The following blog is about the purple dawn of creation, the magicians’ roots, the revolution of 2020, how you are in it and where it leads you. It provides an understanding about what is going on in the world right now, in a couple of layers.

It may be a cause for much more questions; many of them will be answered in our books. In the end, it is some background on why we do what we do, and you can start your process of being and doing so that you’ll transform and manifest right now any way.

Concerning the 2020 upheaval. This blog acknowledges the layer of a health issue, that of distortion and deceit underneath it, and also the layer of truth and grounding underneath that one. In relative sense, we can see that peoples belief systems are sometimes more light and sometimes incredibly dark.

The true resolution though lies in making the third layer underneath it all, your home. This entails true magic (in the occult sense: hidden knowledge) as well, and therefore this would mean for you to remember your ancient and original Self. Contributing to the world from this place, creates only positive outpourings as it holds no opposite anymore at this point.

This is not merely an ideal, but can be lived. Agreeing with this world vision and personal view is wonderful, but the whole point is to become immersed into this and make it come true, so you will be One with this truth and it will stop being a viewpoint too. It will be your entire reality.

You will see this blog spirals a coupe of times around the same phenomena. This is because of the nature of the act of telling a true story, that brings you home. My intention is for you get an understanding what all of this in Truth is about, and befriend us to walk this Truth from now on forward together.

This blog is closed off with 9 easy principles to apply the only true soul magic that makes sense from 2020 forward.


The Saturn Death Cult & The Magicians of the Purple Dawn

The first half of 2020 was worldwide set in a tone of crisis of an accumulated sort: a virus spread rapidly over the globe which was especially remarkable for the alarming news that was reported around it was spreading alike, economical decline followed for many, more side effects were among others an increased sense of personal, social and societal conflict because of the measurements enforced and/or the emotional reaction to it, and more. For many it has been a whole quest to find ways to deal with this on an individual, familial, social, societal level, concerning issues of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature.

Some reacted by following the official news media filled with compulsory measurements, others on the opposite side of the spectrum with ideas of extensive conspiracy theory notions. However both of the extremes may be not the most productive place to stay for long as they are imbalanced and will tire you out quickly. As factually all extremes that are opposites, the Truth is to be found on a more fundamental level then those two options. That third option should be the most replenishing as well.

When I personally executed a Money Saboteur Reset Game on social media with a small cosy group of friends online end of March 2020, I held the position of not choosing either but staying as sober as possible yet also to steer somewhat clear from an overkill of mainstream media outpour of frankly massively fear inducing exclamations, so as to stay as fearless as possible within the given situation and keep on moving forward in my personal and professional development. Although that position seemed most reasonable to me at the time, and it was clear to me to a certain degree that this was a circumstance with a spiritual significance, my outlook changed dramatically the day directly after the online challenge I led, was over.


April 2020 things began clicking in definitively and veils fell away

One of the first days of April, I find myself in my bathtub while my brain feels into a new depth, signifying to me new emotions and information with a relevance beyond the visible crisis situation and my current perception of my source inspired mission. That day Source took me on an inner journey and revealed how this drama, that seemed to only have a circumstantial offspring and effect so that it would come and at a certain time fade out again as well, actually pertains to a deepening that brings to the surface a new layer of value for global development and with that also a new relevancy of my mission.

The value of the spiritual block that we are thus currently collectively clearing, lies in the content that will be uncovered when it is sufficiently worked through collectively and individually. The entire crisis with all of it’s interrelated multi tangled components is the block that has a clear cut descent in the Saturn Death Cult and the Maitreya Friendship is the layer revealed by the Magicians of the Purple Dawn. I will try to explain this for you – and you may need to understand that this is not merely a story to entertain you or bring you in a haze of some sort; it is told to reveal Truth to you and you are invited to your individual process of accepting that in.

However you may still live in the layer of the mainstream media world, the layer of conspiracy theorist is perhaps to be considered one step closer to the Truth, at least it is part of a deeper layer that is hidden by the conceit of the government influenced mass media. But then deeper then those partial ideas on child traffic network for sexual misconduct covered by corruption and the playbook out of which the virus was taken and executed to mask the behind-the-scenes war of interests, it makes most sense to look for where is all comes from: is there not one source for the entirety of the massive collection of ideas choking the skeptics of this world, that at the same time explains the origin, gives a resolution and a way forward that is ultimately sane and steers clear from anything nasty and related.


