Twin Flame Self Love Game Day 1

Your natural

abundance comes

with the soul,

so it is fully inner

& already here.

Your self love is committing to what is already here and manifested. This is such a reassuring thing. It means that what we are looking for in the idea of Self Love, is something that is already provided and presently here, in other words we don’t need to make it happen with lots of action orientedness, tons of money and importantly truckloads of good luck that not everybody always is granted just like that.

Instead, it is peaceful and a gift of life itself. The fact it had already been given you, and you simply need to uncover it to claim it for yourself, is the only effort that is truly involved here. It’s not really tiring; it’s not an impossible quest; it’s not an illusion to be able to reach it for your average people. It’s really only a revelation that shifts it all. Now you start to see you’d been already gifted the soft and sacred pool of self love and you can dive deeper into it.

Self Love is not alien to what you are, for it is what you are.

The Self is not the ego however, that is at least true. And for some, it can be hard to leave the ego out of the quest for it. This is actually not so strange, as it is the Selfs most committed lackey that speeds forward to get all the things in order for its Master, the Eternal Soul. Like a headless chicken, he tries to make it all comfortable, doable, affordable and what not. Speeding around he had however forgotten about the already existing pool of peace…

Until you invite him to sit next to you at the side of the outside pool with the pink decorated strawberry smoothies within reach, and you are simply together there. Then he will stop being a separate entity and become one with his Master again. Poolside peace now returns. Together you’ll have a look into the future and start your Love Mission now.


The difference between ego and soul.

I feel like I am in ego all the time when I judge my work environment and then find out I am judging my own past self and the images about that that I cannot let go. The soul is already here and sharing and extending what she shares and extends.

All the time I have seen recently that I have already done what was needed in the now without my ego even being involved. And then it was all completed already. So the ego is simply the helper in execution of the soul, is what I experience. The ego is the slave to the master that is the soul. I can grow in simply allowing this to happen.

I don’t need to hold myself back or play small in any way. I now even remember this was in my guidance from the Christed Masters: that I don’t need to not shine because people find it unbearable, that’s their problem to deal with after all and not mine.

I’ve really come from far and entirely traveled to this place now, and I couldn’t be more happy about where I am now. I’ve really done well and followed all the steps. Wow.


Twin Flame Self Love Game Day 2

Steady your heart

in zeroconomy

and have keys

to unlimited


love money.

Acknowledging yourself first, is what today is about. The real self that is the soul. And then, when that has been established, start an exchange that feels good, an economy, on the base of that. It is about not worrying if that is at any ego celebratory level, and compare it with your neighbor or your idol in the business field. But instead let it be whatever zeroconomy it currently is, and then allow your unique grow to happen there from Source.

This will connect your money life with your true energy life. It will be true now. That will support you through the forest of the journey simply because it is true. The journey to Twin Flame Love is also true. It’s real. This reality is the ultimate reality. Of course it supports you through the making come true of exactly that what it promised you, especially because it is Divinely supported and protected.

And then, when your feeling good is priority, you can already feel rich wherever you are. To then become as money rich as you’d like. This will now be supported by the unconditional love that you already have, so it is an extra. It is a beautiful support that will thrive in unconditional love.

It all starts with you self acknowledging yourself, in the deeper Soul Love. And it ends with it, too.


In the journey of being a teacher, I have gone deeper and deeper the past years. The most marvelous thing about where I am today is that Divine Mother lets me share exclusively the Truth all the time, in every case, always. It is astonishing – but as a teacher, you do sink deeper into this fact once you are years in and it keeps on coming.

It is a flow that I am now water tight connected to. This flow simply keeps on coming. I can only extend it, and that is my purpose. It comes more from what I am then all the techniques, although I am very educationally inclined and have tools for you all over the place. Whenever you use them, you also are inside the energy of the teacher and behind her, that of Divine Mother.

You can’t separate the two.


Twin Flame Self Love Game Day 3


of consciousness

sounds difficult

but Twin Flame Love

guides you.

Through the practice of Self Love, you can grow into being a faithful lover of life on the Divine Love vibration. This is the highway towards that state of being! And Divine Love means that the Twin Flame reality will be birthed there for you: the fact that you on the deeper level are two expressions of the same soul blueprint, that belong together in a Divine Romance.

The existence of Twin Flame Love becomes more known around the world, but don’t stretch that idea too much for now. In 2024, it is still widely unknown, especially when you see it as the actual vibrational truth of this Divine Love, and not the idea of it only. At this moment, to experience the correct vibration it lives on, you do well to connect with a teacher – that is then also the function of them.

To live this reality to the fullest, you need to go through the transformation. And this is for sure a thing to take on and invest in, that works best with certain specific tools that help you forward, but it is not difficult per se. See it as the letting in, the allowing in, of Love and of your most intimate hearts desires also. The calling in the heart can be a whisper but certainly be heard. You simply follow it.

Thus you start to make steps that are deepening your romance with life itself! When you experience this, you know you are on the right way. However when you feel like you are tightening up, freezing over, and your world get colder of heart, then you have moved in the wrong direction. Let this principle guide you & your ultimate soul treasures will manifest in your very hands: your Twin Flame, your Good, your Soul Money, your Alive Life.


