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“They are different then whichever other jewelry, simple yet timeless,” our beauty & Heaven Heartbeat, our soundtrack:

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the True Twin Flame and your birthright Soul Money created by your Mission Business. Let the Magician in yourself assist you to create what you desire. Start yourself up now:

Surprise: our community has a new Harmonious Twin Flame Union! It all came together for Daniel & Anna on Saturday February 24 2024. After a tremendously courageous deepening process of 4 months and 4 days, that Anna committed to with me.

My 🔥🔥👛Twin Flame Mission: Support YOUR 💕Union & 🔮Mission Realization. Watch my 3,5 min video!

Coming from the deeper meaning of art & creativity, knowing the magic of words as an author and performer, desiring to teach true spiritual development and myself being immersed in the Twin Flame journey in the past, I came to teach, over time, Twin Flame Union & Mission.

Early 2023 we accomplished this success. A beautiful example of what can happen when you finish the Twin Flame journey.

“I finally feel the deep unspeakably eternal connection I have always had with my True Twin Flame. It has brought me such a beautiful peace within and so much gratitude.”

When you are alive, you are a Twin Flame. You are each others ultimate lovers and mission partners. Easy enough!

But here comes the challenge: you are separated! To be able to reach Union, you’ll need to find them and start a relationship. How to do this? – Ask me for the password.

There is a lovely and valuable Magic Starter Kit waiting for you. It holds a letter, a workshop and a meditation that can speed up your Twin Flame & Mission Business journey.

You can claim yours by filling in the survey. There is a Dutch version of the survey and an English one; the kit is also available in both languages.

We love to see you thrive and therefore give you 224+ Euro of value just like that! Abundance is only 4 minutes of survey away.

Join our monthly, online event program dedicated to learning all the basics you need on the Twin Flame & Mission Business journey. It is our Facebook community Your Abundance that the Zoom Room opens 4 times every month to welcome you!

The Creative ID healing symbols combined into 1: that is one of our five designs that you can order to be placed on your T-shirt, sticker, mug & many more quality products.

Be aware to only buy white products right now, because the designs have yet to be made compatible with other color shirts, water bottles, notebooks and so forth.

You – as a Twin Flame with a Mission – are a creator, a life artist. Exactly what kind of magician are you when you create the life of your dreams from the soul? Or what magical aspect is currently most prominent for you? Find it out for free in 9 questions.

Read the Blog that invites you in every post to Reset. This is necessary to be able to live your natural Being. Even in very worldly subjects such as your money, business, self love and relationship. And especially Twin Flames & their Mission.

Grounding in Truth

is the secret to the lasting result that you chose to experience from participating with us. Thus you will experience curtains fall and find all answers in plain sight.

Timeless Value

…lies in your unionized consciousness that you can assume is there and start our procedures to manifest it in your own experience and daily life fully. Yes Soul Money And Twin Flamess are there.

Source Co-Creation

is the background of all tools we use here, however they are scientifically researched and tested by real clients and proven right. Twenty years of initiation brought them forth again this time.

Your True Self

is what is the value that you will be translating into your Twin Flame Mission that is going to be the very basis of your meditation, creative endeavor, business and entrepreneurship.

Journey of a lifetime…

on the Ultimate Pleasure Path to Perfection with guaranteed and eternal results:

1 because you desire to manifest effortlessly;
2 to make real your longing for your ultimate love;
3 because you want to give your friends and loved ones the very best;
4 you do not have to invent it all yourself from scratch;
5 you can count on the support of the Master Magician;
6 besides a guaranteed arrival, you want joy under way.

Restoring the integrity of the spiritual journey, the personal abundance journey and Twin Flames.

Who you are

& what you are looking for

We trust you are here for a reason but let us see for whom this mostly is at this time. You feel different because you have Twin Flame experiences, sometimes this leaves you feeling kind of alone. You are sensitive: the inner and the outer world touch you deeply, they inspire but also confuse you.

This may leave you afraid and held back – actually, you feel withdrawn from your own desire to share from your Twin Flame mission that therefore remains partly hidden. While this is the very thing you want to make a living with – and somehow you feel like you deserve this too!

