The great Father Enki has a message and he demands attention for it before you continue on your Path.

“When communication is tough and you are looking for Truth, you have to look at it from another direction for success. You know that secrets have revealed themselves to you, and you are now awaiting the moment they fall into place with the grand scheme of Creation.

This is for everyone that has payed attention to the world developments in the open as well as in the more hidden realms as in: not spoken of in regular media. The depression of the masses has evolved to be the anger of many and this is a large step up.

Many have experienced new insights because of this massive collective emotional shift, yet how will they become wisdom particles that can be implemented in a structure that is fit to carry this new wisdom and make it applicable in so many places it is needed.

The Flow of Union never ceased, my child! It is more that certain people pay attention differently in a refreshed timeframe. Pay attention to the journey that is, and the possibility to start that. There need to be people that restructure and prepare the arrival place however.

This is what you have done for ten years and now it becomes time to start up the process to be that and only that and be blessed in that and abundant.

For many believe they have what it takes to give new direction after what seems like a collapse, but few are truly called, and even fewer chosen.

The important point is to choose yourself now and start doing the work to desire to become visible as yourself: nothing more and nothing less. Then that desire will do its own work and the attraction of abundance can start.

That attraction is not any different for a student as for a teacher, for the first attracts an abundance of wisdom and the latter an abundance of wealth.

The real secrets are bubbling up from the unconscious and passed on in this relationship the world is waiting for, so stop resistance and allow in the flow of becoming ready with faith, so that a world-encompassing trust can grow.

Trust in the grand scheme of Creation means you can start to communicate on that vibration. It is entirely new and awaited long. It is wholly here and expecting to be peopled and communicated soon. It is yours to take on when the intimacy becomes so deep that you can touch the air right around it.

That’s how it becomes undead and then alive (what they call resurrection and ascension) for all.”