Today I would like to thank all the people that helped me, truly helped me, become what I am today. It is everyone that assisted me. loved or hated me. It is everyone that was on the road to today. Because everyone I ever met, makes me who I am today. My compassion is fully with you and I love you. You have showed me how to love myself, and therefore love the world, others, friends, clients, my children and my True Twin Flame. You have showed me how to love God.

I speak a lot of Source, but in fact God is the very same. I hope you understand I am not religious nor spiritual, I am delivered from all of that in the Truth of Being by the very Grace of my Master, my eternal teacher. This is the Source and Master that is the solid foundation of everything and all. It is the teacher of masters and christs. He brings you beyond any interpretations of what is Real. He delivers you in the ultimate disappointment of ego, at the other side of phenomena. That is where your true grace lies.

I would like to take a moment to thank you all, because you have brought me to this place of Grace. My insight is: it made you better too. It is a universal law that it must. You may be thinking it has brought you grief or sadness or anger or fear. But that is the child in you that you portray without insight in who is behind that, without processing that which the child experiences. When you process it, you will see that I helped you with your deep seated trauma. Now you start to see a glimmer and I am happy for you. Go on and collect your glimmers until you are complete. Just like I did. This where we meet again.

We all have to go through this process, it is inevitable. It is the Grace of the Teacher that is with you in it. You will find yourself there, your deepest desires, the source of everything I cannot deny you that experience, it is everything you have ever asked for! Let’s talk about that. This is the creative process that leads to money and love, because they in Truth spring from the depths of being and not the strategy of the ego. Yes, that is the deepest secret I have to share with you that is true beyond any state you right now know.

It is true until your energy body heals completely. It is true until the moment comes that you will reunite with your divine counterpart, your true twin flame. Both are considered by many far down the road of the spiritual life journey – and I understand because they come for most after massive inner work and most often you believe you are pretty mature in this while it’s not… Accept your childlike nature and you are saved in the Now Forever, while not forgetting the deep desire for the Ultimate Result.

I thank you lots and lots, and I bow for You, as I cannot do anything less then that. I bow for your gift of having met me at where I was that day, that year. I bow for your Soul that granted me the honors of meeting you off guard.

Thank YOU from the bottom of my Soul.

Ultimate Love,


Me & God The Magician are One.