When you do manifestation work, with inner work as the main tool, you’ll need to understand that you are going to work with feelings and even allow yourself to have your feelings matter above all else. Feeling good, that is.

When you have grown up believing this is non-existent or not allowed or a variation thereof – and so many of us have because it was more convenient for parents and society to deny you this -, it could be well worth the effort to research if you perhaps need to get these 13 steps down (first):


1 Allow yourself to feel.

Sounds so simple but it can be so daunting. Of course we all feel pain when we stumble over a hidden rock in the fields and fall over. Sure, that’s a feeling. Sit down and feel it through! You’ll notice that when you get in the habit of sitting down for a second, or simply stopping for a moment,  you can become aware of what’s going on, also when it is not a blatant physical hurt, but instead a more subtle feeling of whatever you will encounter in yourself.

We know feelings when we are deeply sad, when we are very angry, and when we are ecstatic with joy, and in fact in every other moment too as there is always something at least very subtle to feel for you – again: when you stop for a moment and pay attention. Then: allow the feeling to do what it wants to do, let it flow for a bit, follow where it wants to go. That is allowing yourself to feel. You can pick it up anytime again and make a renewed connection, flow further and follow it a little further on its path.


2 Allow yourself to have feelings.

You have a right to have feelings and own them, no matter of what kind they are. Your feelings are also the colour and taste as it were of your energy, and your energy field is what your body lives in and is closely related to and actually one with. You have a right to have and own everything going on in all those fields of life, for they are alive and given to you as a birthright.

Allow yourself to feel specific feelings in this beautiful construct: be the tree that feels her leaves and in the leaves she feels the wind blow and on the surface of the leaves she feels the sun shine. Allow yourself to identify different feelings you have and name them if you can. Journal about them too (this can be very helpful!). This is a self-education that you give yourself.


3 Allow yourself to have a researching attitude about the identity of these feelings.

It is really okay to not know what the feeling is you sense today in your body, in your energy field, in your heart… it can be a vague something like a cloud unsure if it will rain or move to let the sun through today. Simply have an inquiring mind about it, and start to be attentive to whatever it is that you can discern. That is the right attitude, even when you have super clear stuff going on such as rage or have the tears falling on your clothes.

Because what is this rage exactly? Maybe it is a good rage, not a bad one. What is this crying in this moment about? Do I feel self-pity or am I finally grieving some old pain until it is completely gone? Only when we are inquisitive and not submissive, can we get to clarity and at the very same time, keep on allowing the feelings to flow in whatever direction they want to move.


4 Allow yourself to feel your inner child as the source of some feelings and the direction of healing.

You might find out that feeling your feelings makes you feel like a child again, or some feelings are clearly from a childlike you. This is good! In everybody lives an inner child: the you that once was a real child and now it is still able to be sensed inside of you. This is a successful feeling session like so! Be with the child and allow its feelings to take place. Now you are in a sense with the two of you. That is very good as well! Be together in the feelings.


5 Understand that big emotions calm down when you have felt them through. (I would call them emotions before being processed, see also point 6.)

Yes! It will change. The very act of stopping and listening to your own feelings, makes them change. They transform when you are attentive to them and that is the right direction. Big emotions will become something else: perhaps a quiet feeling of love, a new found space can pop up unexpectedly after the rage has been heard and felt, or the tears have been shed, or the mind clouds have been sliding slowly away. Expect the unexpected! This is why an inquisitive mind is the right mindset, too.


6 Understand that subtle feelings in your heart are also feelings. (I would call them feelings when it is about the subtle sensations in your energy field and heart, but for the sake of ease I called them ALL feelings in this blog, see also point 5.)

The subtle atmosphere of disappointment mixed with fear changing in a spark of hope and new found sensitivity for the moment in your heart – for instance. That can be a feeling moment that you are aware of that is so subtle. Yet it does direct you, when you listen to it.

You must once have felt feelings like that and then based an important choice on it, such as let a relationship go, or start a new one. These kinds of hearts decisions are real (instead of contrived) happenings in your subtle energy space, feelings space, heart space. And that makes them also… Real!



7 Understand that processing the feelings means feeling them fully, and that will mean they transform into something new.

Feeling whatever is going on to completion, is a necessary step to get to such a clarity that leads to real life decisions that are crucial. Have patience with yourself and sit the many sessions out that you may need, in which you feel through what is going on. Also, have persistence in keeping on following where it brings you.

There will be real moments of arrival and you will know that without a doubt. The new thing is then suddenly there! And the point of all of this, from point 1 to 7 is: you really want that, believe me. You want that new thing even when you don’t know yet exactly what it will be.


8 Processing feelings is safe, you’ll have to know that, and taking time and other resources to do so is an adequate response that always pays.

Never hold back on giving yourself what you need to get through the feeling sequence that is apparently organically inside of you. Do yourself and the world a favor and allow all of it to be received by at least yourself and you will be your truest and best self for others also.


9  Wording your feelings is safe and allowed, in written language (journalling feelings is a great tool to get this going!), in pondering silently in your mind, in speaking out loud to yourself (record it and listen back, this can truly help!) or to others.

Yeah that pretty much sums it up, right?! Feelings have a right to exist in your feeling area and ability, and also in your expressions, talking, communicating. It is not that it is only safe when you do it behind closed doors, or in your private diary. It is something that is allowed to be open and heard broader then that also.

