Energy = Feeling = Truth

A section out of the new Twin Flame method book that is on sale as paperback right now: HERE you see it and can look inside of it, too.

Energy work leads to nothing real, is the idea broadly. But is that true? Energy work is what I have always presented in business, food, love and so on yet it was not recognized and because it was then not literal (enough, for some) it was also discarded, yet the whole point was always and still, that energy work does work and give the results we TRULY desire. Energy is not about the feelings of the ego that doesn’t get what she thinks she has a right to, but your actual deeper feelings, your energy. This means that any result that is manifested through it, will be showing what your current truth really is. When you’re not in your true Divine core energy, you can be with a person, but that will not be your True Twin Flame. It shows where you are; when you’re in the True You, you will manifest your True Twin Flame.

Becoming cosy and intimate with your daily life is a reflection of how you deal with your energy; that is certainly one side of what we do here just like I was taught in my first spiritual community and teacher. Plus then we are also becoming comfortable with our real selves along the lines of the true wisdom of Source that leads to partnerships and money geared towards the acquisition of the states of being of Golden Flow and Harmonious Union, a real life wisdom I developed for myself and exists in co-creation with the Masters.

So we tend to our energetic feeling growing until we are attuned, and then we work on our path towards the state of being of Harmonious Union and Golden Flow for Twin Flame and Soul Money, and then again we tend to our feeling at home in our life and so on, and this weaving is as a tantra of life and spiritual life which is actual life. This is what you truly want because it is the most nourishing lifestyle-less lifestyle, and as a lifestyle it is accessible right now already just like that. At the very centre of that lifestyle it is about the fact that everything is already here – yet don’t you want to make that come true more and more, and get some fun around it, and have insights around that applying to you individually? Well, that’s what we’ll do here, while chewing on the nutrition of all kinds of mental, emotional and physical food.

People tend to think that feeling can not lead to decisions that are rock solid, or facts in the human soft skills that are at least stable enough so you can work with it, as if there will never be a ground underneath it that one can stand on, but that is a mistake: there actually is a place where you come out when you have felt through things and that is the outcome. That is because feeling is based on the core of life in the end, and thus feeling until that core gives this one outcome.

Now, in soft people skills and decisions, you or the other person can always make a new decision what they want to be in life, yet when they do not do that, and they are a certain thing to you when you are in full connection with the core of feeling, then they are that certain thing to you until that time comes. And although there is always a process that leads to being in that place that is meant here, when that process is taken, you do arrive. Maybe it is controversial that people really arrive – that can be and that is an opinion. What I mean exists and that is not an opinion and when you are there, you do not have an opinion when you have come to clarity there, or call it an opinion if you like that would be fine as the truth of that matter will not change from that. It could be defined as an opinion and a truth at the same time, like where both meet: also okay. But the place exists, and energy will be where this entire phenomenon can be easily experienced and become clear.

Clarifying the “strange” idea that you could in the basics reach money and relationship from inner work, from energy work, is what seems good to address next.

The universe and thus your life is really one giant fractal and in that sense a hologram that reflects infinitely in fractal form your standpoint. This realization makes it possible to change your life from the inside out as you change towards your source connection and therefore your life fractal changes and brings forth things that belong to it. This is real and we have tried it, it is indeed a matter of drugless hallucinating, and your natural state of being is therefore indeed a feeling of being high and flying or floating even above the ground, also because we ground in truth not in physicality; yet this IS the most grounded way to live in the earthly sense and in the sense that is advocated by realists, skeptics and science fans, that is to say it is grounded in Truth.

When you want to follow your own Twin Flame journey to a tee and want to even predict what will happen, you’ll need to tune into energy. In another perspective you can emotionally (=energetic) strategize for them to be their best partner: maybe they are in real need of a new parent for their child or for you to give them the heartfelt home they long for so they can finally relax and make much more money when they are at work because of it and now you can actually come in and already be that for them because you did not only see it coming yourself but you prepped and made sure you handled your emotional baseline to be able to give that to them on the forehand. Don’t mistake this for using people, it’s reading the actual Twin Flame energies and knowing yours in relation it. Tune in to the energy is a first step. We even have much more elaborate tools for you to work that out, yet if you are not knowing what this first step means there is not a real start for you to use those right as well.

