How to heal the global consciousness from war and famine? How to go to a place in consciousness where you and everyone is free of that? Is there some sort of solution or light at the end of the tunnel that is also truly livable as a quality daily life? And is that fair and just or too good of a dream seen the state of the world to even desire to go there at this time?

In this series we’ll explore some of the voices that desire to speak on present days challenges as spiritual exercises.

Divine Mother says:

“In a world filled with fear about uninvited intruders wreaking havoc on our established cultural pride, rampant control is perceived as motivated. Internalized after a while, control becomes the abusive way to relate to the self. When the original fear is out of sight, the new way to relate seems started within the self.

This creates an unreality, while in fact the true reality has remained pure all this time and is still awaiting you to be uncovered and embraced. You will return and find that unconditional safety had been patiently preparing your homecoming since the beginning of time.

The creation of a life of value is synonymous with a real life becoming more real every moment and it is yours when you take the Path. To get the most out of every moment in deepening yourself until your feet touch the Path with every square inch, you are invited to do my easy and fun 4 step tool called KEY.

This in turn is part of the larger tool YOT, meaning ‘hand’, and that is my gift to you, containing all you need to know to move forward to the making come true of your birthright desires, whether they are connected to the important relationships that form your life, your supporting goods and money, or your Divine Mission that pulls both forward.

Accepting the gift will open the Path for you that is entirely fit for uniquely you and has a general backbone at the same time, assisting you forward. You may be carrying heavy loads on mental, emotional and physical levels, that you are aware of or even that you are not aware of (because of habituation), and these will become fully transformed on the Path.

It can be hard to keep up a life of value when you carry elements defiant to your natural soul self, and this is thus also not meant like that, for what is meant for you is an easy experience in Heaven that produces permanent results on Earth.

That could sound like too much of a good thing yet it is the promise of being a human in the full Divinity that is their nature – and that promise is here to be made reality, for there is no other motivation for your soul architecture to be like that.

There is a process of transmutation that will take place on the Path, for you to arrive there. But not to worry, your unconscious mind already knows, just like it already is accustomed to my voice in your life, because it has spoken to you throughout your quest to make the message more obvious to you.

In the time and space leading up to where you are now, you got a glimpse of what the Value really is of your natural souls Abundance, and now you stand at the grand opportunity of making that come true for yourself – and for others too, as they are interconnected enough with you to crave what you thus contribute from that rich place.

These riches are first inner and then they will become outer too as this is Universal Law. There is currently a clear sign and material manifestation of that in front of you in your life already and it can be of help to acknowledge what that is for you.

Moving from that seedling to the future guarantees growth and ultimately fruit as well: the result that makes life juicy so that you have a good meal and food left over to share as well. Once you taste the sweetness of what my work does, you’ll never want anything else anymore.

So start where you are with full self acceptance, even when you know that you do not have the overview yet. The sensation of not feeling prepared (enough) can be overcome by working and acting from Being, instead of letting all steps, actions and possible moves run over you. This means from an inner peace in the Heart.

The daily life experience may still have waves, yet see them as beneficial, because when there is no experience of hunger of some sort, then how would you become aware to look in certain directions to develop yourself further. And perhaps there are fears and insecurities, yet how will you know where to stay away when there was no sensitivity that comes with that.

The Path accompanied with doing KEY makes it so that you guarantee yourself Ascension: making your energy body primary and growing Truth that lives as a seed inside every wave of that energy flow out to eventually be your entire life.

Then you will experience my Union in Flow as your own.”