Realizing that the “spiritual goal” if you will here is to get into Flow and Union both, it is logic to have a Union in Flow Reading once in a while. Realizing you can only go as far as the teacher is on this Path, I take in my role. Realizing the personal and the universal go together in this here, the reading is about the general energy in the group and in our Divine Marriage.

One of the deeply honest and vulnerable issues I face is, where to take the self esteem to lead us forward, because when you look at my upbringing, this means for me to not able to find any of that. How to generate the self love and nurture that energy of love in my space enough to be able to really start thriving and assisting people on a scale that equals that emotional thriving back and forth and back again.

The answer is: Divine Mother. Yet not as an idea, it is beyond the conceptual level what I am talking about here. This took me a couple decades to bathe enough before this stage where I am now, where we are now. Now you see me do readings with Divine Mother and channelings too, however I do not really channel her, as she is a part of me, would be more correct to say how I experience this.

This is Divine reliance, and there is really huge strength in that. The strength to forgive, for instance, forgive yourself and others as Divine Mother would do: not forget things and have no boundaries, but to forgive and thus live in unconditional love yourself always first. This makes your preparation for what you call in, complete enough to move forward.

Everyone knows what Abundance they desire in life, as it is the full expression of your Soul Blueprint what is meant. When it is unclear to you, you’ll probably need to un-numb yourself and then start a conscious process to get to know what this is for you (take some hours for playful mood board making or dreaming away in nature and make it fun!).

Every Abundance in your life has as ingredients money as condensed inner and real value, and relationship as conscious experiencing soul connections, and that thrives with Divine reliance. These ingredients are most probably new to you, as in: fresh, and it is always fresh, because it is something that bubbles up from the unconscious waters of Divine Mothers fertile dark chaos and you’re surprised by the realness of it and the aliveness too.

It is both expected and created as well as fresh and real, together contained in the relationship between the Soul and its Source. It is safe to assume that you are in the hallway getting attuned to your Heavenly Life of Abundance, because you read this. And we are getting prepped to be with you there right now.

When in the creation process of this relationship, see things from a fresh perspective, let in fresh light, and new action will come forth from you that is based on that light that is Love itself. When there seems to be a delay, this is to let the light come in and be contained inside of you, so it heals you on the inside (first). May Divine Light bless you.

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