Patterns we have in work and money that need compassion:


Hiding in order to not be seen

Many of us feel deeply shy and worse, in standing for and being visible as the true being we fully are, in the world, in social and professional relationships, in social media marketing, in video’s… It can be a avenue of deep and long healing before you are able to let yourself be seen! But eventually, it is also essential, and those that do not like you in how you now show yourself to be, will simply fall by the wayside and that’s okay. However we can always invite them to do their inner work so they understand what you ACTUALLY stand for and not project (which happens a lot, and those that want to keep their projection, well you don’t need to worry about them).


Not receiving (rejecting)

To be able to have the full workings of MEconomy in your life, your soul bound economy that starts with your unique energetic contributions and moves through the phase of being send back energy=money as a thank-you-note for your assistance also, you’ll need to start to receive. Are you ABLE to receive, truly? Or are you really not open to be filled up? How exactly do you think you are going to receive then? When you hold thoughts and emotions that are against the very receiving that you so passionately desire, then things won’t work out, no matter how much you WANT to receive. Purify yourself and open up: receiving can happen when you are willing to be filled.


Fearing the real thing

Sometimes it is still okay to receive a day off in summer or a compliment about your dress; okay, good. But can you also be in relationship with the Value of Source, the enormity of it and the reality of it? Can you stay in connection with the Divine while speaking with your social media fans, or in sales calls? Can you feel the Harmonious Union vibration moving through your planning of projects that will give shape to your Mission? Do you receive the magnitude of it? Or are you afraid of the Real Thing? A fundamentally engrained fear keeps eventually everything of true value back and only allow for shallow and small things. Maybe you’re able to make a dime, but you’ll not be able to stand in the effortless flow of Mission Business and the fortune that wants to come through to you because of that.

Don’t fret.

FEEL your feelings and keep on moving forward anyway.

You can do inner work on all these issues, with the KEY tool that is the central healing and manifestation tool I pass on from Divine Mother.