Occult symbols signify hidden divine knowledge, there are those that do crazy things with it though

The Saturn Death cult is what this is. And thereafter needs to be said immediately that there is nothing wrong with saturn in itself, as it is a planet in the sky; the occult and rituals as such, as they are the laws of the universe translated in humanly understandable knowledge and actions – this basically refers to the fact that there are unfortunately always those that actually use certain facts, symbols, stories and histories and use them for the motivation of very harmful practices. It is not in the symbols themselves that the harm can be found but in the way they are used for certain goals that are less then whole and holistic; the Saturn Death Cult does so.

What is really neat about the idea of the Saturn Death Cult, is that is gives the option for having a term that covers the entire movement that is just descriptive in itself and does not refer to viewpoints that include that there are additional layers trying to mystify this groups existence and those that try to demystify the mystifying layers. In any way it was Source itself that pointed this out as something that exists and that is no longer needed so that Reality will therefore remove this phenomenon entirely: yes that is correct, this starts to sound like a heroic story now but that is not the idea. The idea is to show you exactly where Peace lives and what your role in that can be moving forward.

So, to shortcut that for you: peace is in the Purple Dawn, the period of the earth when time did not yet exist, before the Saturn Death Cult came into existence together with time. Not that there is anything wrong with time in itself, but there will always be this odd one out that interprets new inventions in a way that enhances separation and ego with devastating results instead of union and friendship with unconditionally loving results. Before time the earth was constantly bathed in a purple dusky hue; there was no difference of day and night: thus there was no way to tell time. This was due to the earth being in another place in the universe then it is now: it was with Saturn in a sun to earth relationship and within the magnetic field of this constellation there were a couple of other planets too that we still know today.


Magic is a means to live consciously with the soul and this has ancient roots

Living in Saturns constant purple dim light was a smooth life in which a worldwide civilization came to a height, based on peace. Magicians had a great role to play in this society for they were the keepers of the peace, as they guarded the inner wisdom that steers universal co-creation. They would be consulted about any private or public affair and educate many students so they could take advantage of this inner wisdom for their own life’s mission or to become a wise one themselves as well after having gone through initiations and training periods. We are speaking of a time earlier then most known traditions and also before the coming about of nearly all current religions from the Christed soul family (Krishna, Akhenaten, Jesus and so on). A time of which not much tangible is left, but what is left, reeks of magic and magicians, such as sites like Göbekli Tepe and the Kernosovsky idol.

This is the dawn of human life from our current perspective and far before most historical traditions place civilizations of any impact. Although ‘dawn’ is a great metaphor for this time before time, human life and intrinsic organization of it, is thus a lot older then many may currently believe – but when we look at the entire history of earth we still speak of a relatively recent era, namely that of roughly 10.000 BC and before. Since we cannot be complete in this text, due to the goal it serves – giving you a background in what kind of magic will rise up from the unconscious again in 2020 –, we have to remain rough in numbers and explaining planetary movements, however there is so much to say about this that is incredibly interesting. We will interpret these human historical events as being at the same time energies within the human spiritual setup, because our history must be somehow our now as well; this places the magical civilization as the subsoil in the now…

And this is true, for we regard the magicians sphere as the first sphere in the human energy buildup, starting below and even underneath the feet, in the earth, as an elongation of invisible roots in the earth. So this is indeed the base plane of the magic that we nowadays teach, and its fundamentals go back to the time before time of the Purple Dawn, ruled by the Magicians. The current invitation is to go back to those roots and be a part of the directness of what that power brings – the rest serves merely as a tool to make this power tangible for you, although it is not just a story for it is Truth. The souls of the Original Magicians are also Here Now. It may very well just be You that reads this text. You can assist in creating from the Original Place that foregoes the Saturn Death Cult, the conspiracy media outings on top of that and the official mainstream media coverage that tops it off.