Now, of course you are going to be a little wise in that you don’t push it in the face of anyone you meet in the street or something. And your wisdom in where and to whom it is appropriate will also grow still while you are experimenting with these 13 points and that is fully okay as well. What works and what does not? Be aware and move on to new situations and opportunities.


10 Expressing how you feel to others is a regular sort of thing, and you have a right to do so: this is how relationship comes into being and value starts flowing leading to soul money.

Right! People that do not respect you expressing how you feel may exist. They may try to prevent you from doing so with overt or covert means of all kinds of sorts and you don’t need to give in to that. Essentially people that do not respect you have no business being in your life and relationships in which you can not be honest have no place in it either.

Of course you over sharing and being emotionally all-over the place is then not what you should do the other way round. This can be the case as well and you could have a look if that is your issue. But let’s keep it mostly at the main line of thought of this blog for now: allowing you to have feelings, express them and be heard for them, especially for this step in the series of 13.


11 When feelings are out of order in your life, some extra notes need to be made here – you can do it!

Maybe you have let in other peoples feeling energy (feelings are also energy) in your space that was not good for you and you need to take back that space for yourself, or you have (unwittingly) leaked your feeling energy into other peoples spaces then you’ll need to stop that and possibly repair. These processes will be corrected for you when you persists and have patience in the order of allowing yourself to feel.

They may go with very large ’negative’ outings and that is actually normal when you look at the abuse that this situation represents, for you actually show the perpetrator what they gave you and hand it energetically back to them to deal with it themselves. That phase will pass once you’ve returned to the feeling space that is rightfully yours, that has indeed an organic boundary to it that you are now more aware of.

That is a great thing and a Divine gift to include from now on and move forward with, knowing that boundaries also fluctuate relative to your life phases (students may ring each others door unannounced to visit, professionals make appointments and families probably something in between as an example) and the purpose of a situation (meeting someone as a coaching client has another purpose then meeting them as a friend).

It may be important to love thy enemy as much as thy self and thy neighbor, but love can be truly only taking place behind sane boundaries. When someone is clearly unwell, in denial and not working on it, they need to most probably be away from your feeling space and heal theirs for the time being. That is the right thing to do because that is not a relationship (in which you relate! instead there is denial) and where there is no relationship, you have no business being.


12 Your feelings and how you deal with them start more and more to align with your true self: your Creative ID & your Divine ID.

This is where you will find a lot of safety and strength for this is how you are supposed to live (whether others agree with that or not).


13 Once you fall into your States of Being (that we teach, or rather: pass on) that together combined form Union in Flow, you will see that your feelings are your expression of Truth.

That then, has a natural authority that has no equal in people who have not gone through all these steps yet still act with authority. They will fall away automatically by itself because it means nothing; it has no content or substance to it. And even when society or relationships keep that in place for the rest of their lives artificially, you don’t need to be taking that into account in your feeling-wise healed Creative Universe.


If this is difficult to continue working through these 13 steps, because you are all the time thrown back to lower number steps and/or out of it entirely, you may need Initiation 1: a session in which we work on seriously clearing you from invisible but deeply penetrating spiritual blocks.

Yes, it is then in that case also safe to assume that you have trauma in your system: your brain and nervous system, your lymbic system that sorts out for you your emotional life in full safety, may all be injured, as well as your corresponding feeling area in your nervous system in your sexual chakra are, and this entire phenomenon has its counterpart in all your other life areas just as much.

With neuroplasticity (the natural ability for your brain to keep on forming and reforming inner connections) and sexual magic (the ability to heal your energetic sexual chakra nervous system) this can be repaired though, together with the even more base layer of life that is the spiritual one, where you can commit on the soul level to keep on working through the feelings and feel consistently good, and on the Divine level (or: spirit) where you can choose a new reality by Decree.

What the first initiation does, is it touches on your blocks on the spiritual layer, and turns them around to protection. These can be multi dimensional, multi generational and ancestral, and other if applicable.

With Divine Mother and your own dedication, everything can be done. Not against your will though, so that may also be a good one to ponder if this is troubling for you: Do you WANT to feel good?

Let’s want-to-feel-good together Now. <3 <3 <3 It will give you respect and make you share respect around you as well.


You create with your feelings first. Even when you desire to make more money and also when you want to be in the one right relationship.

Without feelings there is no creation because these are synonymous. Artists create when they open their feelings in freedom. They get that they need their inner child to be present.

Creation is the entirety of your life and all lives, and for that it is the same. Creating that necessary freedom in your feelings can – when above 13 steps are taken into account – be done with the easy 4 step KEY tool. To create your ultimate life as Life Artist I propose therefore KEY as the basic tool for all business and relationship avenues.

There are many helpful resources on how to do this in our online community called Your Abundance on Facebook to get going including an explanation file, a worksheet, a video and a free workshop.

I greatly advice you go there yourself and look them up in the pinned posts aka the featured posts on top of the main group feed, free downloads in the file section and posts under the hashtag #key and #keyoftheday. For extra clarity the link to the community spelled out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CreativeEntrepreneursShareHeart


There is something truly sacred about the integrity of the whole of our feelings. In fact, it is the place where you meet your most sacred depth and base your entire existence on that safe rock bottom.

It will carry the weight of your building action as only uniquely you can do it. You can imagine the fruits of this labor – and frankly you should! It is Your Sacred Life Vision that will come true through doing the work.