Being in Harmonious Twin Flame Union and sharing it with you, means that I also was once on the journey. Therefore, nothing that you are experiencing is unknown or strange to me.

One of the things that come to mind is when I was on the journey I remember, I was so desperate. I had experienced a calling in my heart but the making that come true part of it, had never lead anywhere real and this was frustrating as hell. At the same time I thought it was best to try to not display that outwardly.

In that way, there were years and years that I felt imprisoned with this feeling of desperation that did not come to a catharsis – and I also felt unsure if that was really needed, or possible, or would be a positive thing if it were to happen.

I felt desperate and at the same time I did not understand that there was help and I should take it. I did not understand that the catharsis was what would bring the peace forward it was actually all about. I did not see that that was what was offered help with and that it was normal to take that hand.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation, I understand. There is clearly a breakthrough needed and that is possible. I am here to provide that for you, hold the space for that to happen, give guidance so that that happens, clarify your lessons so that it happens.

Although it happens on every journey to feel desperate sometimes, you’re actually supposed to feel peaceful in your heart. That is the zero point you can stand on to go even deeper. You keep on stepping from inner peace to inner peace and thus go deeper into love. Inside the steps, you can feel any emotion possible, that is the processing part.

This is why I share the KEY tool nowadays as well. You can give peace to yourself in your current situation in 4 steps:



1 What is my upset?

Put it in the format of: I am upset because… and that makes me feel…

2 Translate it to: I want: …

Feel free to really feel your anger and state what it is you want here.

3 What is my longing here?

Underneath the anger of the wanting is a more subtle space of longing, can you feel it? Pronounce it: I long for…

4 I claim it as my quality

Because you necessarily need to already know what it is you’re longing for, to having been able to state it, you somehow somewhere already have it. Now, you claim that to already be true for you: I am a person that is/has…


Moving in peace is what you deserve. Yes: towards your True Twin Flame in Harmonious Union. That’ll be the start of building your ultimate life.

That’s why I created a breakthrough weekend, for 2 to 4 people, on May 4 and 5. In 6 hours of workshop, with an individual start up call and a reading up front, and material to keep on working afterwards, I invite you to let the breakthrough happen for you.

Here is your info: http://www.CreativeUniverse.EARTH/TwinFlameWorkshops