Day 1

How do YOU feel about your money life? What is the temperature in your relationship with money? Is the temperature like the north pole, full of ice and polar bears, full of slippery and razor edges? Contrary like a teenager that says ‘no’ entire day and turns its back? Short sleeves, a day off, a good meal? That makes a great difference…

It will make a difference for your personal everyday experience in which you buy food, pay rent and look into your ability to invest in your spiritual development and Twin Flame healing. Feeling angry and resentful about it is one possibility. But so is feeling gratitude and joy.

It’s a true spiritual inner work to be honest enough to look into that for yourself. And from looking without judgement, it can transform to a warmer temperature just like that even…

This is what the people in the Energy=Money Game today are looking into, in their workbook of Day 1. They will make a moodboard of their vision of where they would LIKE to move towards, in their money feeling. They will write a cheque of the desired income as coming from the bank of the Universe, and place it on their altar. & Much more!

We often think that money is limited. That there is only 1 strict budget and when it is spend on certain needs, there is nothing left for your wishes and desires. And it will be depleted at the end of it, as well.

But that is not true when we look at the political reality, because when there is a war, we can conjure up billions to spend on defenses. Where did it come from? It was prioritized and therefore somehow created. How do banks still have the money to give to governments, when they’ve already given it all out? They create money with a button on their computer. Really?! Yeah, but admittedly simplified very much.

So, you can also on the personal scale, prioritize and see where it can come from. On the spiritual level (as slightly opposed to the societal in this example), you can also be sure that the flow of value is endless and eternal. Because in essence money is energy, and when you see that as connected to Source, it keeps on flowing. It’s only the materialization of that, invented as a handy tool we agreed upon to be able to exchange.

On the Twin Flame journey, we all want to have materializations of Source, because that is also exactly WHAT the Twin Flame as ultimate partner even IS. You can also see money as the materialization of the core value. When you do so, you can start to see opportunities with it, that you hadn’t before. You can become truly innovative in what’s possible for uniquely YOU.

My Take

Personally, I know a lot about not having money. And I remember also having been so scared. Because in our society, you are generally believed to be a nothing when you don’t have the means of the level of what seems to be fitting in with the general vibe. Mainstream money would after all mean being accepted and therefore loved – and who wouldn’t want that, I certainly once did.

But over time, I’ve learned how it makes no sense, never made sense and moreover that numbers don’t define your status of being lovable or acceptable. In many regards, it came out to be more favorable to be NOT accepted by certain groups in society and my social life, because without their judgement, I was simply me and suddenly also… enough. Even so called “lack of money” wasn’t able to be discerned anymore.

I am not joking.

This eventually came out to be, for me, the One place and mentality that would make it possible for me to feel good and thus have inner space to start to make money.

Gotta love that.

From genuinely having the inner space in the heart to make energy flow to others, you also can make money flow to you as a genuine gratitude from those people.

This is a soul economy – and in many respects stands autonomous and apart from a society sick with money jealousy, greed and other negative patterns that are simply taken for granted by the masses.

But what it doesn’t mean is that one isn’t able to grow numbers. It’s the only place where that is actually possible without any side effect. You won’t even reach burn out from it. You will thrive.


Day 2

Extending unconditional love to the saboteur inside of of psyche, the negative emotions in your body, the know-it-all-better ego, can seem like a foreign thing to even suggest. Why would you – of all things – LOVE that saboteur? Don’t you just hate it, despise it, and want to get rid of it? It can very well be that this inner child that is out of sorts, angry and contrary, exists no matter what, but gosh… It should just stop its actions NOW, and because I say so.

We all have these parts of us that are a little upset: fearful for what the future might bring in the realm of money, secretly jealous of our friend that goes on his third vacation in one years time, and shameful because of having spend 5000 Euro to a bicycle alone that will only be used in a couple of summery months…or something similar. All such emotions could be seen as coming from a ‘someone’ inside of us that is not peaceful, not in tune with the Creator in a sense as well.

This today, on the second day of the Energy=Money Game is called the saboteur: the one that ruins it for you, while you simply had such a great moment and a beautiful purchase that your heart longed for or a perfectly reasonable reason why at this season of your life you have below average money. It’s not really that the facts are wrong for you, but the emotions are negative. And to change that, we have to take a look at the saboteur.

He or she will only by adding love it it, feel seen. Only by accepting him or her, will they calm down. Only by listening with a sensitive ear and deeply understanding what is being said here, can they feel heard. And you will now know what to do, to make them okay again. They will even transform into an ally, if you allow them to become truly healed, because the saboteur is grateful for being healed and it will listen to its fair and just master that is the Soul.