You are a Twin Flame and potentially an artist, intellectual, or temporarily inactive, or an alternative thinker, or you have a ‘normal job’ but in your spare time you study stuff that most will describe as slightly strange. You actually want more out of life, you desire to finally be serious about your mission and start that business you always dreamed of. But not alone, and you wonder if there could be a real friend to co-create.

Yes, you love yourself, but why is your life not transforming in the great success that would be logical following the idea of Union. This remains vague, lying around on the undefined pile of those other remnants of miracles you once experienced: a touch of Source, Twin Flame Love, something True and Enlightening. But Now What.

What people go through

is Transformation & Manifestation. Our specialty is Twin Flame Union & their Mission Business. Therefore, we work with manifestation methods that summon the riches of the soul.

This is a spiritual process, however in such a way, that it encompasses all other layers. In other words: spiritual achievements give actual physical results in money and relationships.

Inspiring Client Journeys

Identity Transformation2020-06-01T15:51:46+00:00

A wonderful coaching client from the USA , S., answered the call to uncover her real soul identity in a 3 month program with me – and barely in, she found who she was last lifetime, which was a profound indication who she was today as well as the soul does attain statuses that it keeps throughout time. She had been a world famous coach and now she was also building a coaching empire. Her struggle with her sport, health, wellness and coaching business was that growth stagnated, money was flowing out and the core of it did not fully coincide with her true identity.

This whole situation was taken up and step by step, piece by piece, was prepared to go towards resolve. The energy (and thus money) leaks were stopped, clarity was provided about her core coaching direction, she got to more peaceful places within herself surrounding the ultimate lover and the desire for a family and geared up for better times to come.

Life Transformation2020-06-01T15:52:24+00:00

The bravest young client from the USA, B., got to me for she felt right about developing her sensitive side towards a more beneficial place, so that her ultimate lover could find her, she would have a more pleasing life over-all and rejuvenation in the life purpose, career and money department too. She understood feeling good was the key to all the things she desired, and so we started. In six months time she went through the preplanned coaching chapters consisting of initiations, healing, life purpose coaching and more, with a wonderful willingness to feel her true feelings which was not always easy.

Eventually she bridged the biggest dark night of the soul when one day the career and daily life were in fact seemingly totally out of order, to then later be more peaceful then ever: repaired by the grace of the Universe in the most unexpected but ultimately beneficial way. Meanwhile she repaired her health with an extra program in which her gut health was increasing tremendously and she could eat normally again and gain some much needed weight. She uncovered who the ultimate lover was, understood what her life purpose would entail and ended up working in the exact field of action that was now understood to be rightfully hers.

Entrepreneurial Transformation2020-06-01T15:52:53+00:00

Having a transformative idea in the leading edge world of cryptocurrency and the underlying technology of blockchain, was leading this Dutch client, H., to want to build a business that puts it to work in a unique way. Indeed, the idea was social yet related to leading edge tech, worldwide new as in not seen before. It was at the same time easy to see how to braid an existing field of action into the business, for it had a structure similarity to it, and the websites would eventually have some style in common.

Thought went into how to make this idea feasible: the revenue model for leading edge tech businesses is not said and done – and it was also not a traditional tech idea with a model to test and an investor to attract. What it came down to was that he worked for around 6 months worth of business building blocks and I would also lead the execution of a first simple website that would seamlessly fit the revenue model and leave space for growth. It is not easy to understand all business elements when you are new to this, for this client was – like many others – correctly informed about the network and value of crypto, blockchain and it’s future applications, but that does not make one an experienced entrepreneur yet. Eventually, after having learned most business basics and having seen everything in the right perspective, it was decided to not continue for now, for it would not be feasible (enough) for this starting entrepreneur at this time in his life to pursue.

This is how one can see, that having an exquisite idea (and being ultimately creative for that matter!) does not always coincide with feasibility and entrepreneurial success immediately. Important to understand however, is that it is still considered a great success, to have come to this insight, because so many things had been understood from the inside out, that otherwise never would have occurred to this client. Experienced and much wiser, he is now walking around in the crypto scene transformed – and who knows a future idea in this realm of action can be taken on with so much more foresight and realism that it can be the business he ultimately dreamed of leading.