If you can start to feel and therefore in your own volition manage and strategize your energy, you can guide yourself through things like falling into a healing for months and years that seem psychological or physical illnesses and then it after long processing comes out that you are starting to see you are actually in truth healing into the core or soul or the beyond. That then makes it visible that you are that: a soul core, and the physical and emotional and mental are only the aspects in which that is expressed. You see that until now you had been a puppet in the somewhat involuntary seeming process, and getting a grasp on your soul, beyond or core will make it possible for you actually guide yourself, so you can also remain autonomous and be not dependent on anything or anyone (in an unhealthy way). When you steer your own process you start to look at things from the core, but that is not that self explanatory often, so there is a great access to that in your energy. We chose that access here, but there is a mind approach as well that is more the Divine Masculine way of approaching spirituality and we do the Divine Feminine way even though it is the same eventually. Your access is your energy and to get a conscious grip on that we are here and we have our work here, and it can start for you with this book. You can only go as deep as the author, so we have been undergoing energy healing until the ascended level for 100%.

Energy healing is like alchemy of dark and light, true and false et cetera to make it into this new substance of beyond true, the actual Truth, but becoming an alchemist is a metaphor for we are normal people in present day society contributing and resting afterwards. Of course it is not only a metaphor for this work leads to true results. It has proven to be – by me, students of me, and general observations worldwide as well for around ten years – something qualitatively different to desire to be with your True Twin Flame and to manifest Your Abundance including your money FROM this work, then it is to have any partner or any means of surviving. So much so that it is experienced as something stand-alone that eventually replaces any memory of other options. But before that happens, there is a desire, and that leads.

A desire to go deeper yet at the same time a desire to have it all. Meaning: it is energy in which we can sink deeper, yet it leads to real results, so it is about those real results that belong naturally to you when you sink deeper into your true energy. These real results sound daily life and like goals and they are; often it is true that a certain amount of going deeper is required in the Now and that there also is a process that has to be taken on that arguably takes time yet then again in spiritual truth time doesn’t exist: you only go deeper. The connected version of your goals come out of this Now, the divinely given version of your desires, that will be eternally lasting, fitting you uniquely perfectly and ultimately, that will become a foundation to build more on that cannot be taken away anymore, so you leave the realm of manipulation and control definitively also. Yet then again: there is no ‘connected version of your goals”’ there is in essence only One, and that is what you are, augmented. Now that is magic: to augment what you essentially are into the scale that they are the size of your goals. That is literally magic as that is what the word means. To first attune correctly before you augment means to eliminate bugs and blocks and other issues before they become a real life monster, too.

Some people say that my work is therefore (because it is about energy) about nothing, they detect nothing it is about when hearing about it and when scanning what we do here in their own way. And they are right: it is about nothing. The vast nothingness of the universal background is a dark chaos that yet births light and with light it births concrete results too as everything comes from the light. It is about that vast dark nothingness as starting point of creation that we can individually go back to or reset ourselves into, so that we can heal our inner being and create a new kind of life. That new life is build on a full nothing: a nothingness fully filled with value, with inner value, with energy value, with feeling good, with the value on which money systems are based. You yourself fulfill that filled nothingness by being the light and creating the life that fits that and executing the mission that belongs to it.

