Are you a sensitive creative or spiritual entrepreneur (to be)? These 2020 life and work lessons will speak to you.

I made a video for you, in which I talk about them. While looking forward to get the sound better in future video’s, and seeing if we can additionally have shorter video’s about topics as well (I am thinking out some great playful ideas for interactive video’s as we speak!), I sincerely believe that you will find a lot of aha moments and inspiration for yourself in my farings. Also, I added an oracle card reading for what is important for you as viewer at the very end.

You deserve a larger talk from me (75 minutes), is what I felt. Because I did not show my face for quite a while, and even took some time for Self Love during the summer break.

The lessons that I speak about are:

  • INTRO 1:08
  1. Having an intuitive sense of what your mission is, that can transform to become your work, proves true, however strange it may sound at first. 15:18
  2. Quitting codependency (and stopping projections) is a fast track to making that come true. 24:48
  3. Doing the inner self love work gives you the State of Being that brings ultimate clarity and sustenance. 32:06
  4. Living from deeper States of Being means to place Being before Doing. 36:57
  5. When you do as if your inner qualities are not there, you end up looking arrogant. 44:54
  6. You can be your true self in marketing and attract your tribe that way. 55:09
  7. Opening up your true self to the world makes for better results in all areas. 56:31
  8. Projects that failed before, fall into a perfect peace when you go to your deeper states of being first. 59:25
  9. Building a peaceful world comes from your soul identity, your Creative ID. 1:04:10
  • CARD READING 1:07:22


The Self Love Game comes to you in the Indian summer of 2020 as a follow up of the Money Game earlier this spring. For me as the leader of it, this all comes after a beautifully intense year of the closing and fulfilling on my inner journey, that of course will still give very many outer changes to me and my life just like waves in the pond after the stone has been fallen into it. Right now I am in a fruitful period of admitting many things that did not work for inner abundance – and therefore outer abundance. I love that because it means getting so much closer to what it always already was all supposed to be about from 2011 onwards, when I opened up about my true soul mission in public events. Things I said were around that you will find the holy value of your life (Source) when you honor your sexual energy in the right way (sex) which will make your deepest hearts desires come true including physical manifestation (money). Yes, these are simply the timeless secrets of manifesting from the inner planes, pronounced from a fresh place within me that did not parrot anybody else. Many lessons came to support me in being able to bring this. Recently I learned to stop codependency completely that had been bothering me for many years. This means for instance to take seriously the Path I have been carving for you by living this.

Looking for a better integrity

My experience on the Path is that your souls mission will be truly sealed in the right way when one arrives, for me that is now, and any lingering mist is clearing up now indeed. And I do not want to lie: I had been asking about mission on my Facebook stream last April but I saw it was not true that people knew their mission already and that bothered me a lot, I did not know what to say because people believed they knew and that is to a certain degree alright but I felt that I was not able to validate that because it was not true. This presents a true ethical issue and I have been regrouping around how I feel about that ever since. This also ties into not wanting to be arrogant and do as if I do not know these things or to lower my standards because I believe you are not ready for the truth or something like that. I saw that there was an element of me only playing that I was presenting easy first steps that would not displease anybody while actually knowing better – and that felt like me being arrogant. When I concluded the people that actually can and like the truth I actually stand for, and that those were the ones that came closest to me in the course of that whole Money Game, I heard the Universe loud and clear: I could be myself and that would solve the issue.

The inner first and all topics will fall into place

So yeah, as you can see, I decided to go back to English on my social media, to retain and attract my international friends, that feel my message very well. Recently, I took some time to square away some private developments that were very self love attuned so I consider this a good preparation for the Self Love Game. Besides my private future, it also entailed space for letting a couple of lessons learned sink in fully, including the first full wave of Harmonious Union inner movement: something that I felt proud of to have achieved and deeply worthy of my investments done earlier. My over-all intention is to work towards an Inner Order School that I did prep work for the past few years – you can come on board with the journey to make that happen. Though I need to correct one thing because I see that it has remained unclear over the past years: I am a spiritual teacher and all topics I address are always the spiritual aspect of them even though they are physical in nature or produce (guaranteed) physical results (that you long for). When talking about money, I speak of value in the first place and making that come true in numbers is but only part of that. Yes this has worked for myself 100% so when I speak of making your money multiply with mentorship of the Master Magician then I mean exactly that. When I speak of sexuality then I mean energy (healing) including how this seeps through into manifesting your hearts desires of your emotional life: your ultimate lover – and this worked out for me as well. I have in the past tried to bridge the space between society and spiritual value but eventually I see that it can not be understood when I leave out the claim to be a spiritual teacher.

Trust that the unconscious has a plan

A part of this is admittedly that this was still unclear to myself, earlier. I started lines of work about for instance Creative City with the secret name Emerald City that could contain many physical projects in it among others coaching of artists and a shop with sustainable creative products and so on, to mostly find over time, after having tested many subprojects of it and fundraising for it, that Emerald City was an inner world being born from the Union of me and my Ultimate Co-Creation Partner. Now that state of being has arrived, it becomes possible to – in a topsy-turvy way – produce physical results from that out of the other end of the funnel. The mental-emotional space is now prepared for it, and I cannot be more happy about that. Apparently one tests out all options in a learning curve to then later give birth to what was always already the bigger plan anyhow: creation out of the unconscious because the Unconscious has a Plan! 😉 I feel blessed.

A soul connected way of living

Creativity is of course “everything art” and I am educated to work with that deeply and I have my work experience around it too. In this context it is used more often to signify that creation is manifestation of your hearts desire, runs from unconscious to conscious, and the rising up from the unconscious IS the movement of life. That is true in the area of business, artistry, relationships and anything really. This is our specialism, but more important then that: this is the way to build a soul connected way of living in any area of life on the basis of who you essentially are, your soul identity, your Creative ID. Your Creative ID is the way you create individually when you are connected to the universal Source of life. It is your unique movement from unconscious to conscious – that in itself is universal for how things come into being in a peaceful and effortless way while giving the biggest satisfaction.

What is a good answer to the 2020 ordeal?

We believe this soulful life (and the factual Path that we embody) is what the world needs most especially at this time in 2020 where so many questions arise about what is real and what is not, what is valuable and what is not. The power of longing while reconnecting yourself with Source, guarantees success in this area where you manifest from the soul with eternal results that are unconditional and effortless. Being clicked in with the ascended level is guaranteed when you follow the Path and you will benefit from a full transformative spirituality that builds a life instead of one where you only receive inspirational messages, or are in some way bouncing back and forth with phenomena (stars, planets, earth, energy…). Another key characteristic is that it does not work with your needs but with a more fundamental inspiration; results will be money of love and relationships of love and a qualitative life from the inside out. The fact that this does not come from your needs and is not social might make people feel lost because it sounds strange but don’t worry: when arrived, social action and burning needs will be fulfilled, and can take new forms of action to take shape. This merely means it is about love and not agenda’s. <3

Manifesting from the soul is the real deal; it is not a surface level cleaning or goal achievement: it is a total inner transformation that WILL give you what you deeply desire. And actually much more then that because there is an element of unpredictability and one of still getting to know yourself in that light.

& You can start today. <3 <3 <3

By sharing underneath what your lesson is that 2020 brought you.

And there is more.

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