Divine Feminine Manifestation Secrets Ecourse

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Online 12 Chapter Video Course on Divine Manifestation Secrets including membership of a private community, a book and more extra’s.

In the Divine Feminine Manifestation Secrets Course you will:

  • Prepare your energy field for the arrival of your True Twin Flame
  • Make conscious space for the receiving of your Divine Abundance
  • Mature your heart to be able to confidently stand in your Divine Marriage & Mission
  • Guarantee yourself a smooth transformation and assured arrival in your personal Heaven on Earth
  • Contribute to the Ascension of the entire earth by taking responsibility for your part completely

Making conscious space in your energy field to receive both the True Twin Flame Union as well as your Divine Birthright Abundance: this is what the Divine Feminine Course will establish fully for you.

Having the ID of your Ultimate Lover revealed to you as well as the name and direction of your Divine Mission that brings home your Soul Abundance, will be obvious and thorough for you from that place.

The right kind of attunement for your of ID vibration eventually brings you into the Church of Abundance where you make come true what you truly desire with ease: a celebration of what you already are!

“Oh how I’d love to take you through the energy steps of the journey to your Divine Marriage and Money! This has become even better possible with the assistance of Divine Mother.” – PEJ

You are responsible for yourself. No refunds. Technicalities and payments run via Etsy, when there are issues with it you may need to ask them.

You are able to download a pdf file after buying, that serves as the entrance to the course. It holds an elaborate preface and description, 12 written chapters with 3 assignments each and links to the unlisted YouTube video chapters. You are invited to the private Facebook community specifically for this course also. Content related questions can be asked there and the material discussed among each other.

Extra elements and total value:

There is 1 bonus chapter plus 7 secret extra chapters and the book Mary Queen of Angels: A Twin Flame Diary by Petra Else Jekel of the value of €29 accompanies the package. Included in the course are a 2 hour long pilgrimage documentary and an invitation for online group for support in the designated community that is valued at €99. The total value of the entire Sexual Magic Course package is over €432 while it is available now for €179 ex VAT.

A free sample of the course is published below.

This course is currently in the introduction price period. Because some video’s leave visual quality wise something to be desired at this time, a new round of shooting will take place in the future. This may be a great opportunity to add onto the course as well, specifically because the material will have been more matured. When completed, it will be available for all existing buyers (as well). For now this means, that Sexual Magic will be made available for you for an EXTRA 10% off making the price ex VAT land at €161.

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More on this unique and profound course:

Unconditional Abundance

What this looks like, was made clear in the Twin Flame Dream the maker of the course received while in the middle of shooting the video chapters. She thus understood that Unconditional Abundance was real and it was what she entered herself. It looked like this:

She was with her True Twin Flame on a wonderful evening date. The atmosphere between them felt like they were engaged in the development in their emotional relationship besides the fact that they were already for quite some time in the State of Being of Harmonious Union itself as well. The date consisted of going out to the city and wandering through a cosy street of an old European inner city, the like she knew from her birth- and hometown, the city she had studied and the mediterranean cities she dreams about visiting with him.

As the two of them were flirting with each other in a deeply intimate way, they read the menu of each restaurant and bar as they are placed outside under the watching eye of innocent onlookers that already had their glass of wine, their snacks and their own company. All the menu’s looked incredibly great, from small snacks to multiple course meals with wine arrangements… She kept on saying to her Twin Flame: “Let’s also look at the next place because that looks so tasteful too!” And she was right: there was a true abundance of delights in that blessed street…

Enjoying the atmosphere of salivating, flirting and enjoying the entire intimacy of looking as One in Union what would suit their taste best for the moment, it became clear to her that *This Was It*: they did not even need to choose and eat, because their love was juicy and fulfilled in this moment already! Of course they eventually would sit down and eat but that was unconditional. The experience of Abundance for them was truly endless and therefore eternal. There would be no end at all anymore to this deeply meaningful enjoyment of exuding their Love, so that others could feel it too, and of receiving their Love in their Union where Divine Mother was present!