When I was preparing for this book, I found this meme stating: “Work on things people can’t take away from you. Things like your mindset, character, personality, transparence, your entire being.” And this was so fitting right here! Yes, work on the invisible in yourself because nobody can take that away from you even if they tried. You will take your problems with you no matter where you go so that also counts for the amount of problems you have worked yourself out of in your inner realm, and that sounds like a goal to invest in. And safely invest in as well, because your result can never be devalued by inflation or other outside forces. It is even insult and abuse resistant, because you don’t have to take personally what someone else does not want to see about you and you will most likely automatically develop away from any abuse like this any way. “Never forget that the most advanced technology on the planet is you!” said another meme I found in my book prep period. And I couldn’t agree more! And I found: “Loving someone harder to make them love you is a trauma response. Loving yourself harder to attract those who love themselves is a healing response.” Yes: loving yourself is the invisible secret way to invest in yourself that you can do just like that because you have the technology inside of you already and this is the answer to connection too.

Then there are those believing that one cannot have an authority on that, and that is fine with me, yet we will run our environment with our healthy authority in place, so should you want to go deeper and reach something in yourself that can be done in co-creation with us and when you then have an authority issue you will not be able to receive it – sadly.

Our work is not only individually geared as it has also a societally responsible side and that is why we have always aimed at projects in the public realm in the past. Yet at the moment we focus on an entire build-up that is One and therefore start renewed at individual work and then from that things will grow, which is also our general vibe in this matter: better the world, start with your own consciousness, and we mean that very thorough, as there is a lot of work in the consciousness before we are even at larger things such as the health of our oceans and so on – also because that health is dependent on our way of looking at it because is it that the oceans are really almost dead? Maybe first look at your own consciousness version of that entire statement and clean it up entirely first until you reach Miracle Mind.

People say easily these days: “I want to Manifest” = Desire to come to Life on the Ascended Level with Harmony and Flow, which also comes down to the same and that is that your consciousness is what is at stake here, just like in “better the world”. Change the inside, then the outside will be different too. Manifestation is not a Santa Claus moment that comes in flying as Deus Ex Machina with decorated boxes filled with sugarcanes.

This starts to make sense when you think about it in this way: you’ve not manifested what you truly desire in your heart as of yet, because you are not connected yet to your entirety, your entire brain capacity, your entire body is not yet available for you to fully feel into, parts of you are still frozen, parts of your soul are not yet known by you. This is not an insult but an invitation to start to research new areas in yourself: what a celebratory opportunity that is in fact! 

When you live from a part of the whole you have certain beliefs, thoughts and only certain things are normal and possible here; now when your outlook changes to the whole, your entire life changes. Let’s say the world was yet an unknown place and seen from the European centered west then suddenly the America’s were discovered, for instance. That brings everything in a new perspective! Now that is the same with the entirety of you yourself. Those other parts (the “America’s”) already existed yet you hadn’t integrated them yet in your perspective, but you can, starting now, and when you do that, everything changes.

So we act from the whole here, and that has a different underlying mindset than when we would come from a part only, and that is why some feel they do not understand it and sometimes also feel it is not for them because it does not reflect their unconscious preconceptions. The whole has its own method and the whole has its own results which are whole results for you, meaning your ultimate result. It can be hard to really know or feel if we are making contact with our whole and the universal whole or not. A great way to figure this out is taking a moment for yourself and sensing if you have a feeling contact with all your body parts and intestines and if that feeling relationship with all your body parts and intestines is one of deep relaxation in the sense of no tension or at least not more then needed for the posture you are in relative to gravity. Maybe you feel tension in certain parts and no connection at all to others: there you have your answer as to what pieces you are currently leaving out of the whole that is possible for you. I like this body method because it is so tangible and doable for everyone even at once and at every situation provided you are not bungy jumping or saving drowning children or something; every average moment in every average situation can be used for it however in the beginning when this is entirely new to you, you may desire a special time and place for it and that is then again one of the ways to understand that what we do here is for you.

Many times people can not see what my work is about because they can not detect what it is because it is not in the interest of their ego’s survival and that is sensed by the ego rather intuitively. This work abolishes what is their focus of interest which is true; but more neutrally said it takes place outside of what their interest is, which makes it invisible, and therefore they do not see it or find value in it because for them it is made out of air only. Now, it is made out of energy, that is true, and that is invisible, so they have a valid point there; it is invisible what we sell and it foregoes manipulative and egotistical interests. And it goes even further than that.

