[updated blog first published in around 2014 on my former website]

Who doesn’t want to combine true love with a free-form entrepreneurship? In this way you can:

  1. shape your work yourself so that your true mission can come to light
  2. invent your own rhythm of work, private life and love, so that you can achieve your full potential at all levels
  3. combine your private life and your work in one great loving movement, so that you no longer have to live in separation but can continually tune into the benefits of love!

However, you are not there yet if you know a cool dude or a strong lady who exudes the vibe that now represents the great Good and Better for you, but:

  • A who does not care at the heart level, so perhaps at other levels such as financial, practical;
  • B the person is polite to you – politeness, eloquence, being of stature, knowing about culture, is not the level at which the Twin Flame resonates (although good manners sometimes work very well);
  • C you do not feel your stomach, pelvis, legs and feet soft, sensitive, present and participating as lively areas in your daily life, your work, conversations with new people and acquaintances – and during encounters with the one;
  • D your soul mission has not been activated (although you can already be sitting nearby, the ignition has not yet occurred, rather there is paralysis);
  • E you are closed to experiencing love from others around you, whether friendly or sexual, you simply do not want to feel this and shut out those possibilities;
  • F you focus solely on this person for interaction, private life, wish fulfillment;
  • G you postpone your life until this person gives you permission or participates;
  • H you give that person the kind of deeper love that he/she cannot give to you.

This all clearly indicates a false Twin Flame and therefore a false Mission practice also. It often happens that you are already on your path of soul love, yet the right person is still missing, while you believe that you have him/her in your sights, because your feelings are already tuned in to the direction of soul love. But the direction of it, is not the thing itself.

The mixed up soul love person or the false Twin Flame, is a kind of syndrome that often is part of the journey. So don’t worry too much. But try to gain clarity. The swapped soul-love phenomenon can occur many times in succession! Before you arrive at greater clarity, the actual ignition and the start of your actual Twin Flame business partner journey, you will learn many valuable lessons here.

If you end up with the person in question, you will probably have forgotten your initial, fiery intention in the Twin Flame direction, you will no longer be busy looking for that person and you will take your first steps on the way to putting your feet on the earth with your breathing and in that way function everyday with much more peace in your heart regardless of the circumstances (and I really mean all circumstances, unfortunately there are no exceptions: illness, debts, alone in the world or ‘worse’…).

And when you then enter the state of consciousness of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you have assured yourself that it keeps on going like that also.

So… is it worth it to walk this path, if:

  1. it takes longer than you think you ‘have’
  2. you are first sent many soul loves that upon closer inspection are not
  3. you may not even recognize him/her when you meet
  4. your mission also only becomes known in the course of this process and from that ignition you also have access to his/her share to a certain extent
  5. you go through a seemingly endless, painful series of change processes
  6. over time you appear to have to leave everything you were familiar with in order to continue walking on this path
  7. you have no control over them and what they exactly will contribute

Yes. Because:

  • a. you come to this path for a reason, it is not something you really choose, but where you find yourself when you long to be more of yourself
  • b. you belong together in such a way that being together is a natural fact that you cannot avoid without having to throw away a part of yourself
  • c. your work mission ignites in a unique way and, due to its depth and inner harmony, it can not be shared with someone who does not walk a similar path, nor with anyone who follows a similar path, but only with the person who also enjoys this unique mission already by itself
  • d. all your traumas and unhealed pieces are transformed in this journey and your inner mood improves to incredible levels, regardless of the circumstances (no matter how ‘bad’!)
  • e. you are introduced to unconditional love in your actual life situation (not as an ideal worth pursuing, but as a life experience in your unique situation)

Sharing your work mission does not always mean that you will end up exactly next to each other in a shared office as exactly mirroring business partners. Rather, it means that there will be a natural balance between the work-life mission that both represent together.

Are you on a journey in this story?

This path may not be everyones calling right now, but the unconditional love that it ultimately produces and the relationship structure that it entails is a blueprint that more and more people can experience because they essentially ARE it. And that is worth it, takes your business to another level and provides the changes and depth that can allow you to become the creative business self that you are meant to be.

I myself have increasingly consciously started walking this path over the past decades. It is actually, when I really think about it, a path that has always been there for me. In my early 20s I became more aware that something was calling me into a kind of relationship that was different from ‘normal’. I started to learn more about the word Twin Flame and found that it fit what this was for me. Before I was thirty, I had listened to the inner guidance that came with it already to such an extend that I had moved through the country to the place where we would meet and I was right before meeting consciously on an appointment in the inner city.

After that, in my early thirties, we found ourselves not together, but as far as I was concerned, the period has begun in which we were working towards that; we were in the process of finding peace in walking together in energetic co-creation. He provides me with internal guideposts that lead to the crystallization of work, which comes out through me. I provide him with the wisdom to be honest in the relationship, which he cannot do without me… He has the money, the seed; I have the power of manifestation and design: this is how we will continue to co-create.

It was thus for the longest time a completely open situation in which I moved seemingly alone without certainties in a social sense. But in which I started to take in my role nevertheless, against logic, against habit and without first having guarantees, without having money and without knowing who would support me and who would leave. I mean this as pure realism. Although I sometimes felt self-pity (I’m a human, right), this is the assignment that I fulfilled beyond the wishes or will of my ego. It was an unfolding of what was known and unknown at the same time.

I write this for those who recognize themselves in the journey. I reached Harmonious Twin Flame Union in March 2020, right before turning 40. The story does not replace the importance of finding your Creative ID and interweaving it with business structures, as taught in MEconomy, because that is timeless and independent of where you are in the journey. Here you can find more about what that even is, by doing the quiz and then keep on following the trail of beautiful info afterwards: https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/5f4a7cb3785df3001468586c