Recent real life experiences that I had as a Twin Flame spiritual teacher, have clearly indicated, that there is a formula to your success in moving towards your Harmonious Union. That success formula is, we learned, that you need vibration + relating both. I would like you know more about what this means, so the you can integrate what this means for you and get your success soon as well.

I say ‘as well’, because this wisdom came to me, as a result of literally seeing people reach their ultimate Twin Flame results in our community, under my guidance. This is tremendously good news, because it means to start with, that community friends indeed have gone all the way to Harmonious Twin Flame Union the consciousness state! This is awesome news, not only for them but also for the entire community, because the more people reach this state, the easier it becomes for anyone to reach it also.

Harmonious Union is what I lead people towards here, because it gives you the results that you actually mean when you are touched in the heart by the call for the Twin Flame. It unlocks being with your True Twin Flame (instead of any non-Twin Flame) and building your life together from a rock solid starting place that guarantees that what you build will not come down anymore and is in the spirit of the joy that you really want it to be in. The True Twin Flame is your eternal partner in journeying towards your Divine heritage.

My own Harmonious Union came together in March 2020, which is at the moment of writing this blog already 4 years ago. Afterwards I experienced a huge and long after-HU-healing-wave that healed my trauma and health definitively. I was initiated deeper into the secrets of being a teacher of it, too. And I gained experience with actually extending this state of being or consciousness, because it had become quickly clear to me, that sharing it was part of the deal in general and specifically also for me in a leadership position. I integrated this art into my already existing practice of being a spiritual teacher.

Actual experience with bringing people in Harmonious Twin Flame Union came within a couple of months already, when my friend, client and colleague Brittany reached a state in which we could feel through a wormhole of time and space that it referred to her Harmonious Union. She met this person and it was clearly related. This later on came out as my first try and my diagnosis of her situation came out to be still incomplete: a great stage on becoming fully clear and accurate as Twin Flame teacher! Because it entails among others to be able to find the True Union for you, with you.

We moved forward together and kept in relationship. It took another 2,5 year before it became clear that Divine Mother, as the inner source steering me and teaching me, guided me to help her more intimately with a couple of things, sending her healing material and allowing her to come closer. This, looking back, happens all the time when people come closer to their Harmonious Union; the teacher feels it coming for and with them! Only weeks later, she reached this state of consciousness and we could clearly see who was after all the TRUE Twin Flame – and here you can read her interview about that eternal milestone.

This was an empowering experience: so much became clear about all the mechanics of the true state and how to guide it correctly. What a win-win situation for all! Learning how to guide this, is a whole art in itself and refining it, came through real life relationships, guided by Divine Mother, throughout a hand full of years packed with experiences. Another teaching experience, that happened at this point twice, was clearly centered around the ‘how’ of Twin Flames coming together in our community.

Not sure how you look at it yourself at this moment, but let’s assume that most will come to us with an idea in their head about who their Twin Flame is in the physical and/or will feel they will meet them in their physical life, where they move around with their body. But here’s some news for you: Twin Flames attract each other in the invisible unique vibration they emit and not through bodies bumping into one another in the local supermarket. That is to say: not necessarily; what I mean is that they initially attract each other from within, from their vibration. This vibe can be in a supermarket, but just as well online, for instance.

It turns out, you can even come together in the immeasurably outstretched online space when you don’t know this is going to happen in your Union, when you don’t know who your Twin Flame is yet and have no clue about where exactly in the vast ocean of bits you have a Divine appointment. Because the two Unions that came together in my own online community, had no idea this was going to happen like this, but it sure was! The internet place I have curated since a decade at this point, was the exact place where these souls decided to meet, unbeknownst yet to the personality parts of the respective counterparts.

This is not strange, especially when you consider the transformation that everything in and around me and my work has gone through as a direct result of having come in Harmonious Union and been initiated in the teachership of it: it creates an atmosphere where there is a high vibration and everything bathes in that, even a Facebook group, a YouTube channel et cetera. This vibration is that of the Union you are looking for, and that is also looking for you. This can be where not only you gravitate towards, on the Twin Flame journey, but possibly they as well!