I’ll tell you a secret that I have kept all these years. Divine Mother has assisted in creating my tools and work. It is hard to try to imagine how these ideas, tools, background stories, three books that explain the steps would have looked without her co-creating with me on the soul level, on the spiritual level. So besides being invisible, because it is about energy, it is also of Divine descend. First I was fully healed with those tools myself; then naturally it started to work for others too.

In the approach to the tools, I represent the Divine Feminine entrance on the matter, in a complementary gesture with the Divine Masculine approach to things, that is more mind attuned instead of energy related. Having the energy attunement means among others that we can feel into feeling at home with your physical life in many areas such as mission, family, home, food and body. This is then also the reason that you’ll find these approaches in the group course that will play out year round; it is to stabilizes your groundwork for the states of consciousness of Golden Flow & Harmonious Union.

These states of consciousness constitute who you are on the ascended plane, where all the energy work brought up by Divine Mother leads to. We’ve all lost a sense of our identity once and that is especially today in the contradictions of what society broadcasts relevant as well although it is a general issue of having the ego come in to try to protect you and in that action overtake the soul as leader by mistake. To correct that ego to step aside so that your original identity can be front and center, is a huge loss in the ego’s eyes and therefore a period of grief is normal and a great secret of spiritual work that leads to Twin Flame Love and Soul Money.

The transformation that this entails, is the alchemy of the life artist. Living starts to be an art form, and that is true, it is cultivating this art and investing in it with time and money that makes for you to take great leaps on that journey. Realize you actually desire that. That art is then like my ferments that are predigesting for me, which is an ancient art of making food edible, digestible, preserved and taste good. The process of the ego stepping aside for the soul truth made out of energy to take over in your art of living is creating a very nourishing environment for your true needs.

We need to base our true needs for soul nourishments on the reality of our state of energy, and that means having a true and close look the relative truth of our state of mind and thus emotions and validate that and accept that. Nothing can be done when you can’t even be honest about where you truly are. Perhaps we have deep down underneath the topical hurts of the day, been taught that stealing was okay as long as you do as if you are not stealing, like I was taught as a child, or maybe you have deep down the experience that giving yourself away was the art of having a life. Such underlying beliefs are totally skewed life teachings; they can be deeply and involuntarily engrained in your mind, resisting even the best 20 times per day repeated affirmations. Pronouncing ‘this is not acceptable to me in the now (any longer)’ is the groundwork for letting in new influence to wash that away.

Now you need to grieve that piece of life in you that is dying. It is predigested by the KEY tool, to stay with the analogy of the alchemist and his art of fermenting in his cooking and food prep skills. Grieving it will bring you into contact with your true energy. You follow that path fully because now you let go and the grieving is actually doing that for you. You follow that path of grieving because it brings new life, a new opportunity that arises naturally when it is fully felt through. You start to feel your own soul energy here and find that your own true identity is imprinted in it as a vibrational pattern.

The practice of feeling is always about energy. Following the feeling naturally brings you often a different reality than you had at first. Feeling your energy means to go beyond that what is not needed any longer. Your energy that you find there is your actual identity.

There are archetypes that refer to this reality, such as:

Mother Mary = energy body

Genie in a lamp = energy body

Throne = energy body

Merkaba = energy body

Temple = energy body

Isis = energy body

Kundalini = energy body

Kaaba = energy body

Ark of the covenant = energy body

Tree = energy body

10 Sefirot of the Kabbalah = energy body

Church = energy body

Now, for correct functioning of the energy body, the energy body in the smaller sense, needs to connect with the bigger, all-encompassing energy body of Source. In some symbols mentioned this is analogues and others not fully yet (where we would need an additional symbol for it). Yes, this entire energy system makes come true your wishes, Aladdins story of the ghost in the oil lamp is correct. Your hearts desires are being made come true on the energy journey towards your True Union.


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“The only Magic that is True is LOVE.” – Petra.