Doing the 4 step tool KEY will make your feel better instantly and also more over time. The more you do it, the better your life will get, in a sustainable way, that fits your unique soul blueprint to a tee. This also makes it pleasurable, and the way you are recognized for what you then have to offer and assist others with, makes it worthwhile in the most liberal sense, so that your life feels meaningful over-all.


“So you mean it is something like what this other teacher does? Great, it definitely looks like it, and it also has 4 steps! And I mean she is really famous all over the internet.”

Well… no, that is not what we are doing and have never done. What we do may look like certain things and offer in a sense a similar promise as others do in a similar market or topic, yet it is a tool developed with Divine Mother for the needs of our time in an original way that is a direct communication to Her and therefore to you as well.

Looks are deceiving: you may have a lookalike tool, and get a lookalike result. But who wants that? When it’s not an original, don’t expect an ultimate or even original result.

“So you mean I can also do this now, and because I agree with your aims, such as transforming education for children of all ages, now I can also share in your business and also have your tools, right?”

Well… no, not exactly, besides that we have basic norms about our copyright and intellectual rights and work with normal boundaries that any business has, you do not have what this is because you agree with similar statements or feel like you have the same aim, because this is lead from a true teachership. Thus it is possible to become a student, and later on potentially an accredited coach.

It’s not because I have developed a relationship with the soul, the Divine, and with science through a university Masters education, gained experience and have checked the created material with the spiritual Masters of Eternal Wisdom, that now somehow because you like the idea of it, you can sort of take all that out of my hands and put it in your own shrine of trophies. That would seem kinda obvious to me…

“So, you call it creative identity, and there are like… styles and modes of that. That sounds so much like this other system that I know, with this pentagram that points out personality styles, so that’s what you do, right?! You should really read his books and go study with him (the author of the pentagram work)!”

Really?! Cannot take me seriously, obviously. The false need to compare is great and the idea that I would need to study with other coaches is clearly projection.


Does this sound overdone to you? Well, wake up, because this is a summary of last decade. And because every experience is one that I created, I take responsibility and move forward without this. Yet that does not mean it’s not something that stands out to me as a phenomenon, and it only seems very educational to let you know what this is.

Friends, it’s fine if you can’t yet acknowledge what we do here and respect me, yet believe me: you can’t gain anything real or lasting when you reside in that kind of atmosphere. That could sound harsh when it’s not you. Boundaries are however truly normal and needed. Go find where you need to place boundaries as well.

This work is for people that want the genuine method and thus the real result. You don’t need to believe it to be true, as it proves itself. I encourage meanwhile being skeptical, because it behooves a teacher to promote critical thinking for your autonomous self. The line is at disrespect though, at projecting, lying and stealing, which essentially is self sabotage after all.

…KEY is a quantum tool, it is the ascension tool, it is not a copy of anything else, it is an original…


What will come of you, when you do respect our work?

Your life becomes a teaching for other people, when you do the easy 4 step tool KEY continually. And that is what needs to happen first, even though I intend for you to become professionals accredited in this method also, and creative coaches for that matter as well.

KEY in the end in fact lets you leave the mirror universe: you step out of it, release the karma, become free. So maybe you are in a situation with a person and they mirror something for you, you do the four steps and when you truly release what it shows you, you step out of that mirroring happening in that relationship. Meaning that should the other party still see a mirror in YOU, you have nothing to do with that at all anymore, strangely but truthfully. But you’re not an asshole and are not going to die either; you are going to live a life from your deeper ground and become a creative coach and so on, and they can join your Creative Universe if they please by stepping out of the mirroring themselves as well.

See, THAT is true soul empowerment through which you can meet the Divine as equal.


The innovative power of KEY is indeed remarkable. Seven signs of it are:

  1. Living your dream life may be your goal yet for this moment it can feel surreal and thus you cannot make it Real from there because it stays Surreal, not real. It can be daunting to fully embody that you have a right to your dream life, that you can own that with your emotional body and not be shamed and guilted over it. A KEY practice resolves this for you.
  2. A Daily practice of KEY will form a journey that will reveal itself to be organized around a Path that may be indicated for you by intuitive signs such as finding coins and feathers, seeing numbers or names and so on. For me, there was a period in spring 2016 and in summer 2017 too, when I found keys on the street, this was my sign back then. And it still is ;-). This felt like a level up sign as it were. Yup, that’s what KEY still does.
  3. KEY seems subtle and its Path invisible. Why would it have such huge results? Yet it does. The subtlety makes for the biggest result because haven’t you noticed that coarse movement of heavy loads is slow and rough and tiring to direct? While a lovely light beam as well as the most heavy rock are both subjected to the invisible power of the laws of nature. That’s right: KEY co-creates with these laws.
  4. Imagine a real process, that brings you in a let go of old energy, soul karma, early childhood trauma and other ptsd symptoms, unconscious fears and all of that; a release of toxic tension in a constant flow that brings a peaceful relaxation that takes its place. That is possible with KEY.
  5. Though when you do not go through processing hours and days and weeks and moths (don’t worry you can still work, and you will also learn make time for yourself because that is simply a healthy thing to do!) in which you go through old early childhood and other insidious and subtle trauma that leaves you forever – then you’re not doing it right. However you also don’t need to focus on it entirely always, because it is releasing and that goes automatically if you are in the KEY method correctly. What you do focus on is where you are going.
  6. Feeling bad in this practice can be 2 things: a) you can genuinely feel bad because stuck, that is a reason to go do another KEY; b) you can feel temporarily faintly bad as an undertone of a new found peace because you are releasing the bad feeling that was stuck inside of you, this is advisable to undergo because it is totally worth it every single time.
  7. You are going to uncover and heal psychological inner content in you that will educate you about relationship, and you are going to let go of energy blocks that are money related so you’ll naturally learn entrepreneurial structures and how to implement them around you, and you do both in the hugging arms of the loving spiritual baseline of ascension, using all the time simply only One KEY.

‘Cause in Heaven there is Twin Flame Love and MEconomy.

See you there!



There are many helpful resources in our online community called Your Abundance on Facebook to get going including a worksheet, a video and a free workshop.

I greatly advice you go there yourself and look them up in the pinned posts aka the featured posts on top of the main group feed, free downloads in the file section and posts under the hashtag #key and #keyoftheday. For extra clarity the link spelled out: