Christed Master JD, with which I work together in spirit, says:

“We are here in our best life and we desire that for you as well. There is nothing in our hearts that is more on the forefront. This is our genuine wish for you all, because it is Gods Will for you. It can be hard for people such as you to understand that we truly desire the very best for you, your ultimate life, your deepest and most Divine Love relationship and all the good that belongs to you and that you wish for, because people are so tremendously attached to their ego. But when you let go, oh when you finally let go, the True Divine begins, to you, and you receive, your receiving starts.

Please, open yourself up, for the Divine wants to pour into you. Start small if that’s all you can take right now. Start with receiving a good feeling where there was a bad one. Start with receiving a free evening full of enjoyment with nothing special. Start with making a list for how your Ultimate Lover will need to be – for I tell you they are if that is genuinely in your heart! Then work your way up. Maybe you believe that you don’t deserve a lot more than that as of yet, because you carry huge guilt and shame. Okay, then start there and accept it all in. And start to look at your guilt and shame without judgement, for this unconditional love for it will melt it away. Then deeper receiving can start, and so on.

It’s your Divine prerogative to do so, and this is your life and your time to do so. It’s Divine to let this process begin and fulfill itself fully. This is for everyone because you carry the spark of the Divine at your core. This is not a fantasy, for it is the real reality we are talking about here, where the Divine giving to you is the norm. It’s up to you to make space for all of that to come in. It’s your choice to allow the Divine in. This is your responsibility. And when you do so, you’ll be a living example of the Great Work for others to see how that is done. This is purpose in the world, that transforms into Heaven through this process.

Don’t pay attention to the people trying to hold you back, that try to control you and deny you your souls birthright. They are legion, because the ego is too. But that doesn’t mean a thing in Divine Light: it’s all an illusion anyhow. They will cease their addiction or their targeting you, when you don’t pay attention, eventually. Bring boundaries in for yourself: this is normal, and you can only keep and stay safe with your Divine Gifts, living the receiving of that as an example for others, when you allow yourself sane boundaries too. It’s time to get this in order and to celebrate the coming into being of the Work of Eternity.”

Twin Flame Mission Transmission on November 10, 2023