Inner Abundance is growing towards states of being first and then see your money and relationship goals come into being and mature through that. This brings effortless, peaceful and ultimate results that are eternally lasting because it is achieved by the soul, the timeless part of you (as opposed to the personality alone). There is an actual experiential pathway that leads to it and you know you are on it when:

  1. Manifesting your ultimate dreams in tangible results comes from going deeper in your relationship to your soul that has a relationship to Source. You fully trust that this is so and you are open to feeling your way towards really experiencing this directly in your energy field as well.
  2. When you are on the Path you always chose the option of going deeper, even when you see outside things or people fall away and even if that worries you to a degree. The results are a byproduct in a way, of walking an authentic path with a pure heart infinitely.
  3. Holding on to acquired riches of the personality is not your priority any longer, and you learn the art of surrender in real life more and more. This brings about your deeper, more authentic and True identity that brings you in another flow of creativity. You are open to birth your Creative Identity.
  4. You accept that to be successful in your MEconomy, you will have to build holistic business structures in such a way that it can work together with surrender and making steps by going deeper. You see that both are not separate, and rather enhance each other.
  5. You see every day that your hearts inner feelings (and not your outer reactions to situations) lead you the way in your creative process towards your ultimate life. You follow those feelings that are sometimes also more like intuitions (a knowing) without hesitation every time.
  6. You understand that your primal manifestation is an inner manifestation, that also magnetically attracts your outer manifestation to it when the inner is solidified. You do not look outside of yourself for your results any longer and let everything emerge from within.
  7. You understand that this is still very new to most of human kind, however the potential to go this journey is as old as time. You see that Now is the time to take this seriously for yourself and for all.
  8. You acknowledge you are a magician at heart that desires to be available for others to find their inner magician also and start a co-creation circle in that way. You feel joy when you think about making that circle wider and let go of any lingering codependency at the same time.
  9. You don’t accept projection any longer from people around you whomever they are, as you came to a full acknowledgement that your relationship to your soul and to Source defines who and what you are and not how the world perceives you.
  10. You start a conscious journey to heal and balance your integrity so that you can fully, completely and Truthfully say that your inner state of being is in accord with your outer actions whether they are negatively or positively seen by third parties. You accept your Creative Leadership.
  11. You accept that none of this is fully in your hands or in the hands of your teachers, and that the authority of that leadership is always co-created with Source, that has as it were the last say in matters. The States of Being you can fall into on this Path are defined and constituted by Source.