of Harmonious Union with my ultimate co-creational partner (True Twin Flame) that is a money professional since March 23rd 2020. I am a business coach trained in a long-term individual program and try-out time; published author of fiction and non-fiction and praised speaker with official nationwide status; and art theorist with a personal scientific contribution educated at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

I bring spiritual light messages based on the authentic spiritual journey, initiate people in new fields of energy and can read in the soul library what your life purpose is. My spiritual life task of opening up again the secret doctrine and initiate the current christ with that, was fulfilled on July 27th 2019. This keeps me bound to a strict ethical code of the order of magicians and this defines my action within a circle of sincerity and truth that crystallizes out in all areas of action such as coaching and business.

Ever since I am enfranchised to teach a complete spirituality that will make you arrive at a definitive sobriety at the other side of inspiration, feelings, messages and the field of infinite possibilities. This does not belong to a trend or religion, but exists autonomous with a strong magical golden thread back through the ages, consciously returning to the antediluvial Purple Dawn in other words before time. The circle of light of the Masters of Eternal Wisdom is indebted to and subjects itself respectfully to this timeless leadership.

I desire nothing more then calling forth the magician in you that co-creates Heaven on Earth in your unique way. Nothing more then after twenty years of initiation by my own spiritual teacher Anandajay, pass on the Key to Abundance by bringing to life our values freedom, respect and prosperity. This is for men and women that desire a tantra in this. The promise of the Universe for when the magicians rise, that has been done to me, and that has been realized for me, is that they will be able to live their ultimate wealth 1111-fold after they have walked their path – and the basic strategy to this, I give away to you for free.

Although I thus developed an over-all vision, when we work together I am mainly interested in what you believe I can do for you. Every request about more money and love, according to me is a step in the direction of union consciousness in other words ascension, also when your situation asks for a practical solution and even when your state of being requests a deep leverage to a new reality. I am working towards the opening of the Life Magic School where all these intentions have their rightful place. My office-atelier and workshop space at home, is located in the nature and culture rich city of Arnhem, The Netherlands, Europe, where I was born in 1980. I adore nature walks and watermelon smoothies and cannot live without my magical 432Hz piano.

About my programs and sessions

I offer single sessions, 6 weeks and 3 months programs.

Sessions with the topics:

  • Business
  • Artistry
  • Spiritual
  • Health
  • Writing

Initiations with the title:

  • MultiDimensional Clearing
  • Hearing Source
  • Christ Consciousness Compassion
  • Creative ID
  • Key Holder

All programs are build from ingredients that are ever expanding, are client base tested, have a multimedia approach (workbook, theory, online meeting and so on) and are individually tailored in execution. Additionally, I work with the Ultimate Strategy and towards States of Being: Harmonious Union & Golden Flow, together Union in Flow.

*** The only Magic that is True is Love ***

My happy place:


Who I am: Past Life Memories

One of the defining factors of my teachership is myself of course. I share tools, but they have come into existence because of my relationship with Divine Mother, of which I am a part. I pass on the consciousness state of Harmonious Union, but that can only be done because of me in all my presence. Keeping on being into connection with that frequency also comes through your relationship with me.

I’d love for you to know a little bit more about me, so you can have a grasp of where I am coming from. Over the years, I have come to know more about who my soul essentially is and I even remembered certain past lives, and in particular a well-documented recent past life.

Because the Twin Flame journey makes its results known on the level of the soul, it is your eternal identity in Divine light that we are speaking of here. For you, and also for me as teacher. Lessons from one life, will come up in the next life again when they are not finished up yet; your Harmonious Union, if maintained, can be kept throughout lifetimes as well.

What kind of soul am I? Why do I share these often deemed unreachable states and results, such as Twin Flame Union? How did I get there, to be able to do so? I’ll share more about this in this 2h video that first appeared in June 2024 as a YouTube LIVE video:

In the video, I refer to some things that justify giving these two extra links for your info and convenience:

Me as HP Blavatsky, a short video about her: https://youtu.be/5Gz9oYn0AH4
My current life Twin Flame method new paperback book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0D5Y93GD5