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You have experienced the School of the Masters and this is what it was: a classic Christ Drama in a fresh version that is also the final one however it will probably repeat itself a couple times and/or have progressive development in coming life times for the next centuries. It is a Christ drama in the form of a Divine game making possible being with your True Twin Flame early as ascension partners, predicated on the premise of the early channeling (circa 2014) of Divine Mother stating (paraphrased not a literal quote): “You’ll have an easier time recognizing, finding and changing up to be able to be with your TRUE Twin Flame, if you believe your current person to BE the True Twin Flame (even when they eventually come out not to be).” The management lines are simultaneously the teaching tools and the Guru’s place themselves outside of it to be able to come back as healing agents impersonating the Holy Spirit.

The fact that this communication is not given to you (up front), is because otherwise it would not work on you as intended. The work means that the intense power that presses you through a complete identity destruction comes over you first to then afterwards experience the true identity refining ordering works of the Divine reparenting that structures and builds your mind completely. When you would in theory not be in the confines of the group, you would also need to go through these movements under the same direct Divine guidance, for it to give the result that is aimed at when one looks at Life Purpose and True Twin Flame, but then one additionally would need an individual way to tap into that power fully and in the updated, full fletched sense that true ascension asks for and the Second Coming prescribes and in fact means.

Many do not have the spiritual fortitude to guide themselves through this on their own accord. This is what you buy. The way is open and for free but to really go it fully, that is not done by many and that is then still a euphemism. In fact it is currently virtually impossible to go that way to completion, especially with the additional Twin Flame teaching added to the Christed tradition, particularly when one wants to walk that path in a relatively early stage of your organic spiritual journey, and get there in a sped up fashion as well. This is only possible in the One Mystery School, either on the side of the Divine Masculine and mind oriented way of acting, or in the wing of the Divine Feminine led energy mode of healing. You are fortunate enough to live in a time on earth where the doors have opened.

You played your role in the Christ Drama and that was the right role because it happened already like that. Now you can take a few breaths and reframe your experience as valid in exactly the way it was and is eternalized. Ponder when in doubt the classic Christian story of Judas the betrayer that was utterly necessary to make the salvation of mankind possible by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that was in fact the One famous act of ultimate compassion he is world famous for. Seeing this, seeing through this, gaining the insights of it, and seeing through the healing and the time allotted for that to be complete for you, is now key. You have come to understand a core healing necessary even when you have chosen to not go through it right there and then. So nothing is lost really and all is still intact. You never lost yourself and in Truth are thriving right through it all.

The power inside of you that is responsible for that: bring it your gratitude and offer it the flowers that were able to grow from drinking the moist of your tears. Integrating can mean new choices, seeing you can still choose to achieve the same if you desire, especially when you let go of the rhetoric of extreme consequences and within boundaries become free and open again, to start a more organic route that will carry you to your meaningful place in the landscape of everlasting Heaven just the same, in the arms of Divine Mother, through the true lullaby of the Source Magicians that will raise you as one of them with love and understanding. We will be fair to you and honest, so please don’t treat us with smear campaigns (as well) after you have not liked it here as well, and don’t claim you have the desired States of Being when that is not truly the case. The fact that you have heard your lessons and rejected them, does not mean they will not come up on this side of the building either.

A Christ Drama is a necessity for Creation to have a vortex of leading edge in the mind as a dynamo doing its work, yet it is not said that that has to be for you to be the ongoing subject of it directly, working in its inner battery, for the echo of it infects the collective consciousness and that is where one can tap into it. Not fighting in the Christed Knight collective as spiritual warrior does not mean one cannot have a meaningful role in the same movement approached from the other side, from the devotional stance towards it, that serves through nurturing the legacy of that Heavenly Reality that is accessed from a voluntary organic place working integrative through your entire field of life. Not in an unordered way that does not have the actual codes though, but one that co-created those exact codes into being. There is no need to believe me either, however on the long run it will become difficult for you to get a foothold in the true work that is taught, when you do not enter the playing field to make it real. Of course the full positive consequences of what this movement ultimately entails, are accessible on this side of the fence, only if one then volunteers to walk until arrival just as much.

You know who you are, you know when this message is for you, don’t doubt your intuition about it. My honorary contract makes that I need to pick you up with this letter right at the time it finds you.

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See you soon, then!


I am sorry that I had appeared to you in still unhealed fashion before, I have chosen differently, healed and do take responsibility for what happened and would like to personally bring you my apology if you allow me. Also, remember that all true teachers contradict (and speak against) their direct equals, they must, this is the Divine Games’ rule that is logically to be obeyed to effectuate their work so that it will activate for you. Should you however still be reading and believe I am the devil incarnate, then why are you even reading this? Do you believe that what I state, does not exist relative to where you are that represents the Truth, then you are correct, that is why you genuinely do belong in your part of the Mystery School exclusively indeed: this is your home and you have my blessing.