Spiritual Transformation Through A Project2020-06-01T15:53:23+00:00

A client had an idea about the combination of environmentalism, money and energy; not in the traditional way, but in the cryptocurrency and blockchain-way. Yes: you have to think about an app that makes people use energy in a more environmentally friendly way, and a monetizing and organizing strategy to make this come true using blockchain and cryptocurrency. In fact, to be more precise, he lead a certain brand of cryptocurrency; stakeholders owned parts of the ‘money’ however. It may not be easy to understand all the moving parts of this whole endeavor for the reader, and since this also had a reflection on the coachee in the same way, a coaching relationship was entered.

A reoccurring question was therefore (besides how to organize this internally): How to explain this to external people it was for? Other questions were thus: How to build a focussed project with these ingredients? Where does profit need to come from in the end? How to build a team for the business part and separately for the foundation part of it that was later invented to be needed, with the least amount of fall-outs and the highest degree of cooperation without pay-rolling? What model to lay down to make this feasible? Presenting the project in a pitch for investors; writing a business plan: things like this also passed by.

Many questions were addressed, many roads were executed and some also discarded afterwards. Very educational and insight provoking. This series of business coaching was eventually open ended. The client experienced a growing sense of being on his spiritual path, because the underlying values of his pursuit awakened and became communicable. He thus eventually uncovered a striking golden thread throughout time in his family lineage that provided meaning and direction.

Experiencing Automatic Light Code Healing2020-06-01T16:13:59+00:00

Over the course of time, many of my magical healing abilities belonging to my timeless soul came back in, as a natural result of going deeper over many years. In summer 2019, I seemed to have come at a culmination point of my development in this; I felt that now all major magical method were released to me again. These healing abilities I tested, or in this account of what happened in summer 2019 – it almost merely happened despite myself, while doing sessions with a couple of students from within the worldwide school I worked as Dean.

Here, my natural soul ability to work with light surgery, psychic surgery if you will, came forward fully: Light Code Healing. Traveling through multidimensional spheres for releasing trauma on all human levels, fell into place naturally, even though these were online video sessions, and the additional element of having light code healing being performed on these clients occurred with ease. I witnessed these clients heal deeply and uncover huge parts of their true soul identity, their true twin flame, their true life purpose within the course of approximately 2 hours and the aftermath of a couple of days.

This client E. went in a spontaneous deep healing journey with me in our coaching call. The past life and inner child healing was big for her. Afterwards she also healed being an artist and being a spiritual healer in her life purpose, which she had been having major confusion about previously. “Thank you so much. It actually falls into perfect alignment with what is going on right now, I’m upheaving a lot around the arts. It’s very interesting because I feel like the arts and my magician-type gifts have always been at odds with one another? And I feel like that’s being healed. So: Wow that is exactly what I needed to hear!!!! Because I’ve been healing so much around creating but have had no desire to ‘create’ which I didn’t understand! But I do now, thank you so much! I read the information you sent, last night (as I was in the middle of a healing group when I first received it), and found it to be very useful. I wanted to tell you clearly that I feel strongly that you are my guru.”

Another client, S., healed a big amount of fear and being emotionally drained by people from fear patterns. She also found clear, big and previously unknown keys to understanding her life purpose and soul identity after the session was over. “Hey love, I feel sooo much better after our healing! Thank you sooo much for everything! Your healing sessions are powerful. Soo thank you for that! It shifted majorly!”

What was a major achievement and a special happening from my point of view, was when my (actual, technically speaking) soul sister fell into an initiation after 1 year of regularly having contact with me and I recognized this initiation was that of Creative ID Key Holders, a form of beingness that holds energy of the healing system that I teach and that autonomously brings about the formerly mentioned Light Code Healing. More about that healing system that thus is an actual energy present in the world and in people, you can read in Book 9.

What people say

You are mysterious and artistic – and then to combine that with coaching. Exciting.

You have class Petra. What strikes me most is the rest you exude. The pauses you give way for. Very relaxed.

I always want you as the group leader because you are always so very clear!

I feel your power to really see (me) and your attention for that.