This way, we can have our financial numbers below zero or above the line, and still have a good feeling attitude while being with it. You’re WITH it, you see. Nobody is their income or their numbers. You’re a Child of the Divine that can lean to derive its true feelings from that Source. Then you form a co-creation there, inside yourself, that stands the test of time and brings you deeper into the ocean of Divine Love that reality really is and where feeling good will also translate in money, simply because that is law.

My Take

The possibility to care for yourself in stead of sabotaging yourself, reached me late in life, because the message from my childhood was that that was not allowed, you were supposed to NOT care for yourself and thus sabotage yourself indeed. The whole groundwork for this narcissistic upbringing was turning everything that is supportive to your natural being and body upside down. And I have to say, this is not far away from a more general ego-kind of upbringing, because narcissism is a pretty sick ego that exaggerates the ego ideas, but that is also already pretty much in that direction.

It is thus ground breaking to turn this brainwashing around and care for your natural self that organically grows, becomes autonomous and connect with the deeper layers of life again when grown up, where that had often still be remembered pretty well in early childhood but at a certain point forgotten when the world came more in focus then Source. It can be done, the brainwashing can be broken en you will start to care for your real self.

How to go there, when you’d be pretty deeply traumatized such as I was? There is good news, because I myself was able to heal it with persistently doin the KEY tool with which we also slay Twin Flame upsets to be able to further the journey. And you can now too! This tool is available for free in my online (and offline) possibilities.


Day 3

You already ARE someone and have something to share. You already HAVE valuable contributions in love to extend to people around you. You already HAVE a certain way of contributing, that is your unique flow of adding to a situation, a project, a family. Everyone has that. It’s your natural gift that you exude by simply doing what you do and importantly being what you simply are.

That is the foundation of todays theme. It calls in the Life Artist inside of you, and allows for some space and time to research what kind of creativity this Life Artist comes up with naturally. Is it: bringing life to what was dead, or bringing clarity to what was cloudy, or describe what the facts are, or inventing original dreams, or staying conscious amongst growth, or perhaps planting of new elements? Or something else entirely?

For me, it has always been transform and manifest. I transform things and then manifest the result of that. I make people transform and then manifest what is the result of their own process in that. I make visible in peoples lives what the deeper them is, by allowing the to transform into it and to manifest what that is so they can become fully aware of themselves on that deeper level and even purify more. I organize the giving that, in certain structured ways, because that makes it all possible to work out and reduces the chaos.

And yes, that’s my business. The word business is often thought of as an insult, a manipulation, but I take it as what it really technically and holistically means: relationship. I am in relationships that are about transform & manifest, with people, and they are organized by business structures because that works very well. & This is exactly how you go from having a natural, positive, loving contribution, to asking money for it and organizing that in a business.

The 18 participants in the Energy=Money Game are today going to try out what that would be for themselves. Play with the possibility of already having something to offer, what that would sound like and how to start to organize a surrounding for yourself in which that could become a service that will be exchanged for money also. This is meaningful for everyone, also for when you don’t see yourself as entrepreneur; your self perception may very well change from knowing what you have to offer and your stance towards your job or your friends may grow into much more favorable places from it!

Because that’s simply how the abundance of life is made present and shared.

My Take

I have love to share and I extend the love I have in my heart, through my social media, through my YouTube channel, through my online work in making events and coaching people privately too. And everyone has love to share, especially when you take a moment to unearth that love in your heart that is given there by the Divine.

That is my starting point, when I work with people: you have love, you have value naturally, you have innate qualities that can be shared. And I love being like that with people. Often, their inner value and worth will start to be visible and then as next step pour out, from the connection with me. And that makes me so grateful. I see it in the people I work with. It happens for real.

But also sometimes people ask me to lay bare their deeper Truth of their Twin Flame, where they are on the journey. And when you buy my readings that are specifically about that, I can channel the Divine for you and give you a piece of deeper wisdom. But this can be tricky, in the following way. People often have a way of thinking about their journey and they want to keep that in place. But sometimes it comes out that the true story sounds very different…

That’s when people walk out. But honestly, some already start to walk out before that even happens, from the energy that is portrayed here, that they don’t want to be a part of. because they want to stay in their own story. It happens. This post is about my perspective for a moment. It’s my fate to have to deal with people’s illusions and the fact they want to keep them. And I have compassion, truly. Because I had them also once. No kidding, I understand!

Some experiences of the life of a Twin Flame Teacher.