What reminds me of christ consciousness and unconditional love? My Twin Flame. When I do my work in sharing it. My mission. Being in nature. Doing my daily life with everything I intend it to be. When I let myself be in full self acceptance.

What does the world mirror to me now? That I can live in peace without there being an issue with me and who I am, unlike how I grew up to think about myself as an awful person. This is huge and I have achieved that with my bare hands, having worked through all of the awfulness.

So many questions and assignments in the Self Love Game that you can answer. I also did the workbook and reaped the rewards of it, together with the 23 participants of the challenge. Clarity is just the beginning. A deepening of self love is so much more than that. It is truly the foundation of everything I do and offer others. Without it, there is nothing to give.

Love comes from Source and is spread to the world with our actions.


Twin Flame Self Love Game Day 4


happen when

we allow


to heal.

Healing is not for softies. You show a profound courage when you can allow yourself to see the Truth where it hurts and transform into a yet unknown version of yourself that needs to grow roots and establish itself as an entity from the start. Once you truly heal, you change, you transcend what was that was painful to completion and you enter an entirely new playing field where you are free and your True Self.

This is also why it can incite grief. You leave what you were. You say definitively goodbye to an old version of you: the one that was hurt. That can be intense as well. It’s like a funeral for what once was and you are attending, you feel every feeling of it.

Old versions of you can disappear in this process, but you can be sure that there is in fact a foundation there to fall on. It cannot be that there is nothing there that is sustainable on the soul level, that is the fundamental layer that is always present even when we didn’t consciously realize. You’ll simply fall back to it, when you let go of what you are not eternally.

No matter how deep you fall, the ground will always catch you. If need be, take some time to slowly look around where you’ve now come. There is no hurry. You’re saved by your fall and your salvation is here: rejoice!


If there is anyone that needed a Self Love Game, some time ago, then it was me. I had the unfortunate experience that I grew up in a home where that was simply not allowed. Not really, only in the most shallow sense and then controlled by someone else. Not about my true self, in other words.

When it can’t be about your TRUE self, it is not the Self Love we are talking about in this game. When it is not about REAL love, it is also not what we are talking about here now.

Your true self is the soul version of you that you are in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Real love is what you receive directly from your Divine Source inside of you.

There is full freedom there, and unconditional allowing. This transforms you from the inside out. You become all that you can be and start to live your ultimate life.

This is what happened to me and now I’m living the dream.


Twin Flame Self Love Game Day 5

Your natural


will find

your address

when you can be

sensitively creative.

Connecting the parts of you seems like a logical endeavor to feel more whole. When however done with the ego you can get and stay separated from your efforts. These ideas for self love work best when executed with soulful care instead of strenuous effort. They should sink seamlessly into your daily functioning when tried out and found legit. At least that’s how self love contributes to the kind of Twin Flame Love life you desire.

Only the ego is obsessed with healing and with the Twin Flame. Your true soul self is simply moving to her natural state and connecting with whom it brings her. Indeed, this should be easy and done in no-time, when we think about an ideal execution. Point is however that we are not fully aligned with that state of being and actually have resistances, in other words: places where the ego holds us back even when we don’t think it actually is, thanks to our blind spots.

That is not supposed to be a judgement or disappointment, but an observation that can be truly freeing. The choice is yours. Make the one through which your natural abundance will eventually find you, so you can share from your inner riches generously.


An answer to the Self Love Game workbook: “Am I connected? I feel like the fear is still in my lungs of all the trauma, as it is still physically present and is fired up because of memories. It is still hard to live WITH that lung capacity in tact somehow, as if I am addicted to the feeling of being suffocated, which is exactly how I felt as a child. This is hard but I feel compassion and softness. I need a hug. I need so much physical warmth and encouragement that I deserve to exist as a body in the world. I can give that to myself.”


Twin Flame Self Love Game Day 6

Self love is the basis.

Your desired lifestyle

comes from that.

It is a lifestyle-less-

lifestyle because

it arise from

what you are, not

from make-up.

Learning about your Divine ID is an inspirational path that starts with self love. First for whatever you find when you connect with yourself, always first love exactly that. Then for what you find in the depths of the experience of yourself, finding a pool of deeper spaciousness that before you loved the outside, was not able to be accessed even. Then realizing that you are a whole, that comes from a source.

Then realizing this is nothing less then a Divine Source. And that makes you also son or daughter of the Divine.

Can there be a self loving lifestyle to support something so whole and sacred?

What do you feel about the idea of Trust as the underlying value of that lifestyle, when you’ve decided it could exist. You can open yourself to receive trust from yourself, from the Divine. Maybe you are shocked at first: “Oh, I can open my heart to receive trust.” To then start to receive more aspects of what this trust entails.

You may start to see that your True Twin Flame is not “not here”. You can start to receive the trust between you and have that support your life. Because there is no separation.


Shoutout to all my Self Lovers that were in the game the last week! You have opened yourself for the possibility of more love in your life and I applaud you for that. You have tried out entirely new ideas and avenues to look into self love and give yourself more of that and I find that remarkably courageous.

You’re perfect already at the deepest core of what you always are. Letting that come into your actual daily life and self experiences, is what we’ve gotten some tastes of. Now, decide what fits you to keep on going with it in your every day reality for the coming time and keep the good work up. You certainly will reap results through it!

Thank you so much for having participated, you were awesome!