Did you know that your energy is mirrored completely in your money? And that your Union is a state of a full energy, that can thus create a full wallet also!

Let’s take a look into Energy=Money for some days together, with fun games, exercises, live meetings and a webinar.

This is a 5 day (plus some bonuses!) online challenge with a chock full program waiting for you to enjoy it all and starts on Monday December 4. You are cordially invited!

Leave your name and mail address HERE to join the online challenge: https://tinyurl.com/EnergyISMoneyGame 🔥🔥👛

7 Min invitation video:


Continuing to feel good in challenging times is a firm basis of prosperity. I remember well how I felt when sales dried up in 2016. I was able to work 6 hours a day on managing the problems and that actually worked very well, but it mainly took so long because my emotions were making me feel very bad.

It helped me, because circumstances always indicate that negative emotions are already present in you – they help you work through them, so to speak. And then at the end of that the permanent sun appears. This is how I worked through my money emotions for a number of years. 


Is there an end to this tunnel?

So many people get angry about money and when circumstances become dramatic, everything goes downhill. What did I say about that just now? There is permanent light at the end of going through that misery? Really?! That seems impossible. And it is very relevant for many Twin Flame spirituals and conscious high potentials, due to the loss of work for entrepreneurs, due to job insecurity.

Because will the economy ever fully recover? It seems more reasonable to assume that the situation will transform into something new. We don’t know exactly what yet. But we can transform our emotions ourselves, especially in these challenging times. So that we see something of a bright spot and who knows, so much more… 


Low point becomes high point

For me, my emotional and financial bankruptcy of 2016 was a real low point – and I deliberately mention both in the same breath, because they belong together: money and emotion. I have learned how really going deep helps me to create definitive clarity. And even to leave negative (money-related) emotions behind me for good. For good? Yes.

I will tell you more about this during the Webinar, which I will give during and/or after the Money Challenge week. The week you can participate in is called the ‘Stop The Saboteur: Energy=Money’, because it is an opportunity to transform the inner saboteur, who is ultimately responsible for the negative money emotions, into a cooperative force, a true ally. 


30 Spots total, 14 spots left, so join in!

In this Money Challenge week you will work individually online with daily assignments, webinars, challenges, tips and you will join the community together with your fellow participants. It will be Super Fun and you can now register with your name and email address right here: https://tinyurl.com/EnergyISMoneyGame.

You will also receive a beautiful offer, for those it feels suitable for, to work more deeply with me in an individual program that is curated out of the very best I have offered up till today, made into a package that supports your Twin Flame Union and Mission Business to the ultimate degree.

The free Energy=Money challenge week starts on Monday December 5, 4PM Amsterdam time (London 3PM, New York 10AM, LA 7AM, New Delhi 8.30PM, Sydney 2AM on Tuesday) with a Live Video in our special private Energy=Money Facebook group and continues until Friday December 8 and then has extensions afterwards.


In it, you will:

  1. Learn how negative emotion is blocking your money flow right now and how to deal with this differently
  2. Meeting the money saboteur and transforming him into a loving ally
  3. Find out the number 1 reason why spirituals/Twin Flames make little money
  4. Gain clarity about how you can build your entrepreneurship with good earning opportunities while continuing to respect your creative qualities and take them as a basis
  5. Understand how to become visible with your new money-making direction on social media
  6. Set your own new fun goals that will, even against the grain, lead to success
  7. Surrender your goals to the cooperating forces of the individual and collective unconscious in a mega powerful method


Reset yourself

This challenge is basically a training program that I could charge 497 Euro for, and has a bonus of 224 Euro, totaling at 721 Euro, but I’m giving it to you for free.

It is an investment of 5 days, approximately 1 hour per day (you usually can specify what time you want to spend on it yourself, you can also use the material for much longer).

There are also a bonus day and an extra social event with Zoom on Friday December 8 on 8PM Amsterdam time (London 7PM, New York 2PM, LA 11AM, New Delhi 00.30AM on Saturday, Sydney 6AM on Saturday).

Register now right here: https://tinyurl.com/EnergyISMoneyGame. If you have already registered, you do not need to do so again. You’re already comfortably inside! <3

On the way to the start on Monday, you will probably still have 4 minutes left to take the survey, so I can tailor it to you even better. I also give away a beautiful and unique gift with a value of 224 Euro. Here is the survey: https://tinyurl.com/AnswerMagicSurvey 

I’m so looking forward to meeting you inside!

It’s all going to be super fun. 🔥🔥👛