On my road of trial and error becoming the coach that can assist your personal and business questions while combining that with your true spiritual journey on the Twin Flame ascended and Soul Money realized level… I have seen some very silly mistakes that pretty much F* you.

Yeah, I made them myself.

I hope you learn from me and rise out of your entanglements like a soaring eagle, as King of the Woods.

Warning: this blog holds some strong language and profanity that some may read as offensive however it is used to be clear and because that was the energy I was met with on my path towards better parts of the jungle.

Well… most F*’s have already been given in the first paragraphs at closer inspection. Those were my last, ran out real quickly tbh.

For number 5 I was not able to for sure give any anymore at all! That is: “I somehow believed that everyone could also get what my content is for themselves”, which turned out to be nonsensical and I even pushed prospects away like that…

But let’s start at the top:


1 I thought people would understand me and feel the same

What I did was try to spread the message literally, albeit in creative forms that I invented that could be said to be more indirect, from what I was told from source, in a social environment where people are only ego attuned and don’t understand a F* about the Self. This was wrong, to say it in a direct way for a change here immediately in point 1.

It was – after some years of patiently considering what went wrong – caused by me having also been growing up in a social programming where every single thing always and without exception was about and from the ego, and then even also from a pretty nasty abusing and taking, (emotionally and broader) raping ego that is, of course hidden under a nice ego mask as that is how that goes.

So, indeed my message was pretty much raped by many during the last decade. Now I could start to take responsibility for my own role in that and correct the entire atmosphere of presentation.

TIP Step out of the victim role and start judging people for what they show you they chose to be in relationship with you. It is good to integrate in mainstream culture in the sense of not needing to be away from it necessarily, but be realistic and see where that goes against even your basic sanity.


2 It seemed logic to me that the Divine method of the new time would be recognized as important

Instead, I was not seldom corrected in my coaching method and content. So the scene was like: Here is my Divinely Channeled material, uniquely attuned to the new period in history of already being ascended. And the answer would be: Okay so that is not true, you are wrong, we need to simply push a little harder to sell stuff to people, and that should be your (business) content. (Or some variation.)

In other words: Can we go back to the ego, please?! Well, that’s not what it was supposed to be about in the first place. How come you are correcting the content you apparently know nothing about?

Or: Ah yeah great that you work with a method that involves creativity, so it’s like this and that method that I heard about once, isn’t it?! No dude, that’s thus entirely not what it is, and thanks for taking me and the Divine method so seriously [sarcasm off again].

TIP Self-validate what you have created in answer to your souls blueprint and making that come true. Let people that don’t acknowledge that, simply go (after having communicated it clearly yourself at least, which may be something to look at). Present your valuable method and material in settings where people pay to be able to use it. Don’t expect paying customers to get it as well and be prepared to let them go in full acceptance when they definitely choose against what your work is even about.


3 It only occurred to me as logic that when I was able to perceive the product I would be able to sell it

After having had to invest my own money to make a couple clients get some experiences several times, because I did not sell enough tickets to make a profit, I learned a couple of things. It was easy to see that I needed more turnover and less overhead (duh!). Then as another layer there was something much deeper going on, that was touched on by these happenings, when I let it sink in.

Eventually mainly that a business based on Being that is build with soul economy (or: MEconomy as we say here), is not the norm anywhere else as of yet. That it comprises both the personal and the spiritual level, even the Divine level is to be integrated in it as well. I learned that I can be that person for you, that will intend to be complete and on the ascended level. Not leave out pieces and not be all separated about all these matters as if they are puzzle pieces, but instead integrate them into one whole. And not leave you in the cold about important advice as well.

So that would be my perfect solution for you, but it would not sell itself so easily. Because it was outside of the realm of where most think and feel: too leading edge, much too innovative, a forerunner that as the myth states not gets paid. My selling game (in the most inspired and Divine way played) needed some attunement in ways not known yet.

And there it was. I needed to uplevel everything entirely to a place of learning and of value that is of almost otherworldly quality, because: unique value proposal, and thus of quantity in people and in money as well. Attuning to that level in all you are becomes the KEY. That is an inner business. I completed this inner work first, even though I appeared to have taken a pause, which was only the outside of the matter.

TIP See your material as a complete universal lifestyle, a universe in itself as it were, in which your people are receiving all their life force energy freely and in the exact form fit for uniquely them. Envision and then embody yourself as the function of being that universe for them; you are being it and they can join that.


4 I did not understand I had to leave many layers of people multiple times over multiple years to get to my true audience

As long as I remember, I was always surrounded by artists, journalists, business people, authors, museum professionals and so on, so I thought this was perfect for the Creation Methodology of the Century and that 1+1 was 2, in other words: that me connecting and giving what I had would make a good combi, since the spiritual depth of what it was about would be an intense enhancement for most of these sectors anyways.

But I miscalculated, as artists had no money to pay me and even disliked my scientific background and thorough approach more then once; journalists could not grasp what it truly was about as it was too invisible for them so I was made to look silly more then once as well in popular media or behind the scenes; business people showed me their angry inner child while dismissing my high value contribution; and many a creative entrepreneur thought they could share in my assets directly because they agreed with some of my ideas (called stealing) or plainly walked over me and laughed at my ideas and content that they clearly were committed to misunderstanding about, even from those that I had never even thought they would reveal themselves like this which was a painful betrayal on top of that.

Social reality in trying to build a business with truly profound content was not easy and it was all-in-all at times a real great mess that I am not proud of. I learned that there were two medicines: 1. accepting and trying to become myself with boundaries managing all these instances with much more foresight then I ever thought I needed, social wisdom I initially thought my work was not even about and not let it get to me so much; 2. and also letting these people simply go when they couldn’t agree and moving to places where what I brought was at least basically appreciated or if that did not exist, then be alone for a while until a new clan would show up somehow.

TIP The audience that your work is for, will start to show up and collect itself around you that already does and is what it is about. Focus on yourSelf (soul) and start living that life in which you are sharing that. Let the crowd sort itself out. This essential self valuing brings also the valuable network that values you.


5 I somehow believed that everyone could also get what my content is for themselves

Now, I did a fifth silly thing as well: please don’t you do this ever. I had been thinking that although I on the one hand knew my content was self generated and of spiritual nature and then of the leading edge of that as well, I on the other hand always assumed that when someone would open themselves, they would also be able to read (so to speak) the wisdom that I meant, in the spiritual libraries of the universe and apply them for themselves.

I assumed that when this was the new level where humanity would grow to, then it would in fact be for that humanity to self-teach as well. I tried to place myself as a humble teacher that would admit that people could do this themselves also if they really wanted. I tried to be a realist and down to earth like that.

Yet the point is that I have not seen this work at all. I do hardly know anyone that is with their True Twin Flame in harmony and that executes their Divinely given Union Mission with entrepreneurial succes, let alone people that have fully brought their personal functioning in all ways on the ascended (meaning the journey is over there) plane in many or all ways (besides the rare client of myself really that is, and even though that may not sound that promising to you because I cannot in 2022 yet show tremendous client success to in the exact results I promise, but it has to start somewhere right, and 1 or 2 is at this time really great and definitely enough because it can grow from there). I have never seen what I assumed in around 20 years, work. Guess I need to be that teacher after all.

Not to insult my clients as stupid or anything, it is actually normal that someone a) preps this special work with a unique expertise, b) goes before others on that route to get to know the pitfalls so I can warn you all about where they are which also saves you loads of time, and c) has an otherwise unknown clarity about your blind spots because they are a third party specifically initiated for this task and backed up by the Divine as well.

TIP You are unique and needed as that. Your soul creative qualities are here to be embodied by you, and your people are not able to reach in the valuable qualities that represents without you. That’s how I will guide accredited coaches in this work when that becomes appropriate in near future, too.



It is easy to give you a template of a business structure (the book is in fact simply available right here), and it is no problem to talk about the psychological backgrounds of toxic shame, debilitating fear and lack of self esteem that are on the emotional base of it.

But the true work that can transform this for you in all dimensions while including both, is much more simple in fact: doing KEY. This then will assist you to handle all these kinds of business and emotional contents that you come across, that are essentially the same.

They are the same at the core because business means to build valuable relationships in which that quality is felt AND quantified in an exchange.

Have a good spiritual coaching practice: heal your lightworker (or related or even other kind of) entrepreneurship by going in the direction of MEconomy by starting a daily practice of KEY.

I share free resources about that easy 4 step tool in our online community Your Abundance on Facebook: Welcome! Simply follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CreativeEntrepreneursShareHeart and look at the pinned posts aka announcements at the top of the discussion feed, in the file section for free downloads and under the hashtags #key and #keyoftheday for more.