Gotta love it: spiritual archeology, reviving original meanings of important life values

This is spiritual archeology indeed. With the goal of submitting ourselves to the reign of the Master Magician that makes space now for a new chapter to unfold in which old divinations and systems are no longer prevalent in favor of new languages and systems that are coming out now for our new time, and of course it is no coincidence that there is material being released from our source that fulfills this opening. New magic, means new energy healing, fit for our present day spiritual needs, and it is based on the original laws and occult wisdom somewhat as opposed to the watered down and misinterpreted versions we see around a lot these days; for it is celebratory that these ideas are now being carried by many and have become more and more mainstream since the 1970’s on the one hand, it is on the other hand in a way all the more challenging to bring across Truth and the right refreshment in the methodologies used for it that our new time asks for in a climate where very many different and fast growing groups believe they already know and have.

The original Teachings thus indeed go back to the antediluvian time before time – antediluvian being a word meaning before (ante) the deluge (diluvian), and the deluge being the catastrophic cosmic happenings widely known in old tales in almost all earthly cultures as the floods that were actually caused by lesser known planetary changes: the planetary changes that brought the earth from the Saturn construction without time into the currently known Sun construction including time. So one of the aims of this article is to bring across that the magic, in other words the healing capacity to grow towards your ultimate life, of before this happening, does not need to remain forgotten while being with the Sun and in time; rather it is the most relevant thing to remember and regain in the current new era for the benefit of all and this is very much possible.

Of course we believe that we know many historical things about the time between the antediluvian era and now, and much wisdom was laid out in these times for sure. One can especially think about the Christed soul family (reigning at least the preamble of most well know and often still current religions from around the world) that has brought forward time and again the idea and the execution of making the connection with the Source of all and the main food for the individual soul, Real. They have demonstrated with their lives the value of that and paid for it sometimes with their lives as well, as this message is of a timeless nature that however revolutionizes the norm so much that it seems to go against the grain of cultural standards for many groups or individuals carrying their own (instead of Sources) laws and boundaries of what is acceptable.


The ancient magician lineage is something that always held a meta-viewpoint-power

It makes however sense to see it like this: the antediluvian magic standards made possible and come true the climate in which Christed beings could come forward and spread their message. Meanwhile the Original Magicians never ceased to exist, educate students, appoint successors, nor did they withdraw their enabling power or desert their tradition completely. Just like in the grand movements of the sky, our home planet moved from the purple influence of Saturn as our “sun” towards the presently well-known planetary configuration, with a whole range of consecutive changes and moves, that are still presents in the collective memory as myths and tales with patterns that are similar throughout all human cultures; but Mercury, the planet associated with the Magician, always remained steady within the relationship with us and moved from being a minor planet in the Saturn construction to being the planet closest to our current sun.

The journey that our earth took from Saturn to the current sun, was a whole ordeal with many planet movements that would have been a terrifying sight for contemporary people: Mars and Venus approaching earth at very close distance for instance, and many planets in the sky all at once and more permanently in configurations that we do not know today besides in the many drawings and stories that are left to us from earlier generations living at that time. Many drawings in rocks are left that show the constellations, and there are architectural references too – if one could even speak of that in these cases that seem sometimes rather primitive or obscure to us, because we have somehow forgotten (in the conscious mind) about the planetary movements and change of “sun” (yet the unconscious still knows and the unconscious is very much represented in art and stories).

One such a disaster is known throughout the planetary cultures as the deluge: most probably large quantities of water came raining down from Saturn (!) onto the earth, changing the water-land proportions and most probably even salted the ocean waters to the degree we see today. The great deluge could be situated around 10.000 B.C., which has to be taken very roughly for the aim of this article. Planets moving in the sky visible from the earth followed the deluge. These movements were interpreted by the Saturn Death Cult as humanized drama because it is in our natural psychology to anthropomorphisize everything; therefore we know them as mythology of the king that was replaced (Saturn got a son Mars and was replaced with Jupiter when his light faded) and that had a daughter born from him (Venus). This was a great contrast to the peaceful existence under the Purple Dawn of Saturn. The heavenly theater must have been so traumatic that they were good material for ill-meaning persons to take up those motives and start to work with them, while otherwise the natural reason and source of those tales was mostly forgotten also. But the magicians still know, and they can work with the heavenly psychodrama as a means to uncover the original peace – which is something completely different then what the ill-meaning group has done: use it as a reason for ritual slaughter at it’s worst.