I saw this first when working with a couple of long term online friends of mine that I had met through Facebook Twin Flame groups years prior. One of them came into a period of doubting her identification of the Twin Flame and started to thus go deeper into Love, after she had been moving through a healing Twin Flame reading I had given her weeks earlier. I had also seen a physical friend of mine move into the group, weeks prior. Then suddenly Divine Mother gave me an inner vision, when I was busy doing some home chores: they belonged together! This was all coming together for them right here online. It was as if I was struck by lightning…

But when I opened up to her about it, she wouldn’t have it in any sort of way. The resistance was great and she had also gone back to believing her original story she had in her head about who her Twin Flame was (even though this had always been kind of an outlandish idea, mainly because their core values didn’t seem to match up in the expressed reality of both of them). This also points to another problem, that occurs more, as seen from the perspective of the Twin Flame teacher: resistance can rise, even when it is the True Twin Flame and it is their hearts desire to be with them.

This is because the True Twin Flame takes place on a level that the ego personality part of you, may not yet have a full grasp on. It seems alien and against what your preconceived notions were when you came into my orbit. Later, this sort of thing happened again with another couple that found each other right in our Facebook group. They both underwent large inner changes from following the social media events alone. This was genuine and they had true faith in the process. However the outcome was still similar when they eventually arrived and were confronted with their True Union.

Not being interested in the Twin Flame, when it is finally revealed to you what the truth of the matter is, is a real issue that any real Twin Flame teacher faces. I would even go so as to say that if a someone that shows themselves as a Twin Flame coach does not experience this, then they might very well just not even be a true one. It is to a certain extend understandable that this occurs. We have the wrong idea about who we are in our ultimate version of ourself, in Harmonious Union, and then as a logic result also about who they are, and when we find the True One, what they should be like. The judgement of: nah! is – freshly in this new state of consciousness – apparently still remarkably easily made; in other words the power the ego has over you is a firm grip and this can be the result of that.

This brings me to pronouncing the common issue that people of the Twin Flame journey towards Harmonious Union face and that is that the inner changes that need to take place to be able to make it come true for real, are not seldom interpreted as a personal insult by the ego personality! It is hard to have a true and easy antidote for that as a teacher, because it is seemingly such a universal experience people have. The core of this point is that the ego can not come into Union; it necessarily needs to be left behind and may protest that very fact even to degree of rejecting the Twin Flame (what many people in fact claim to experience from the victim perspective!).

What you can do to avoid this, is ask yourself if you truly desire to be in Union with the True Twin Flame, or if you just want to make it work with John or Jane. The difference is that I am not an expert in the latter, but can provide you with the first by Divine provenance in my role as the teacher. To make that choice more easy for you, I can say that only the True Union unlocks your Abundance that will provide you with everything your heart truly desires. Other things simply don’t. So, make up your mind about what you truly want and stick with it!

What I can do for you is provide the real deal, with the formula Vibration + Relating = Highway to Harmonious Union. The vibration comes through being in the vicinity of the teacher through online media, meetings, tools and so on, and the relating comes into being by actually listening to what she says and taking it in fully instead of resisting it, and part of taking it fully in is, to integrate your MEconomy into that relationship. That means that your soul economy needs to be mixed with mine. In normal daily life speak: you’ll need to invest also monetarily into our being together, which ultimately means making come true your own Union – that includes having also soul money flow to you by the way (so you’ll certainly make up for it further down the line!).

This may be humbling news for you, but there it is. It comes directly from the lived experiences with bringing people in HU and where it went wrong. The teacher is done through by the Divine and you making use of that and receiving fruits through that, is a large value. Meeting that value with investments in yourself is a speedy and self-respectful way to indicate towards yourself that you desire to receive the amount invested in outcome in your life and this will be made come true 100% guaranteed. When you have a hard time honoring yourself with the value that you have in this way, it will be very difficult for you to eventually receive the gigantic value of your Harmonious Union and keep it.

Speaking of value as a full time professional coach that I at the very same time also am, with being the Divine Teacher, there is a logic with time and money that I have for you going to your Union. However it is very individual what is possible for you, and in principle you’d only need around two weeks or so to go to Harmonious Union, I would find it certainly not strange if you’d need around 1,5 year. And the value of helping someone to HU I will currently place at 5000 Euro, however in the development of pricing in 2024 I have made come true only 1/5 of that. This may all be good to know, to have a sort of a guideline for thinking about these concrete matters for yourself.

