When it is time to divorce your illness, whether it be an addiction, a trauma, a mental deformity that you cannot even see because it is in the invisible structure of your brain, an energy you entertain because it distracts you from pain you need to address, or something different and distinct in itself, people often don’t really want to divorce after all.

This brings in fear, shame and guilt because of the role we ourselves play in how things came into existence originally. But is that really originally? There may be an ‘original’ that is deeper then that particular original guilt.

Let’s say you want to divorce from your addiction to always need to check in with the spiritual energy you know to live at the universal address of the star in the east, and you feel guilty you cannot let it go to integrate the wisdom that came from it in your daily life and professional build-up, because you yourself have caused that dependency in the beginning as a way to feel safe.

But that is not the beginning of You, it is only the start of the solution that was taken on for the wrong reasons, and you are much older then that, and your soul is eternal. Are you older then that, how is that possible when it all started in early childhood?

Indeed: there was also a before in early childhood, namely days, weeks, months, a couple years before perhaps, or the formation of cells before when you were still in utero, or still only soul material waiting to be born, which is then the solution that is always before everything else, no matter what age we speak.

There is a before for you, that is here. Resetting to that one, can mean that you change the perception of that it was wrong too, that choice. It wasn’t wrong but simply a choice and now you can make a new one right there at that very spot.

This can be shock to the system, that will stand up from the inside again as if in the beginning. Therefore, make a plan to take really good care for yourself in all the basic ways that are important to you such as sleep, food, a daily rhythm and space for feeling your feelings.

This will set Your Abundance free, and theirs as well.

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