Gotta claim this: being important leaders of present day magic

In the ancient traditions of the magicians, you can thus deduce, with some additional astrological logic, that the deeper ground of the union of the author is as follows: Hyenithus (Sun, Divine Masculine) is related to Saturn (because it was out earlier star); Selenitus (Moon, Divine Feminine) is Magic on Earth (because the earth did not have a moon then). Then we have the ill meaning group of people that used the astrological drama after the deluge as motives for their dark practices, that could be summarized under the title Saturn Death Cult. This group and it’s practices will be cleaned in 2020 and moving forward whíle the magicians culture rises again and also becaúse of the Magicians’ Rise. Be wary of your responsibility in this: being conscious is the first requirement. The reason the Saturn Death Cult could take rise, is additionally because of the introduction of time. As the now new Sun would make it possible to distinguish between day and night, time could be calculated, and a related and additional invention, writing, would make it possible to start noting those measurements down: first of time, then of other, related notations, such as weight and value. With the introduction of writing came the option available of lying: the deceptive manipulation of the space between the truth and what was written.

But it is not that time, measurements and value are wrong; it is that with the introduction of writing, deception became a real possibility and the Saturn Death Cult used that option for their egotistical interests, while using symbols that otherwise would be reserved for wonderful heart enhancing goals. The practices of this group entail things beyond the sense of any taste or decency to most and involve rituals, blood, death, money, sex and a network of trade and communication throughout the world in all layers of action. All the while elements, words or symbols blood, death, money, sex and a network in itself can also be found in Source bound and therefore ethical magic, which can make things seemingly complicated or confusing to the non-initiated mind. The Saturn Death Cult takes these elements and uses them for goals so blatantly egotistical it won’t however be hard to know when one knows about it, and they do take on forms that are unimaginably harmful and outright criminal for that matter. This underground movement is in the grand scheme of things no longer “needed” moving forward from 2020 on and will (finally) be cleaned up though. Your contribution is to accept the Source bound magic that is older and lays underneath it, and stand up for that; this will energetically assist this point of action in the field.

Currently, there is a possibility to consciously go back to the bigger cycle of history, to herald a greater kind of magic, a primordial magic; I invite you cordially to be a part of that. It is not a coincidence that the main Christ of the Christed soul family, the Master Christ, is among us at this time. In the lineage of the magicians we are trying in a certain way to build upon what has been laid down as spiritual notions since the 1970’s, a sense of spirituality that became known as the New Age mostly; however this also constitutes the problematic side of affairs, as it mostly can be considered a largely watered down version of what was originally meant from the nineteenth century out when there was for the last time before the current era a large outing from our side (widely known as Theosophy). Concepts such as law of attraction are currently widely en vogue while at the same time having lost it’s original full meaning as Source bound magic which leads to the ancient principles being torn out of order and losing their depth under the weight of shallow interpretations.


How does this matter to you? You just want abundance in love and money

So you may by now pose yourself the question: who are you in this field and on that layer of things? There is an answer to that and I can help you find it. The first suggestion is that now you know the names of certain phenomena and can therefore point them out more clearly, you are not asked to be carried away on these terms, rather find the Source underneath it all and ground yourself there even deeper: this is an ultimate, positive, sustainable place that brings about your true identity meanwhile in the course of the action. While grounding yourself into this place, moment after moment, this forms a Path for you; a spiritual path that will also grand you the abundance that belongs to your soul naturally: an abundance of money and of love, eternally bound to each other and never separate. For me personally, this had been clarified fully in the period prior to today, and is not a reason for panic or fantasy. Please, do not obtain your information from those that are not able to see the grand picture, as that way you will always come home with a result that is less then whole, feel unbalanced and in need of the entire spectrum to be able to ground fully. Someone that watches the news is only so far into it and the person collecting puzzle pieces of conspiracy nature, has also just only those.