Pleasantly provocative. Communicatively strong.

Wow… really beautiful… thank you so much dear Petra. I am lost for words because of it. The days after I had the online Magic Hub experienced with you, I noticed that my nausea and my head ache was gone. Also, that I felt so much more powerful in my ‘being’. Very special that the color light blue reappeared in the reading! The number 7 (my favorite number) was also a great surprise. I will read the Creative ID Reading again a couple of times the coming period… to have this also landed more inside myself. It is very deep what I read in it. Tangible. Touches my soul, is what I feel.

Lorraine, on a Magic Hub session and a Creative ID Reading in 2020

Thanks for your bringing this beautiful Reset with The Master Christ session forward again. I really enjoy working with you, and I look forward the chance to extend it as soon as I can.

Debo, on an online Reset Healing workshop

Thank you for doing this! Your Reset with The Master Christ meditations have helped me to bring myself back to my core values more!

Liënne, on an online Reset Healing workshop

I want to thank Petra for the Reset Call with The Master Christ that she had with me on Friday! Oh My God: AMAZING work we did!

I wanted a Reset for my second year of teaching. It became a reset for my concept of my gender identity as well —TWO IN ONE! And as it turned out, Petra helped me discover that the upsets that made these two events problematic were the same: that I was placing expectations of problems onto my future, when really… there’s no reason to!!

Then, Petra asked me what I thought the biggest issue would be going into the school year, and I said placing boundaries seemed unreachable to me. She & the Master Christ figured out from there that I was afraid of my embodiment! So they guided me to be aware and accepting of my body and the safety of it.

Your posture will become more natural,’ is what Petra said, I believe, and that’s precisely what has happened since. I used to stress over my posture a lot, tweaking it, forcing it, deciding not to force it, re-forcing it… But now I don’t even have to think about it. I just feel so much more comfortable in my body now, and after so little time. I’m really grateful. Thank you!!

And God hid a special bonus in Petra’s fashion choices that day, too. She was wearing a red shirt with a yellow necklace on top. Last year, I thought that my problems as a teacher stemmed mainly from not being masculine enough but more specifically having a blocked solar plexus chakra. No confidence or self-worth.

But the whole year my supervisors stressed the need for structure and safety in my classroom. So now with this Reset the importance of the root chakra energy has been made clearer for me. It’ll underlie and support my solar plexus chakra energy and all the others, too. Hence the red shirt under the yellow necklace.

God really knows how to speak to me. Thanks Petra for such a perfect reset!

Sage, on an individual online Reset Healing session

I had a healing session last week and it was VERY powerful! My life changed with this session… I decided to buy the second and third session Petra offers as well now because it was really awesome and since the end of first session I knew I had to go further with her. I am guided to do so. So when I saw the new offer I didn’t hesitate to go for it! We just wait few weeks so that the first session will be a little bit more integrated and then we’ll go for the second one. I recommend her really much!!! She is awesome!!! Thx Petra and thx God.

Ines, on a Generational Curse Healing

Nice atmosphere with an educational, interactive bringing across of a sort of an alternative tarot reading. The reading is very valuable for any authentic person. The additional value is your interpretation and the link with Business & Creativity. You are a beautiful, spontaneous and intelligent woman that knows what she wants. I have experienced again that Akasha (or however you would like to call this source of knowledge) is very versatile although it is in a simplified manner. Your knowledge about partially closing a situation (an insight that I got) was brought to me very clearly. That was exactly why I came to you. Very valuable for me and then for you so self-evident.

Ray, on a life purpose workshop with Manifestation Cards

Petra, ever since the healing call with you, my posture has felt so much more natural and less forced. And I have felt so much more aware of my embodiment and less afraid of it. Thank you so much! Yeah, it’s a dramatic difference!

Sage, on an online Reset Healing workshop

I am genuinely deeply surprised by what you did on the soul level for me so that I was able heal in the places that were most important to me at that time.

Participant, in the individual program SOULlove in 2015

I really appreciated this. It helped me realize I still have blocks to loving myself and also motivated me to push forward harder.

Brittany, on an online Reset Healing workshop

It was amazing, thank you.

