Dear friend,

You are unique and your inherent creative qualities serve the greater good of humanity. The story of your life giving money flow made out of the goodness of the heart, starts with acknowledging this fully. It is only natural to desire to do this together with a co-creational partner that is unspeakably complementary to uniquely you. Worlds of abundance are born between you and shared with many.

Sounds like a fairy tale?

It can be done!

Starting the journey of a lifetime is a decision that comes forward many times in reaction to experiences of stark contrast. Being unique has so many times only meant being so different that you are perhaps misunderstood, excluded from (the bigger) money, or did not fit what are seemingly the requirements of dating. So tiring…

Being different is a feeling and an experience that essentially holds Gold – but also a history of the pain of rejection and suffering lack in many forms.

The Master Magician says being different is:

  • the cause of wars;

  • the blessing of masters.

And that it can be overcome by:

  • deep meditational listening to the gap between both;

  • deducting a Path from what you hear;

  • closing the gap by walking that Path;

  • fulfilling the promise by completing it;

  • and share from your experiences under way.

I have my own story about being different.

Over time, I saw there was an enormous problem in my life that made me different. It was my Ultimate Co-Creational Partner that eventually sealed this teaching in my heart unexpectedly by making a well timed one sentence comment to me as soon as I was finally open to hear it.

He said something to the effect of: “You shouldn’t think about what is in others that it is so deep.”

At that moment, I was already more angry then I had ever been in my entire life (with him) but I was strangely able to carry myself through that deep emotional state, so I said nothing and stepped out of his car to go to my front door, for what I then thought was meant to be a period of not seeing him for years and years (which profoundly grieved me).

Earlier in my life, I had learned about and worked in the field of the high artistic expressions of our society, because I enjoyed the power of creativity as a way to birth life in many forms from a profound Source. But people would believe I associated with sources of (sophisticated) entertainment.

I visited holy buildings such as churches to establish and maintain my actual and alive relationship with Source. But people would think I subscribed to traditions and patterns – a lot of the time considered outmoded, and downright damaging too, and not without reason for that matter.

This drove me crazy.

It also held me back from creating a flourishing base for my personal life with relationships and money.

Apparently, I was born with a natural inclination to think and feel in the topic of creation and Source, that could be summarized in the term Life Magic. Looking back it was only logical that I looked for places to celebrate my own flow in that, and I found different ones over time here and there, only to find that when I finally opened up about my real interpretation of that place from my point of view, it would never really work out much longer.

It seemed better to create a new space for this.

After eventually becoming fully initiated by the Master Magician, followed by working for a time with the Master Christ that is currently on earth, then returning to my human guru of twenty years and remembering the legacy from my past incarnations that still thrives around the globe, I find that it is about time to take that direction seriously and invite you to it.

The comment of my True Twin Flame, made to me in December 2019, directed me to stop completely with believing in the deception of other people’s projection on me, coming from their ‘churches’ and their ‘entertainment’. It was a big lesson; it is hard to describe how stupid I felt. This made the entire past including anger and grief roll up and disappear, for only my unique specialty to stay present. A fresh energetic space started opening up to manifest it in.

Turning my being different into a virtue and helping others enter this magical universe consciously yet building with it in a sobered up way, became finally a step to take in a peaceful way, after I had let go of all the crap that had never been mine in the first place. This would include for people all the benefits that it brings with it that are widely considered grown up goals worthy of pursuing such as relationships and money. Not because they would suddenly magically appear within the timeframe of your ego’s agenda, but because you start to build from an anchored place of Truth that includes the possibility of miracles.

Starting a Path to clear the way for your souls natural abundance to start coming in, is not something most do overnight. It is a solemn step that requires having a taste of the real thing a couple of times before it starts to become more clear that this is truly for you.

It is easy for me to say: it is for everyone and it is universal (and it is, really!). But that doesn’t cut it for it sounds cheesy in the first place and then also it does not take into account your perfect uniqueness that comes with your individual questions and potential reservations.

I take it as you are as unique as I am. You are sensitive and creative. You desire a deepening and a bloom from that effort. And this is possible by for instance first of all, discarding all projections YOU have gotten onto you from outside sources, whatever they may be. To uncover the real you, its value and its contribution to the fresh new world we are entering collectively.

To, just like I did, take the creative qualities that you already have, and transform them to a unified mission on the ascended level. Then start manifesting a valuable life with that including working structures.

The story of what held you back earlier, holds keys to what it is that will be your specialty later on in the process. Just the way that creativity (art) and churches (architecture for that matter, and yes I am educated as an art and architecture historian as a matter of fact!) were my Before – and Life Magic (teaching the procedure of transform & manifest) was my After. They are related deeply.

With the contents of this starter kit, you can start doing just that: to begin going deeper in an easy way, and to uncover what creative qualities lie dormant (or are blatantly awake!) inside of you that are so fit for new solutions the earth is dying to have available. This is your inner abundance and now you can start to make it your outer abundance too by following the offered, proven procedures.

You will make a start, reentrance or exponential growth in creating the space to succeed.

Let me be the One that sees you until your own True Co-Creational Partner takes over – and then still…

Because I was seen. And you can open to being seen as well.

This transforms you from the inside out and it starts to manifest your true and natural abundance.

That winter, I broke all records for time staying in bed and inside my house and my pajama’s. It was time well spend, and an investment worth having made – and it wasn’t for much longer that the dust settled, inner consequences were worked out and a fresh love story was about to joyfully emerge in the outer world.

This obviously wasn’t your average love story that brings fulfillment to your money goals as well (because it did!). It was not about behaving right and finally committing to action steps. It was not about me changing myself into something I never was to fit in or even about finding the right fit personality-wise. It was not even about finally achieving the dream relationship and see the ship of money sail in.

It was more about letting that whole ordeal finally go utterly and completely as an ego goal, cut the roots of it through without looking back – and yet getting more then I could have ever dreamed of as a result.

It was about the right teaching for me to touch my core and do its work.

Life, nature, spirit, provides that teaching for you to cut through and reap results.

Let’s get in the right mind to be able to receive what that is for you.

  1. All your feelings are relevant. Emotions are often reactions to the outside world: anger, sadness, fear. Let them be by acknowledging their existence. Then go deeper within the core of them. Here you will find your hearts true feelings, that are more subtle movements of qualities. Sum three of them up for yourself, for instance: subtlety, compassion, co-creation. Underneath this layer deep emotions can be felt sometimes that are more like the calling home from where your core is connected to the Source of All that Is. This deepening process will disperse your outer feelings and draw the deeper feelings out more prominently.
  2. It is with the deeper feelings that you create, and it is here that the cut through may be needed so that truly only your deeper feelings remain. Take a conscious breath and ask Source here what your lesson is. Ask for mentorship of the Master Magician in this. Take some moments of silence to be able to hear what this is: it may come in images, sounds, words or whatever works for you.
  3. Now you have your personal magic spell to start a process of discernment between Truth and Illusion. Create a daily ritual to re-mind yourself of it consciously, for instance sitting for 20 minutes in the morning and afterwards write a journal about your findings.

I got a sword as a sign of my discernment tool. Kind of relevant! Powerful to cut away others’ projection indeed.

What did you got?

Something to take with you on your Path.

Now make yourself ready for the starter kit: the meditation and the course are also in it. This was just a small sample of what to get when you claim yours. Do it now & get the benefits. I will send you the entire kit when you answer a couple of questions that help me too.

Many blessings to you on your journey to your souls natural abundance!