End times may be upon the doomsday prepper, the genuine searcher for enlightenment understands that something important is happening indeed. The subtle atmosphere in the air has tilted just a bit to make energies available that were not here before.

That’s what we got something to do with, as the codes were co-created in our presence in the last decade. Magicians always work with the Masters and this time the Universe has brought these forces together again for the best of healing outcomes for the entirety of humanity, yet in an ultimate way at the same time, a rather definitive way.

The following 9 points are but an introduction, that is certainly endorsed for you to take in at this time you have found it:


1 The Energy Prep for Money and Relationship Life that builds on the Right Foundation

People often like to do well financially and have a relational life that amounts to marriage and a family that is well behaved, to afterwards when that is set up, take some time to feel deeper into the value of life perhaps. The Second Coming Creation Codes turn that pretty much around, because they provide a foundational energy to have all of that and more, but then on the vibration of the Divine You, which would for most be in some significant way different then what they currently believe they are, whether that sounds incredible or not. Of course one has to grow into this new life, and that is why the first point speaks of the energy preparation, that can start today for you.


2 Inner Abundance becoming Outer Guaranteed

Working with the Second Coming Creation Codes – which coincides with the structure of the spiritual work we have prepared for you here – means that you start on the inside: your inner feelings are what needs to be worked on first. That is to say: your feelings are good, and then they will become transformed so that you learn to stand on your deeper feeling ground. The more one is grounded there, the more growth will mean outer success, too.


3 Being Kind on the Spirit & Soul Level is not a false behavior

It is logic that many look for friendly atmospheres among each other, however watch out because that can be based on a false ground, namely that one needs to be nice to get ones needs met or with other agenda’s. This issue is resolved when you align with your Spirit (the bigger energetic whole of you that includes your Twin Flame and relates directly with the Divine) and with your Soul (the energy body of you individually, that when healed will by the way take care of your needs), so the Second Coming Creation Codes ask you to first fulfill that journey of going deeper until you arrive (there will certainly be an arrival!), then all of this will be clarified for you.


4 Accept that it is a Journey and that Everything has its Place in it

For example, you have to understand at what point you are in MEconomy: are you at the point of letting go of who you are not, are you at resetting, or already at building? For everything there is a time, for going down and for going up. Who can go down, can go up as well; who pushes themselves up all fall down. Be patient with yourself and see that the journey makes sense and is full of fulfillment at every step. When persisting in the Second Coming Creation Codes and truly letting them influences your cell information and brain structure, time will eventually not exist as an additional step in consciousness.


5 You will get to See Everything Out of Alignment

Painful perhaps but true. You will see sharp that you have walked out of paradise since birth and exactly how. Healing comes when the truth can be met. This is an inevitable stage should you want to get any further in this journey that eventually will lead you to your True Heaven. The dark side of yourself will be seen, and that of the entire world too, of society, culture, religion, spirituality and the mind itself. Be prepared and understand that Second Coming Creation Codes work for you to complete that picture of the negative and the positive both, so that you walk out of the whole of that and thus transcend it.


6 The Promise is that you will get rid of all that Debris

Your mind will start to unsee it and your energy starts to unfeel it. This is really true its not “as if”. When I grew up, for instance, there was no way this could ever exist that you would be fully filled up on the inside and only then relate to others. Relationships were characterized by the need to vampirize on others, that was their sole purpose. So to turn this entirely around – and relationships are pretty central in all areas of life so this seems like a good example for any and all situations really – is for many a huge endeavor but certainly doable and this is what you will do to completion herein. That in itself has then washed out the debris. You filling yourself up from the inside, is what will automatically push the discard out.


7 It is not only about Healing the Mental, Emotional and Physical but it is about Resetting at the Core

To start over spiritually from the spirit and the soul out (spirit the bigger whole where the soul touches the Divine, the soul being the individual energetic space that is you) means to step into an entirely new space. You’ll not only have a better moment there, a healed whole where it was earlier unhealed, but an entirely new way of being in what will feel like a newly started incarnation. Life there means having stepped over a certain boundary relative to that unhealed-and-healed story, as the story itself simply completely dissolves.


8 You’ll experience that All World Religions and all Life Philosophies Collide Here

They form a map of reality albeit in different approaches. And you’ll also get to see the over-all idea of it, how that collides with the new step in Creation that the Second Coming Creation Codes represents and how that looks spiritual-philosophically. Because what it will give you is the foundational truth of all religions and spiritualities and that will then for sure look like a specific new step, that you now see that. The architecture of what that is, will restructure your mind and unify everything for you. Spirituality is the bedrock of life simply, so studying what this means and immersing yourself into it by taking the journey, means to invite Oneness in every aspect of your life, which means significant changes 360 degrees.


9 In fact Twin Flame Union and Soul Money that come together in the Mission of your Divine Identity…

…is or are but side products of that! It is right to desire these elements, the Second Coming Creation Codes will put them in place in your specific unique life, and they are side products of the actual journey. For who does not take the journey, will not enjoy its fruits.