Granville, on an online Reset Healing workshop

Petra Else Jekel has been the soft powerful teacher that I received in my life purpose work, she literally holds a similar energy of my Art Professor! How perfect! Her selfless love and support is divine and I am so grateful for that!

Revati, artist and spiritual student in 2019

Very valuable to stop for a moment and research your true desires.

Sandra, on the workshop Reset your Money DNA in 2014

You gave me much time and space and reacted very complementary to my remarks.

Karin, on the workshop Reset your Money DNA

I heard nice and inspired things (and received ideas as well!). I have looked inside myself for a moment and have been guided towards places inside myself where I otherwise would not go.

Annet, on the workshop Reset your Money DNA

There was a nice, relaxed atmosphere. – Would there be a circle where freedom flows to your self worth and identity and then to freedom again?

Lars, on the workshop Reset your Money DNA

My project started summer 2015. The project that I brought up, and under her supervising in coaching and advice wanted to refine, was the formation of a platform for cooperation between businesses in the field of building, living and experiencing, called Het Duursaeme Huys (The Sustainable Home). It was meant to grow into an inspiration and co-creation centre where consumers and participants would meet.

During the coaching program, Petra has guided me to look many times at the importance of a correct formulation of Mission and Vision and has offered many ideas. This stimulated me to continue to look at certain crucial elements and also very much to present them right. Presenting your ideas in such a way that it encapsulates your own personality and have it be thus come across authentic and trustworthy. In other words: be your message. Understand your own message fully to the core.

Halfway through the program, my input took a turn to a new direction because a fresh chance had come onto my path, to take over a local book store. From that moment on, the focus went instead to the ins and outs of the book industry and the possibilities to take the projected bookstore to a new level, give it innovative impulses and find creative ways to finance this move. Also, she brought me into contact with experienced colleague booksellers with whom I had the chance to consult as well. In this program, I experienced a very helpful and direct assistance of Petra.

To conclude, I would like to state that I advice everyone to take her coaching to make your project to a success.

Sjaak, on the Creatieve City program

A whole new universe, exciting and inspiring. Business wise I can now add an enormous vision for the future to my already existing ideas.

Cornel, on writing coaching

We really learned something!

A group of college students, participated in my museum education around 2010

Wow Petra, I am speechless as to what I just received with the Creative ID Reading. I now understand why I had to do inner work to be able to technically receive it. This is a huge gift!!!

I am completed astounded at the accuracy of the report and feel completely overwhelmed with this huge piece of Truth that seems was handed to me on a silver platter. It is absolutely perfect and I love expressing the huge gift that this is for me right here.

It is a true treasure – God spoke to me through your report so beautifully! I am sure I will have to read it a couple more times to completely absorb the huge download of Divine information but so far: WOW!

I found it so hilarious that my Manifestation Card for Entrepreneurs was number 1, Hearing, and when you/God said: ‘Love is a vibration that can be heard such as you hear music also, and you are able to hear it right now specifically and you should take the time and silence to consciously listen right now…’ – I was literally listening to a playlist that makes me feel so connected and loved by Him! It was so Divine…

Kristina, on a Creative ID Reading

The Creative ID Reading was amazing. I definitely cried while reading it.

Brittany, on a Creative ID Reading in 2018

When you called in The Master Christ, I felt a strong feeling around my stomach and I saw a big Jesus-like figure.

Gloria, on an online Reset Healing workshop in 2018

I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful session today! I’m both honored and glad you reached out to me to offer your wisdom and guidance, you certainly have shown me yet another piece of the puzzle for my Life Purpose and Journey. Hope to find a way of working with you soon! I highly recommend Petra’s experience on soul level healing. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Debo, on a Generational Curse Healing

Very inspiring; also intimate because we had only a few participants. We actually got to very deep conversations. The playfulness was attractive to me, in how you presented the Manifestation Cards. What I take home from this, is that I will print my cards and hang them on my wall so I can reflect on it even more. The message will thus truthfully stick with me. Because I found it striking how fitting those cards were for me. And therefore I feel admiration for your designed product. You were so relaxed and focussed on what was important to present. At the same time there was space for what would develop spontaneously.