All-in-all this reasoning that I currently find realistic would mean for you investing approximately 200 Euro per month for 1,5 years time and this seems very doable to me. However everything develops and grows over time, also the pricing I am able to make come true for you. And we actually do have a very recent (speaking in April 2024) example of someone that reached it in record time, as far as I’m concerned and also for a record low price (the 1/5 I spoke of earlier). And this is awesome to learn for everyone! It means many things, among which that it is doable, can be quick and that it will be successful.

And that is Anna: she reached Harmonious Union in February 2024 after only 4 months and 4 days of working intimately with me in a program that she bought, see also this blog plus video. Our relationship had a beautiful unfoldment and we did an extra study day with Divine Mother to celebrate and deepen that as well, as shown in this short video impression of that day: Right now, she is in a phase after her HU and it is very educational for you to know what happens there. Because, did you know that HU is only the very beginning of what you can grow into here?

Yes, that’s true, it’s only the very start of things and now you start to become open for deep work in definitively closing the gap of Love in so many life aspects, be they your health, your friendships, your food, your trauma and so on. And in the case of our relationship after HU the topic has indeed shifted towards trauma healing and body healing. I can impart very many gifts and healing to you on the ascended level and these topics are fully part of that. But I can only give them when we have a relationship and you stick around for that, also when it seems daunting and also when it’s after HU.

Caring in for instance the important life topics of trauma release and body health, means something specific in the ascended reality that Harmonious Union is an entrance to. What it means is that, yes I have personally ploughed through the reality of body healing and emotional and mental trauma release, having tried out very many modalities over a couple of decades. It means that I understand that there are certain directions in these matter such as western scientific medicine with chemicals that alter body functions so that you seem relatively okay versus the natural medicinal power of plants and herbs. Such seemingly opposite ways of thinking exist in all such fields of human development.

It is important to know, that what body healing on the ascended level entails, is neither. You don’t need to exclusively go for the so called alternative route and you also don’t need to embrace societies mainstream ideas alone, or return to it almost against your will. No. Instead, it holds suggestions that come from the Divine itself, and they can seem different to both ends of the spectrum. It is what guidance has given me and what has been proven to work, even when it does not fit any mold of thinking that was available to you earlier. These options invite you to experience them, and conclude you feel better. That’s what is in the Creative ID methodology.

I know these fields of life can include areas that mainstream western thinking deemed untouchable, almost sacred and sublimated out of normal daily life, given exclusively to members of a group that have been indicated as the only people that are (sometimes legally) allowed to speak about these subjects. And indeed, here we work with the God given empowerment that you yourself can deviate from that model and take matters in your own hand. We declare that it is possible to listen to Divine guidance in these topics instead.

There is a whole year course coming up, starting in fall 2024, that holds a couple of such topics, plus approaches such as business, communication, coaching, meditation and more. All life approaches can support your state of being of Harmonious Twin Flame Union and you can learn how that is guided for you to embody that. It helps you get into this state and it helps you sustain it when you’re in it, while it is most helpful to start to build from it and inside it, your relationship and mission both and intertwined. Stay tuned for the Abundance NOW program, coming soon.

Abundance NOW means that you raise your vibration in supporting life topics and start relating inside of it, too, specifically because it is a group course as well. Plus, as I explained earlier, being with the teacher, and through her, with Divine Mother, takes place via relating and that means that you’ll need to actually participate in the program, which implies that you need to invest money into your own development. Vibration + Relating = Highway to Harmonious Union.

So, this all means that for some of you, you may need to work on getting the funds (first). This can seem a sobering experience: isn’t spirituality meant to make you feel all fuzzy and hyped up? How did we suddenly get into the logic of that value given can be met with the symbol of that value, money, on the other side, by the receiver? Well, indeed, there it is: logic is entirely part of this journey. Because spirituality is after all the foundation of life, not a part of the many forms of life that you could subscribe to or stay out of. On the bedrock of life, we have feeling good, and we have logic too: both are valid realms!