Some may think: well that is great but I just only want more love and money – and you have to understand that is the exact same thing in the actual Reality, for Source rewards your Being when you are joining the transformation. You will stand in the Creative Flow of Creation and this will always result in exponential growth. You will understand your Creative ID, accept being a Magician and let your Mission commence. When you can be just yourself regardless of such considerations and add who you are to the whole, this will form the antidote of crisis in all forms you come across. For me this is not new or 2020-crisis-related as it had been prepped many years prior. It is merely fitting the questions of today so well, that it on another note must have been meant to be. When one would ask me “is this good or bad, very bad or worse”, then I would answer “very good” – for it is a positive development and an opportunity to stand up and congratulate yourself: you are risen!

So what is this Saturn Death Cult again and what does it stand for? Why did people take the Saturnian episode of our common history and use it for their lower goals? Some people take any truth or symbol, and attach their own meaning to it, which is for sensitive creatives sometimes difficult to accept. Is a planet intrinsically wrong? No, of course it is not, it is the interpretation that does this. In art history, a field of science I am personally trained in, we call this the intentional fallacy: a certain symbol exists but it can be used for more then one meaning, depending on the agenda of the people using it. What I stand for is to take on the entirety of elements, do emotional archeology on it, and stand on the True ground underneath it all that can be summoned through what I would call actual Source Magic. Within that you rise with your own mission, helped by universal laws that go back to the Magic of the Purple Dawn.


The Purple Dawn: a story of your own descent as a catalyst for your own ascension

To read more on the actual details of the relationship between the Purple Dawn and the Saturn Death Cult, I refer to the excellent resources of the researcher and author Troy McLachlan. This article could only be written however, through the invention of the spiritual assurance of the Master Magician that this is so, to me personally. Ideas about an author and coach of The Netherlands not being privy of this kind of information are mostly caused by rampant spiritual exoticism, making people believe that real and in depth spiritual information can only be gotten from something like a male, old, far away source that wears spiritual dresses, is a mistake I have seen made regularly. Also, this refers to the idea of needing to spiritually mature and go through a spiritual process after which ones comes out on the other end, and that end is pretty normal usually, as we are all human beings in a body that try to make the best of daily life in that sense, whether within the know or without.

Also, you have to understand that the Purple Dawn is a story of your own descent. It is only that now it breaks through the invisible walls of time again for you to be available: it is not new or exotic in that sense; it was just not fully conscious for you to date. But it is here now, to support you through your daily life that plays out on your spiritual life journey. Be grateful and take your chance with both hands as this is the time of times to do so. This mostly forgotten knowledge is still pure and untouched by manipulations of the mind, whether they be called religion, philosophy, science or popular spirituality. She has always been slumbering in her vault until the One with the Key came around again to reopen the Secrets for All, and bring them to life once more. Out in the open, she influences with her harmony all fields of action within God (of faith), sexuality (of energy) and money (of true value). She inspires manifestation following the laws of nature and universal wisdom in a Universal Strategy sinus that gives the highest results in healing and in abundance one could wish. But doesn’t everyone already have that connection established? Well, as much as you hear the popular terms around on the internet: not really or distorted. The ones uttering those terms have not reached the first plateau of ascension as of yet. However we always all remain human before or after – and this is where the quality of the Maitreya, Master GD, kicks in: it is the aspect of friendship that connects us throughout those stages ushering us forever forward, that thus is a great catalyst of growth.

As stated earlier, the transition of the earth going from Saturn to the current Sun, gave humans the possibility to start an understanding of time, and measurement: this can be correctly indicated as the start of economy and the trust needed for business. This is on the positive side of the matter, what I since 2014 have called the start of MEconomy: to return to the original moment of that for yourself and leave out all negative mishaps while starting (over). Rewriting your story while working your former (self-) manipulations out of the picture, is an intrinsic part of that process: this is a form of magic indeed. A way to re-create the energetic-physical environment of the Purple Dawn is to allow deep relaxation to your brain stem. I also have personally experienced what assists greatly, is fasting with grape juice (don’t try this yourself without consulting us though as there comes a lot with this one remark that is not mentioned here) and live off of ripe fruits (a more literal remake of a time in which we lived in forests eating from fruit trees); both can be used as kick starters in some way but will mostly not be used for continual usage. This is clearly only giving you some ideas as to what this is; a permanent state of being can be found through doing the spiritual work on your proverbial plate until you reach the first plateau of ascension that is a State of Being.


