Your Twin Flame Union is the entrance to your abundant life(-style) of your dreams. Because it makes everything flow to you that your heart truly desires: relationships, money, energy…

One form of that, is your Mission: the way of being in Harmonious Union that shares the value of that, that is uniquely fit for you. You can solidify Mission as business, when it becomes mature.

This may be a lesser known fact, but it’s true! Aligning with this aspect of your Union, means you become much more attractive to them, and things will start to work out. Therefore, I’d like to get our attention for a bit on Mission, Money and Energy.

Twin Flame Abundance

Your energy body that may feel depleted now, but it can become filled with light and love, feel full and nurtured. This is a great avenue for Twin Flame healing and a direct parallel for your Soul Money flow.

Your Unions mission that you become aware of when you align with your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. At first, the mission is simply shining your light. But it can become more refined into a certain way of assisting the people around you and it can be supported by business structures.

Your Soul Money that is generated by helping others in your Unions mission. This is the foundation for actually living in your Unions relationship, building a family and so on: what you feel you desire.

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