In the MEconomy, for the first time, you have the unrestricted opportunity to be completely independent in creating your work. Your work has become the ultimate way in which you experience and share your value – and ask for money in return. Take advantage of this opportunity by doing your part in this.

The word ‘work’ often sounds strict. The belief that “work” is meant to be tedious is widespread. ‘Work’ in this definition is intended as a condition of life that does not essentially suit you – and in this ‘logic’ that is the core reason that you get money for it.

That does not work.

It is a belief that excludes your natural qualities. The idea that people are born with qualities that, when developed, have value and help other people in ways that are worth money may not yet be universally or completely penetrated. But in the MEconomy it finds its definitive place.

Not that our education system should be ignored. Or that your learned skills, such as reading, writing and using computers and the Internet, can be thrown out the window. That is not necessary. These circumstances are at your service. Embrace them. But don’t limit your self-image, your potential life fulfillment and your role in business and therefore the lives of other people to this. Tap into your more essential mission. At least set that intention and, if you want, can and dare, take the first step.

Do not wait.

After all, what are you waiting for? I personally waited a long time until I had permission from… well, who actually. An authority. That’s for sure. I have now discovered that this is often a reason for women to press ‘wait’ again for the time being. Men may be more likely to hold themselves back because the move ‘doesn’t make sense’, for example. A strategy with which you can work against yourself for years, if not your entire life.

What are you letting yourself be held back by?

You don’t need permission from anything or anyone outside of yourself. The step or decision to no longer wait does not have to be logical to experience with your entire body, mind, emotions and being that this is the right choice.


Singularity makes essential job fulfillment possible

I some years ago [when this blog was first published, around 2015] attended an evening lecture by Yuri van Geest, who talked about his knowledge and experience with Singularity University. Technical possibilities in all kinds of areas such as software, biology, physics and combinations of these, are currently exponential. At the same time, prices for these innovative gadgets are falling exponentially. A 3D printer only costs 100 dollars and a robot that can take over human production work, for example, only 22,000 dollars: prices that have fallen by up to 23 times in a few years in the case of the robot. In terms of content, his story ultimately came together around Exponential Organizations as the organizational form of the future: organizations that make full use of these possibilities and also make their organizational form increasingly open to allow social developments to take place at the same time.


Followers and laggards: a social problem?

The question arose in the audience about where to go with all the people who may not be involved with the developments. Who may currently be doing work that can soon be taken over by robots, such as production work, industry, but also healthcare, etc. ‘Basic income’ was Van Geest’s answer. Not bad, I say myself.

Although some people see the dystopia rolling in of languishing people who have their food and drink in a row and who otherwise imagine themselves completely useless in a society that functions on intelligent technology and its prosperous operators and users while the rest becomes redundant, I see a another, completely overlooked benefit.


The MEconomy releases the essential content of the future

Suppose this future starts today. Finally, work can be about meaning. About what you really have to bring to the table. Finally the substantive side of the MEconomy can break out. This applies to both those who come along and those who stay behind, in the logic of the previous story.

The newcomers need a social, essential, human parallel that links the technological picture to a more emotional, value-giving counterpart. Because no matter how much the software story is already linked to a social story about sharing knowledge, and even designing your products together, publicly and by fans, stakeholders, clients and other followers – this vision requires emotional recognition in addition to mental openness, emotional subtlety and essential deepening are necessary to allow a root to grow deep into the universe.


The potential depth of MEconomy’s ME

Methods can certainly be derived from this parallel, and an overview and insight can be gained, just as MEconomy offers a method, while at the same time doing justice to the depth, freedom and chaos of the creative process. The ME of MEconomy is a deepened ‘I’, not merely the ego that is ingenious and that, however valuable, does not yet touch the essential. The ME of the MEconomy is connected, unlike the ‘I’, which is separate. The ME of the MEconomy is full and portrays its value to itself and others, before moving on to sharing the – also often cited – WEconomy.

It’s the Soul that is meant, the soul with its innate, creative qualities that it extends.


5 Reasons for your Unique Qualities

as the basis for work in the MEconomy

  1. You can finally take the first step toward your vision of a truly happy and fulfilling life, the dream life you’ve always fantasized about.
  2. You do not have to give up your previous education, profession and skills, but consider them as aids in your real mission.
  3. You are needed to provide the new technological future with appropriate human parallels that can accommodate the emerging need for new and constantly updating meaning with an appropriate offering out of compassion.
  4. You do justice to your birth by assuming that you already have something to contribute.
  5. You become a living source of meaning and an example for others.

What’s holding you back? What step can you take once you have become aware of this? I’m curious about you. Write about it below.

Or maybe you want to tell your story about how you feel that your real mission is slightly different than what your profession, skills and educational history have shown so far. I’m curious.

Participate in the MEconomy and let us hear from you in the comment field!


Petra * Geisha of Creativity