Money is the magic corresponding to a state of being that is the depth of the soul

It is very interesting to find out in practice that you can accept dept just as money on the plus side of the scale, both evaluated equally as signs of your prosperity that can be noted down. Certainly when one is in a transition state from the old economy to MEconomy, this is strongly advised: it is a true lock gate to your MEconomy to work out. The Saturn Death Cult way of economy is to give you 10 and ask 11 in return: the rent system that locks you in a perpetual situation to owe the bank. What you can do is take that element out by sort of negating it, and imagining economy to start at your own place (not at the banks place, see also the ‘me’ in MEconomy). When there is already a dept or one comes into existence: accept it as a positive number that contributes value to you and do not attempt to pay it back (any longer) where possible. Now start to develop your mission into assisting services and products and make sales; acknowledge those numbers also positively. The entire situation will grow from the root, through the plus-and-minus-spectrum of your starting situation, to your lively MEconomy, while at no moment you feel failure through numbers alone and throughout you hold the connection with the root of your inner value. Meanwhile you correct your own mind from the distortion by positively acknowledging the “debt”, because it makes possible your entire MEconomy in whichever phase. This is how you creatively but not irresponsibly deal with money.

After all, money ís the magic corresponding to a state of being that is the depth of the soul: peace, in other words. Money is not the resúlt of magic but is the magic itself, that accompanies the journey of inner value as the outer shell of it: protective, secure and always faithful and trustworthy. Beautiful too. Numbers both above and below zero act as trustworthy allies when one travels the inner planes: a sinus of transformation will always be discernible in the outer world when one takes this travel seriously. Not only is dept the norm for any self respecting business in the sense of an investment, it is also, as was here explained, the base of the spiritual transformation that goes with it. The economy as we know it today, will be greatly affected and eventually altered by the crisis of 2020; this will be your personalized answer. Whether one keeps on using the current or “old” coins and systems (for the time being) or one embraces new democratic online trust systems such as cryptocurrencies (deeply researched by us from 2014 to date), the best methodology is even free from such choices in the end and works with mind transformation following the Ultimate Strategy, while building MEconomy.

This is the basis of a timeless and eternal state of value; the update coming from the Purple Dawn of time is one of resurfacing and reinstallation and at the same time one of innovation and of the start of an exponential growth yet unknown while following the Ultimate Strategy. With this, not only spirituality and economy are becoming fully connected on the Christed level; not only will this be the strategy to clarify and replace the nineteenth century contribution and the twentieth century weakened but popularized version of it; it is also the holistic system that will come into place of older ones as requested by the Master Magician that gave out a numbered story until the year of 2012 – a year of which the popular meaning (that in fact at the same time stems from the writings of Pacal Votan the Master Magician Incarnated) needs to be corrected because of a couple of calendar mishaps, to 2020.


Your ultimate retreat that you emerge from transformed

MEconomy is a way to go from transactional exchange to the sharing of love. The quantum leap does not lie in becoming a conspiracy theory specialist but rather in stepping into the untouched potential coming from underneath of it. Chose to embark and steer yourself through this door of consciousness Now. While behind the scenes a war on interests plays out in favor of the good, you are invited to go even deeper then that and take part in the original magic to shape what comes thereafter to benefit your life and the entire worlds development. Your MEconomy will consequentially benefit sustainably as well. You are now one of the Magicians of the Purple Dawn overcoming inside of yourself as well as outside in the world, the Saturn Death Cult with easy and grace, so that the quality of friendship of the Maitreya can thrive.

