6 Abundance Blessings from the Wagtail Bird

Nature shows us how abundance will be achieved. It is something natural. I really love that returning to your soul nature is ... natural. Now it seems that we then do not need any advice on that. - Or do we? But many processes have often led us away from what is the most easy [...]

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Process & Procedure applied to Soul Money on the Divine Money Path

On the Divine Money path your eyes will be opened. For me this was for instance getting full clarity about when people are in for the money-because-of-money, in places where I did not understand it existed. Busting such an illusion can for a short while be unpleasant but also of great transformative power. In the [...]

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The Divine Money Path: 5 Ways to be on it for you to be Assured of your Outcome – New LOA Revisited

On The Divine Money Path, you: 1 open yourself to learning again, even though you deem yourself already educated. 2 choose the shortcut presented to you by God, and you persist even though it may go down at first. 3 allow yourself to finally stop reasoning against yourself, because things are different then you think. [...]

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5 Abundance Building Principles: a sneak peek inside the GOLD Membership

Podcast 1: The Enigmatic Practicality Podcast starring PEJ - Occult Business Confessions This is your unique chance to get a peek inside the Gold membership. The first lessons including personal anecdotes will be presented to you in the podcast. 1 This work came into being as a means to manifest your soul abundance [...]

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What is Soul Money? 3 Divine Definitions that Assist You Right Away

    1 It is the money that you can download right now in your bank account from your invisible Divine Inheritance through available interest in your value exchange proposal linked to your True Mission. 2 It is the life force energy in your body-vehicle system made visible through having enough Being so [...]

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Creative ID Pick A Card Reading: How to move forward from here?

In this timeless pick a card reading with tarot and life purpose cards, we work out what your soul identity is and how to make a fruitful step forward in your current endeavor in money and/or love.   Quiz out your Creator Type to know which reading to pick: https://tinyurl.com/CreatorTypeQuiz​ Intro explaining Creative [...]

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Your Creative ID & the 3 (or 4?!) Business Roles

What is your soul creator type? It is great to get a better view on what this is for you, so you can always feel into that place when you want to move forward with your life mission. This is your Creative ID. We have created this fun, short taste for you to find that [...]

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My time with the Master Christ: formation of a new professionality

Motto “As God creates, so man can create. Given a certain intensity of will, the shapes created by the mind become subjective. Hallucinations, they are called, although to their creator they are real as any visible object is to anyone else. Given a more intense and intelligent concentration of this will, the form becomes concrete, [...]

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The Master Christ Speaks – GOLD Consciousness

“The time has come for us to be in your heart. You will hear us in your mind as well. This is normal. The time is here for those that choose peace to be in peace with us. The specific kind of peace we offer you at this time of great distress, is one that [...]

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Choose Peace Now – The Great Conjunction

You have been pulled in one direction or the other, concerning the situation in the world. You feel strong about where you believe you are heading. You feel right about the consequences of your choice. But somehow, you feel bad still. Like, an undercurrent of anger and fear, of insecurity. It is as if your [...]

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