It may be hard to believe that coming home to your ultimate lover and your full money abundance is as simple as going deeper, deeper and deeper with yourself until you are there. But it is!

And you can do that with this four step tool called KEY.

It sounds simple, but what IS going deeper and how can you do it? It is allowing yourself to feel your way through anything that arises, have all thoughts and emotions and let them do their work on you.

That is vulnerable. And you will need a lot of persistence, should you be adamant to reach the states of being that yield results as fast as possible.

Meanwhile you learn about meaningful and effective structures to sustain your entrepreneurial activities on the base of your True Life Mission and Natural Creative Qualities that emerge after you have gone through this.

Try our four step tool for free and make your first steps.



1 What is my upset?

What thoughts and emotions are making you feel less then good

2 Translate it to: I want: …

Find what you want instead of it and let out what that would be

3 What is my longing here?

What is the deeper longing that you can sense is behind or under your statement?

4 I claim it as my quality

You are and have already what that is, speak out aloud that you are the person that has just that


It is extensively explained in video, in donation based workshops and in documents that you can download for free, inside our online community Your Abundance. Feel very welcome to join us there! You can also ask questions there, receive support and report on your experiences. Check out the hastags #key and #keyoftheday there too! Unfortunately, Facebook has diminished the working of hashtags in March ’23, so now I advise to put them in the search box, this works well.

You can find it also on our public social media: in my Instagram Story Highlight called SupportKEY, marked with the key, you will find the description for when you suddenly need it. Also, the same Featured image marked with SupportKEY appears on my personal Facebook, you just go to my profile and scroll down a tiny bit.

Know that we will use KEY, among others, in the Self Love Game, and the Money Game too, that will play as a free social media game for you to take part in once in a while and probably soon again. When you desire to join these free events, leave your name and address right here and see you soon!