So it depends on the layer you speak about, what will be true to you. Making sure you stay healthy is true, as the virus is true. Misinformation is true so steering clear from nonsense is needed. Nasty practices in groups that hide their true face is relevant and sadly reality, and we are so relieved this will be going out of consciousness soon well actually now. The most relevant layer of being is to ground in the magic from before time, so that you will be able to create your best reality that is at the same time the best for all. This is where I live and have placed my anchor; it makes all the other layers very different and lose its problematic nature for the most part: you can adapt to the degree to stay healthy, you can understand deception to the degree that you know when not to listen and so on while being anchored in Truth and create Heaven with your life mission in the way you reach out in the middle of this whole scenario. I invite you to come over and start your Path right here, as it will be most efficient and effective for the best outcome for all.

When you believe it is all bad bullshit what you are forced to endure at this time form multiple angles, you may forget that there already was and is much more bad bullshit in your life then just this, and that the biggest bad bullshit there is, is not living from the Heart and have that fully repaired. When you think that it is all one hundred percent real and deservedly so with all the measurements that you willingly undergo, you could very well not be in your Heart either and completely missing out the opportunity to get a well working trigger that is in the air today, to go there. So either way, the only real difference is: “Am I really grounded in Source Love yes or no; am I really doing in the world what is my highest possible contribution for others to assist them in getting there as well?” What you can do is be informed enough about some layers and be intelligent enough to be not getting into more trouble then strictly necessary; then give attention to grounding your Heart and doing your highest mission. This may very well be your ultimate retreat that you emerge from transformed.


Nine Purple Dawn Magic principles for present day use:

1 Not the ego

Start with the Soul, start with connection with the Self, and let it be refilled with life by Source. Real magic enhances the flow of energy that comes through this connection into the world, not by applying techniques to ego.

2 Make the connection real

Find the Soul Self that speaks with Source through feeling your body, your energy, and the feelings in your heart: the body floats in an energy that holds it, and your energy is like the air around and inside your body that feeds it. Source is what feeds this energy and wherever that feels to be located for you, it is.

3 Clear yourself out

Ask Source to clear your heart from emotions (surface feelings) so that your deeper, true feelings remain to create with. With these deeper feelings also come thoughts of wisdom. The will is a natural part of this process, and not the only place from where to act, as that would be the ego.

4 Acknowledge yourself

When you get more used to this state, or are more times per day in it, you notice that others are not, and that perhaps most are not. Do not be offended by that difference or persuaded by it that it is not a right way of being; rather understand that the difference is very realistic and in fact constitutes your contribution to humanity and the world, although people may try to make you believe it is the other way round.

5 Universal and individual correspond

Your deeper feelings and wisdom thoughts act as catalysts for what wants to be created by Source, therefore your personal feelings and thoughts in this state are valid for you and the bigger whole simultaneously; they are as universal as individual.

6 Ritual augments what -is-

Any action or inaction in an individually defined ritual space where you come deliberately in this state of being is an act of magic when it is done with the intention to enhance what is already here. Daily life is already the bigger reality where the result takes place.

7 Distinction of goals

When you go through this process more, every time it will become more clear to you what distinct goals are here for you to focus on and what content they have for you; the same goes for the world that is nothing but a natural extension of the Self.

8 Crystal structures

Source presents itself in growing crystalline patterns and they are usually an inherent life mission, further crystallized into a money or professional life and a love or private life that are fully interconnected.

9 Heaven is formed here

Inner growth that includes outer growth, comes from the layer of the individual and how much they heal they inner clockwork of energy in their body in accordance with Source, resulting in the state of being of Golden Flow; and from the layer of the natural bigger soul unit you as an individual are a part of (your twin flame union and your soul family of unions of the same group) that can come to fulfillment in the state of being of Harmonious Union.


So and what I personally would do about all the practical questions of daily life is thus:

Understand that the virus is real and similar to a common flu, however viruses are man made when they are isolated and have names. In the body they are your ally in solving problems already present, as they merely are summoned by them to help resolve your body toxicity, so not making you sick but bringing the sickness already present to the forefront and help resolve it. Preventing this can be done by simply excreting all your body toxicity in the baseline.

