Emotions, feelings, vibration, energy, mood and all that jazz, you know. That’s what feeds the Inner Work. It’s always accessible to you because there’s always a something something: a vibe, an upset, an attunement. In YOU.

When you allow these feelings to form the actual feed for your deepening step, you start to understand Self Guidance. What this means is, that you take what you’ve got and then allow for a processing to happen: you then arrive at what is below that initial feeling. You’ve arrived in your new place!

This is greatly helped by doing the KEY tool, because it structures just exactly that. It empowers you to do Self Healing and gives you the reigns in the hands. You steer your journey.

Doing KEY on a daily basis as a journey will give it structure and is thus a Path.

That Path can get even more direction with doing a Decree: this is a statement, like an affirmation, in your heart, and be very solemn about it. We have a decree for you about Soul Money and one about the True Twin Flame. When you become active in our community, you will be able to get it, because it is handed out at workshops, woven into the fabric of our social media Games (challenges) and more.


The Fun of Inner Work

Feeling your inner feelings of the heart after you’ve done KEY is the foundation for soul creativity, for anything money and relationship within the true soul realm.

Taking this as your motivation and support is not neutral: it is a fiery fight for your truest value and the sacred core of all!

In the end, it will influence your way of dressing, your taste of food, your choice of partner, your desire for sex, your favorite house, your way of steering your life purpose into a business and so on.

There is nothing in the entire universe it does not touch!


How did this tool come into existence?

Where did it come from? Divine Mother taught me. It’s actually a traditional Divine education in the mystery school that is ran together with the Christed Masters.

The two traditional elements of it are: 1. the idea (and fact) that everything is your spiritual meaningful whole that mirrors you, you have created everything in your life literally, also when it is ‘not cool’ and ‘their fault’, and 2. the idea (and fact) that we turn stuff around to transform them in our self-created universe towards the version that is even better, so: what you encounter, turn it around. This is how you create your true universe a.k.a. Heaven.

So… is that yoga, meditation, self inquiry perhaps? Yes. Is it energy work, is it mind healing, is it emotional maturing? Yes. Is it manifesting and creating your ultimate life? Yes.

We use 2 versions: one is energy attuned and the other mind attuned (more around what that means in our online community Your Abundance on Facebook.

I needed to convince myself that this was “The IT”, and I took 10 years for that (!). Now I feel free to teach others, because I have seen great success with it.


KEY: when Inner work becomes Outer

The success story of KEY is that it down the line of practicing it, gives real life results that are physical and will give you the fulfillment you are seeking on all levels.

In fact, within the step that one correctly executed KEY represents for you, the body, health, mental and emotional all are represented; not in that order per se, but what I mean is everything – all the “arts” – are in there, the healing arts.


Healing Symptoms

Your organs start to work hard to clear your inner world, sleepless nights may surface. There may come a period in which your anger needs to be and express. Don’t try to rush over such healing symptoms because they are there for a reason!

Just try to not hurt people and things around you because of the offloading. When it is gone you may get into the grief and sadness period that calls you back in your true vitality in the end.

Your brain gets rewired completely so that every significant and also the tiniest childhood and other trauma gets shown and then discarded, also when one had earlier believed there was “of course no trauma”.

This will also pass.


Some of my favorite easy healing arts to add to KEY are:

nature walks

No dog needed (but if you have one: enjoy!), simply go out before the day starts or close it off with it!



A delight with the downloads in our online community!



This is the diary I took on my trip to Divine Mothers Sanctuary that gave so much inner peace and spiritual success:



LOVE the Genesis1Plan that I invented over the years, especially also the ancestral foods because they are so nourishing and fulfilling. Do you want an introduction to that part of the Genesis1Plan? I can send you 12 pages of principles if you ask me. This is homemade gnocchi:


listening and dancing to music

What’s your favorite music? Comment yours!


You can combine KEY with anything that feels right to you. Just makes sure you’re not in the basis doing anything else though because then you at least won’t be able to reach the results that I am promising you.

You can do it. I believe in you!



For support, come to our online community Your Abundance on Facebook.