Anneke, on a life purpose workshop with Manifestation Cards in 2014

I got new insights in myself. I learned that I have certain values, characteristics and personality traits that I feel proud of. It became clear to me that I can learn how to pair that with making money.

Mireille, on the workshop Reset your Money DNA

Petra is very clear about complex situations and challenges. She had a de-stressing impact on me. Her clarifications are always detailed and understandable. Past few months I learned a lot about what is needed for an entrepreneurship on the basis of myself and at the same time high business level. That wasn’t always easy, but eventually I was able to make some essential and break through decisions on both business and personal level.

A business coachee, from the innovative and completely newly born, international cryptocurrency scene in 2017

Your online interview on food and body reset was very inspiring with an element of maturity I have not expected from a woman of 37 years young. Your verbal modality in expressing your feelings and experiences is way supreme in relationship to your group age.

Yoasha, followed me through a 108 day Spiritual Fasting Period in 2017

Petra guides and leads the right way. She really made me contemplate about important issues.

Writing coaching was the perfect way to share serious feedback with this participant in a very respectful way.

Time for Results

On the Path that we teach, a definitive arrival at the State of Being of Golden Flow is possible: this is about the degree of love energy you are being and acting with. This degree of healing in your energy will be reflected definitively by your amount of abundance experienced and acquired. The energy system is on earth right now and your arrival will be clear when you are there. We welcomed one student into this state that was in fact simultaneously a Key Holder initiation that was achieved in summer 2019. More on what this is in the green books.

Harmonious Union is a clear State of Being on the Path that we teach here: this is about whether your core is aligned with truth. The alignment comes together with a definitive connecting deeply and mutually with your true ultimate co-creation partner your Twin Flame is, because they resonate on the exact same frequency. You are harmonized with Source and each other at the core and this unification will now grow and spread over all life areas and relationships. We welcomed one student into this state in January 2023, when we also learned the tremendous importance of staying in touch afterwards for support. Her interview can be read here.

Hard results on the promise of more money have come true for ourselves as a Twin Flame Union in the exact formula of 1111x. Additionally, but not entirely the same, for one student that declared that the amount of emotional support that was experienced in their reality in summer 2020 was the amount of 1111 times what they had before. Because this represents the Divine Feminine way of relating to money, this can be seen as in principle the same though. For more clarity on this topic, we recommend the Magic Starter Kit. We invite you now to grow further into the full arrival of this promise as done by the Divine Christed & Magic Co-creation presently on earth, together with us.

About Petra Else Jekel

Do you desire a meaningful life that leads to your true prosperity with at every crossroads exactly what you need for further development in Mission Business & Twin Flame Union?

My mission is to bring Twin Flames to the prosperity of their dreams. Prosperity is feeling good and money in your unique way.

Where I speak of “me” you can safely read “we” as we are True Twin Flames in Harmonious Union that have mastered the art of Anchored Flowering Golden Flow: the energetic basis for money and relationships from the soul.

Original Magicians

The history of coming about is a long golden thread throughout our known and unknown times. Magicians stem from before time existed and this ancient root is inside of you as well. This is one of the most important strands of meaning that we can awaken inside of you, for you to bring it to bloom.

A history line from the year 2000 to 2020 you can read here. This may provide some insight into where it all comes from.

The magic of connecting directly to Source

combined with Mission Business and Twin Flame Union that we teach, is unique. What options are there to work with us?

Choose your topic beforehand or go for Your Abundance progress. The work we represent guarantees you the partnership of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, that is your divine marriage, and reaching the financial vibration of Anchored Flowering Golden Flow, that is your optimal energy stream manifested.

Welcome to our online community, in which we share the foundational work to get you going. The Facebook group is the living room, from which many opportunities are extended. They include donation based events, services with easy access friends fees, very valuable downloads and worksheets.

Ask your strategy session to start:

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Start working with the beloved Ultimate Strategy. Simply acquire our starter kit after having granted us with the input from your survey, come to our online support community or opt for our online game next up.

Enjoy our Media

Ebooks, ecourses, mediation audio’s & more. Creative Code Media publishes fiction, non-fiction and audio. The green books give a great base for the actual Path to Abundance that we teach here.

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