The easy 4 step tool KEY makes you go deeper to build. And building refers to money and relationships, so what this means is that it is an actual building, a real result.

It’s hard to explain but I feel lately like I am arriving on a new level and that has a transformed inner energy field, and then starts to also take outer transformation with it in some basics and probably later much more.

It feels like KEY has made me acknowledge the self with going deeper to build, on a new layer. The social.

Not the social that we are all surrounded with as of yet, not the social that I grew up in that was psychologically very off as in not healthy by any means as it scarred my brain and nervous system beyond belief however that was able to reset with Divine intervention.

The social – is what I mean – that is a new playing field when we are healed from early childhood and other trauma, and have undergone a spiritual core healing, then a mental, emotional and physical one based on that, and then starting to return to newly connect and interact with what that gave you.

There can be huge changes when you have developed your consciousness (thus) to the ascended level. So a social life will be so different too. Yet also naturally familiar, as it’s simply human life.

In this way, KEY is really a tool that orchestrated this deep self acknowledgement that went further then I anticipated – which makes it a true Divine tool. And now I want this for you as well!


Way Back Machine

Deep self acknowledgement… I remember that it started out like that: way back around 2011 I was organizing some projects that were in fact trying to answer my personal central question of how to experience self acknowledgement.

The acknowledgement that I had not gotten as a child and had not learned how to give myself – for me, that was because it was a psychological construct with a narcissistic structure and in that way it was not the true self that was acknowledged but a contrived one that I had to invent to survive this sick culture. But that is so in any ego structured family, not necessarily (very) narcissistic.

That acknowledgement of the true self, that is my birthright to have, did not come in when it was naturally asked, and I was brainwashed to not be able to acknowledge myself, my real self. This is a huge thing, and incredibly necessary. Not for me only, but for everyone: find the True Self and start acknowledging it yourself. Many people have this, but not only in a narcissistic structure also in any instance where the true self can deepen to an even truer self that is self actualized.

That is in fact the motivation for the coming into existence of KEY.


Love Yourself Day

So around 2011 we did a project in my city of birth Arnhem, The Netherlands, called the Love Yourself Day and that was all about it too. And that was one of the instances that KEY started to take real shape on me.

Later, I realized that this was a variant of the real, eternal, Divine toolkit, fit for our society in our time, and even acknowledged (there is that word again!) by the Masters.

Still, doing it myself, went up and down and looking back, was always much more needed then I was conscious of. And that might be for you as well.

Once you truly can take it seriously and start doing it consistently, you’ll get to a couple of ultimate deepenings that build, I promise you that.

They are the ones I describe when I talked about eventually coming out on the ascended level and reinventing my entire social emotional life from that core healing result.

That’s were we start a new and healed society together and it will be Love Yourself Day every day.


This is KEY in a nutshell:

1 What is my upset?

2 Translate it to: I want: …

3 What is my longing here?

4 I claim it as my quality

There are many helpful resources in our online community called Your Abundance on Facebook to get going including a worksheet, a video and a free workshop. The top picture shows you some of those resources!

I greatly advice you go there yourself and look them up in the pinned posts aka the featured posts on top of the main group feed, free downloads in the file section and posts under the hashtag #key and #keyoftheday. For extra clarity the link spelled out:


Some extra ideas and tips in line of deep self acknowledgement:

  • The last sentence of question number 4’s answer, is your deep self acknowledgement spell in a sense. Especially when you write it out, this step will bring you a sentence that will pop up as your freeing motto that you want to repeat to yourself as often as feels right. It sounds like an affirmation yet it is connected to your Divine core so it is a decree as well (divine statement that you now choose). NB Don’t put an ego spell on your Twin Flame and your Soul Money because that is self-sabotage, yet transforming yourself and sealing the inner transformation with a sentence, symbol, spell, affirmation, decree of sorts is fine and can certainly work out a great experience. – These are some examples:



  • There are layers in your practical growth that stems from this work. KEY is best done on a daily basis and you will see that you circle around certain topics many times: you will go through the many layers of the same core issue and on a certain day it will be completed.
  • KEY is consciousness work, in other words inner work, or self healing, yet eventually the changes it causes will penetrate your physical daily life, and then will come real results in your money and relationship life too. This is because everything is born from the inside out without exception.
  • Doing KEY as a spiritual practice that is a practical building tool at the same time, can result in getting a sense of doing something wrong sometimes. This can be due to developing unto entirely new grounds that you have not walked before. This is essentially fear for the new life you have called in, and continuing to do KEY will eventually make you feel at home with it.
  • When you are raised and socialized by people that did not acknowledge your individuality, so your spiritual-emotional growth was stunted (and who is not to some degree, before you arrive), it can be daunting to self-acknowledge. This is what KEY makes possible for you.
  • Then when that process starts to work out more and better for you, you may seriously start to feel like an alien, because this is new to you, and you may have even learned that this is forbidden land for you as well! This is essentially fear for the new identity you have called in, and continuing to do KEY will eventually make you feel at home with your Divine Self.

That’s what I mean with this entire writing: it can have a sense of socially-offness in the experience of it because you had previously believed that this was not possible for you, or it needed to be different, or you needed to only look for the outer looks of a family and not care about how you feel and if it is with your True Twin Flame and your Soul Mission because you needed to focus on survival and fitting into a mold of control.

KEY will bring you in a natural development and a genuine manifestation of the ultimate for uniquely you, and will make you feel comfortable with it eventually as well.

KEY makes your desired manifestation real in an emotionally safe environment that you yourself create. That is possible – even though it can sometimes seem the most daunting step of all. But you can do it!


I believe in you.