Day 4

To love yourself, is the very foundation for everything in life, including energy=money. Sometimes, we think that loving yourself is not good, right or okay. It may sound egotistical, and egotistical is morally wrong after all, isn’t it. You should be loving OTHERS, isn’t it?! That’s what’s morally right, and acceptable, and what we need to do to be a good human being that goes to Heaven after death.

There is a lot of reasoning, consciously or unconsciously, and pressure to follow that, that argues against self love. As if we can love others, while excluding ourselves from the love. As if we can be moral beings, acting in fairness, when we are not fair to ourselves first. As if we can make money when we are depleted from life force energy, sleep, rest, food, acceptance and more such things. That’s not possible.

Contributing to a relationship or society is always meant to be an overflow after you first have filled up yourself. That’s the only right way and also the only way possible even, to do so. This is so by spiritual laws, for sure, but also by psychology. Remember, that science that is taught on universities all over the world, that has a grasp on what is healthy for humans and what not. First you need a sane self, that is rested and fed, loved and accepted.

Then you are free to contribute, co-create, share, overflow, play, energize the world, let energy flow back to you and receive. Receive in energy=money, so yes: money too, because that is the symbol we’ve as humans agreed upon is the practical translation of that energy. Feel free to play with that, to receive it as well as give it. Once that circle is not fully round, something does not work correctly and that will catch up with itself. This circle can only function when it goes fully round: to as well you (first) as well as the others.

My Take

Today, the 18 participants of the Energy=Money Game are among others invited to make space in their life. For chaos to become ordered. And importantly for receiving to begin in a space that is ready for it. Receiving energy=money goes better when your house is not stacked with junk and your mind is not cluttered with negative self judgements and so on.

I wish for me, it had been so easy as to only clear your closet or to say to yourself: stop thinking bad of yourself. I for one really know how pervasive mental and physical clutter can be, and how much it can be engrained in your unconscious mind, so that it is not susceptible to an easy: let’s stop doing so. When you ahem been raised in narcissistic abusive way, such as I did, the manipulation has made you dizzy and disoriented. You live in an illusion so when you’d clean up, you’d only have cleaned up the illusion – and reality would still not be open to receive.

So I know how difficult this seemingly easy invitation can really be. I do. For myself, I have resolved that to completion, that trauma. Which is one of the major accomplishments of my life that I am thus also very proud of; very very many people would like that and work on that daily, only to never get it out of their system even when they live until the age of 96. I did this by inner work with the KEY tool, by the way (maybe good to know).

So a seemingly simply day in the energy=money game, asking to clean up, forgive yourself, sleep, rest, eat and schedule something fun to do, is really not that easy always. I know. But make a start and know that you don’t need to be perfect in loving yourself into receiving. You just need to make a start!


Day 5

You are worthy to be seen. Although I know very well how difficult it can be to allow yourself to be seen for what you truly stand for. For your vulnerability and humanness, but also importantly your deeper nature, your spiritual core. Often that is the true culprit for being overly shy, not wanting to be seen for that. Because we’ve been rejected and abused for it in the past or in past lives.

It’s time to let that all go and start to stand up for ALL that you really are. This is the time that that is going to begin for you. Be glad you live in the time that this opens up for you and simply start somewhere, start small, start with showing yourself any way even though you don’t feel fully safe yet. Start showing up as yourself and it’ll grow naturally.

There is only 1 way to help people go the journey that you yourself have been going and that you’d like to share now, and that is to show yourself as that what you stand for. The exact right people for you will flock to you and those who you don’t speak to will stay away: this principle is actually very straightforward, it will sort itself out automatically!


My Take

When I started up to assist people, I was used to speak on stage as performing poet and also as museum teacher. This is what I did for a living! But it was nevertheless very difficult for me to literally stand up for what I stood for in the depth of my being, that was still below water and for many people unrecognizable in the poetry and the teaching of art (-history).

For me, it had always been clear: I did not just perform poetry or teach art! I had this temporary form now and in it, I tried to bring across what I truly stood for: your deeper value of life that you simply ARE in your Union. For me, that was blatantly evident. What else were these poetic landscapes really about, in a methodical way? What else is the reception of art really reflecting on?

BUT it came out, after years of going about thing like this, that there really was nobody out there that understood this, not automatically and also not when I started to explicitly explain it. I was weirded out. Seemed like most just thought of it as entertainment. Bizarre! So I had to go to other means to engage people what I actually meant. And I kept on going and searching for the form.

These days I am working on grounding my Unions Mission in a social media presence, through which I am able to assist others go through these kinds of movements too. I am very grateful that you are wanting to go a bit of that journey with me. You complete my Unions Mission!