Should you want to try and protect yourself in a way that seems legit to you, go ahead, but most methods presented have not much to do with this health question directly. Should you want to stay away from problems with police and government, that makes sense also, because why attract unnecessary problems in your life. I feel one best uses this time to temper and meditate, do inner work and reap inner progress from this opportunity.

Witnessing a variety of conflicting stories in your household, media and government is rather awakening to the mind confusion most of our society is factually in: a rather correct but aggrandized way things already were and still are. Most minds are confused in many ways and only the miracle mind of ascended beings is free from that. This is where sanity starts, and doing inner work to work towards that is a great thing to do right now.

It is wonderful there are peaceful forces cleaning rather unnerving and destructive practices all around the globe and when you are in the cleaning team, you will already know and are doing your job. YOU may be in the team that can step into the greater peace that comes afterwards and can work on preparing yourself to step up soon. This may be more then enough for your contribution as every inch of peace is welcome in Heaven on Earth. When you contribute to that one, the force will be bigger that contributes to things not getting out of hands in a negative direction, and with your mind-help it simply won’t.

All that is being played out right now, has enormous financial consequences for very many. This really feels like a big invitation from the universe to start working in your MEconomy instead of what seems the norm right now. This starts with the inner work to understand the real groundwork of life, history and of the Magic of Life.

So do I see this going to a positive ending myself? I do, I am not afraid, not anymore, not since that day in April that God showed me what was going on in many layers, that was not entirely new to me at all but I still had been angry and a bit shocked at my outer layers any way when all of this fuss in 2020 started to come up, but ever since that day I could more and more relax into the peace at the core.

I feel in my heart that not-being-afraid is the very central part of the solution we all in fact desire. That state of being is called LOVE. It is created by connecting the outer layer of yourself directly to the depth of what this article refers to as the ground on which the Magicians of the Purple Dawn stand: your eternal Truth as creator and life artist of any kind. Connect them and start creating PEACE. The layers in between will then take care of themselves.

To Master this means to Master our FUTURE. <3




What is MEconomy? Five ground rules.

0 Abandon the idea that money comes from ego play and where we historically and socially see that men are very forward in this play, that now women are also going to bust forward and be the same pushers; by leaving this idea to move even further than that there comes space for surrender to a much more true ground then the ego for manifesting money; the idea is to peacefully commit to the creation of value in uniquely your way without the necessity to have the big money stream on top of it and do it any way while building the holistic structures through which the money can come when it arrives

1 To start this process off assess where you truly are in numbers honestly but without judgement, see all numbers below or above zero as a valuable landscape where you can start and find your possibilities in this landscape to invest as the ground rule is always that money comes as you can let it go (or flow)

2 Starting to build will mean steps through the fear and on the Path that will lead you through and out of the current landscape of below-or-above zero, while learning about and thus creating a holistic stand-alone business structure without barter deals except a first phase for testimonials and no more then one step affiliate because it will get unfair after that, while understanding that using cryptocurrencies is possible yet do not absolve you from making the business structures on a stand alone basis and also not from connecting the construct to official construction when the current often nation regulated jurisdiction is still valid

3 Steps are first taken in the investment area where you work with the start anyway and before you are ready principle and then in the profit area where you co-create with the official business (and additional such as tax) structures

4 Learn your creative identity in the course of going to the state of being of Golden Flow, see how this co-creates with your ultimate co-creational partner your Twin Flame in the state of being that is bigger then Golden Flow called Harmonious Union, learn what creative services you can give to the world from that place and also what part of all necessary business aspects fit you naturally

5 Learn your life’s mission after Harmonious Union, because before this state of being is reached in full in your heart, you may have a (correct) rough direction, and that will be falling into place in a detailed, definitive and acknowledging way afterwards or be adjusted by Source according to what it will be for you for eternity, peacefully – and you will come to understand that the truly solid and eternally lasting kind of building of an economic structure only works with relating and surrendering to Source within the Path following MEconomy, otherwise you will once lose it whether now, in the future or in a next lifetime, and that conversely you in fact open up the inherent possibility of making use of your past life’s abundance that is still here and still alive and don’t even need to do much to make this happen to support you