So it encompasses the idea of exchanging money as a symbol of value, too, as it is in most cultures accepted as a means to reward energy with the same. Even stronger, in most western societies that I attract friends who become clients as well from, everyone has access to money, so it is a fabulous means to create not only a balance between giving and receiving, but actually deeper than that provide you with an opportunity to practice giving as a devotional act that helps your own journey. All-in-all we can by now conclude that you can use money to value yourself in what you desire to receive and that can for some be the first thing they need to turn their attention to to be able to make stuff work for them (and nothing wrong with that!).

But we have also concluded that the journey will have points where people feel insulted by the very spiritual nature that they themselves are and have, so is it worth it? Why should you spend money on a journey on which you cannot pick your Twin Flame and Mission and feel insulted by what will be revealed for you? When you’d ask this question, it is an indication that you are still very much at the outside of things, and haven’t yet sunken deeper into your soul as of yet. You experience money and your partner still as something on the outside of you only, as bare material without any warmth or friendship.

In truth, money is energy, and can as such be connected to your Divine Source as the provider of this energy. And your ultimate partner is in truth a soul, fully connected in to you on the spirit level where your Twin Flame blueprint lives. If you want to experience this ultimate Divine Love, you will call in a flow of good feeling energy and the True Twin Flame. Thus, you will indeed see that money and relationship endeavors are loaded with the most preciously pure Source Energy.

Accepting that, is a foundational work you have to execute to be able to correctly start and finish this journey. The idea that it is not worth it, to get this lesson down, to be able to have everything your heart could ever long for, that is unlocked from being with your True Twin Flame, is simply nonsensical. That’s not even a thing. There’s nobody that doesn’t want their heart’s desires made come true; there’s just people that are still looking for it in the wrong places and temporarily still resisting this preparatory lesson of the necessity of Vibration + Relating and that it includes all of life, thus also dealing with money and with the body.

Looked at even more closely, in spiritual light, you can start to see that the Twin Flame journey only makes full sense when we include the physical in the realms of where we want to make it all come true in the end. That’s the whole point! To have them physically by your side and enjoy the romance of eternity… And this realm where you want to make it come true, taken out of the subtle layers of Source Love, all the way down to earth and manifest it in material results, is necessarily that of the body and of money.

Body and money are of the same realm, of earth, and are symbols of the same idea: to make it come true. It’s not an idea, a potential, a spiritual truth only. It’s something that can be lived, thus connecting these different realms and making them One. Just like you are One at the core, your Twin Flame and you. You’re one and comprise everything on all levels that play a role in living a purposeful, loving and fulfilled life on the place where Heaven and Earth are One.

How to organize to have the funds, you may ask. Good question, because this can be a task you see yourself in front of, first, as explained. There are many ways to work on this, and they include taking a job, taking an extra job, selling your own services, starting an official business and subtract costs from your taxes, organize it to come to you from a person that has it by making a contract, seeing it as an investment, allow yourself to go under zero for the time being, put it on a credit card, save up over some time, reallocate your spending, stop spending on unnecessary things, prioritize these costs over other things in your life.

Whenever you first decide and make the commitment, there will always be a solution for you to be able to afford it. So it may actually be a matter of that you did not commit yet. Commit first, then solutions will appear, even in the most unexpected ways, such as finding the money in a library book. Decide, commit, stand up to assert yourself in organizing to have the money and allow for unexpected miracles as well. Let logic and intuition work together here. Allow yourself to prioritize your journey towards Harmonious Union for it is the very start of a life that will attract your full and complete, never ending flow of Soul Good that includes both money and love.

Because you are worth it! The ‘you’ here is the Soul. This is then also why feeling insulted is no longer an issue here, because the ego is not the one that is Worthy. Don’t worry about the ego, and follow the guidance. Be humble and allow yourself to go deeper in Love. Only the True Union unlocks Your Abundance and only a True Teacher can give you yours.

Let’s co-create.



Because locating your investments for yourself is so important for relating, that together with vibration forms the highway to Harmonious Twin Flame Union, I organize now and then the social media challenge the Money Game. Opt in for the one that starts up next right here: 🔥🔥