Every meal would simply only be a simple opportunity to experience this fullness of exuding and receiving, but it would in itself not matter per se: their abundance was present in their relationship with Divine Mother and their hunger and thirst was primarily satisfied by their Union. The origin of their Abundance was in their anchor in the Divine, not in the ever serving restaurants overflowing with treats and lovely friends; those restaurants would also forever be at their disposal, so close by, at walking distance from their home! There was no hurry anymore, no pressure to satisfy the normal human needs; only a deep faith and trust that all was already provided for and served in their personal preferences at the right time.

Divine & Feminine: the Pilgrimage

This dream represents where she was arriving and where you too can take your pilgrimage to. When you want to know how it is when you have to travel through narcissistic mother abuse trauma, how to traverse the idea of breaking up someone else’s marriage to be able to form your own Twin Flame Union and how to include fresh information directly from Divine Mother into a religious life that is already formatted following flawed traditions – watch the Pilgrimage Documentary in which the maker of this course shares with you her most intimate heart including both tears and joys.

Lastly, don’t worry if you feel that Divine Mother tends to sometimes feel to you (through the tales in the course) look too much for your taste like a specific religious or spiritual background: you can safely feel into your preferred background and color it in for yourself from there on out. As an extra, the maker of the course shares with you in very short some of her answers to the assignments so you have some reference point – and can satisfy some of your curiosity too.

Understand this course is not only for women or for Divine Feminines; her counterpart can learn from it just as much, by feeling into the matching part of the Divine Masculine and by understanding whom exactly it is that he will surrender his heart to so he will be able to be the ultimate lover he desires to be for her.

This course comes with a separate Facebook Community to talk among each other, share your outcomes and ask any additional questions you may have specific to the contents and the effect of it on you of this Divine Feminine course.

Wishing you lots of learning and experiencing enjoyment!


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A free example of the course. Besides video’s, the course consists of lots of theory and most of all, calls to action. The course presents as a 183 page book with links to 22 video’s.

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November 2019

Operating from a voluntarily carved out and predicted as temporary psychological vacuum, I start this new diary to help myself forward. I am since two to three months fresh out of the experience of a lifetime with the school of the Masters and continue on my own. Many new feelings seem to present itself to me to process. I look around to see where I can co-create in this new consciousness space for the benefit of the new phase of the same journey I had been on for as long as I can remember. Looking for past and present friends and clients to reconnect with, brings me to contact some of my network. Desiring a context for my business continuation and growth and some advise as well, brings me to start reconnecting with my business coach.

I prepare a meditation course and schedule some evenings to talk about my association with truth for a community to attend. I designate my group space that is my living room for these gatherings: a relaxed small space where I very recently have installed a new very large white couch as addition to the white couch and chairs that were already there, so that around 6 to 8 people easily fit and have enough personal space as well. I enjoy my new couch as it feels like the addition to my house that seems relevant in a deeper way. In the end the first one to sit on it was to be my True Twin Flame and after that the sitting by people in that timeframe fizzled out pretty quickly because when the True Twin Flame Union was altogether made come true and then even transformed to being in the State of Being of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, a worldwide health scare had started that caused the government to implement measures to such an extend that the entire idea of receiving guests in my living room group space was out of the question pretty much completely until the end of this diary, two years later, if it were not because of my own decision then by means of the general public opinion that guaranteed not many would be even willing to do so.

Indeed, I do write this introduction after the fact, on the last day mentioned in this diary, all the way at the end, as this diary started as a means to have a place to work out and save some important personal spiritual notes on my Twin Flame Journey as a Divine Feminine in a more spontaneous way: one in which I had not yet a full conscious scope on where this phase and diary would lead me eventually, and the idea to make this a public book was not even born until the penultimate day of this diary. My heavily by Mary Queen of Angels accompanied and also guided Twin Flame Journey that could be said to have started perhaps around 1992 when I first met my True Twin Flame when I was twelve years old, or much before when I already felt these underlying feelings of a specific kind of love that was connected to a boy, was clearly coming to a new height, that was as much as I knew for sure in the fall of 2019. […]

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Let me introduce the course…

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