1 The fear of ‘We’ll never be together’

You feel desperation, because you have already been waiting so long for Union and you have the idea you’ve already tried everything possible out there. What to do next? Is there anything that can even be done? Maybe you don’t believe that anymore as well.

This easily resolved because you can allow yourself to start up what you CAN actually do yourself, instead of more desperate waiting leading nowhere. And that is doing the Twin Flame inner work. When you start doing that, with the help of the #KEY tool, you in fact guarantee yourself that it WILL work out.

It can be hard to bring yourself to finally make a step 1 and sit down with it. But it is worth it, because it brings you what you are longing for, when you do it over and over enough and thus come into a healing process on the ascended level. When it is enough at a certain point, you will indeed arrive in Harmonious Union, the consciousness state. And that is what will birth your physically being together.


2 The fear of ‘Maybe it’s a false Twin Flame after all’

The false Twin Flame is when you think it is your Twin Flame, but the Truth of the matter is they are not, and you can’t see that (yet). You might be afraid you’re investing your time, effort and love in someone that will eventually not stay because they are not the One. Understandable!

This can be resolved by accepting that no matter what they are, false or True, they are here now, and that means that you’ll need to move THROUGH the experience of being with them, to be able to: 1 make sure they are the real one, 2 to come into Harmonious Union, 3 to fully express yourself in a love relationship way. And this will eventually reveal them as what they are, guaranteed!

Another reassurance is that many have a false Twin Flame experience as a portal for manifesting their True Twin Flame the quickest and easiest way. Believe it or not! The change to go from the now revealed false Twin Flame to the True Twin Flame, can come with loads of strong emotions, but that doesn’t mean it’s not okay. It can be a legit way to quickly get INTO your True Union!


3 The fear of ‘Losing what you’re accustomed to’

Maybe you feel like you’re in danger of losing your marriage, your family, your house, your country. Or perhaps your cultural dignity or the societal respect you enjoy. That’s understandable seen that at certain points on the journey you become aware that there is a recognition that the Twin Flame refers to an inner Truth that is quite different from how you grew up and how you were raised and educated. It’s in many ways even opposite of what society expects of you.

This can be resolved by that same understanding: that being on the Twin Flame journey in fact means that things will change for you, because of the nature of the journey. Now you’ll need to decide that you are not a victim of it, by accepting that you chose to be on it, because you are, so somehow your soul chose this any way you look at it, otherwise you wouldn’t have it in your reality or it wouldn’t interest you.

Accept that the changes it will be about for you, mean that you go to somewhere GOOD. It’s a positive change, it is all about, after all! Twin Flames are about Divine Love. There is nothing in the universe more soothing, nurturing, rewarding and loving then that, period. From the ego’s perspective, there can be reasons to believe that is not so; then transform the ego, not get rid of the journey. The goodness of the changes that will happen for you, is guaranteed.


4 The fear of ‘Will this pain ever go away’

The journey can bring up your pains and even trauma is not excluded from playing up for it to be healed. This happens for everyone on the journey, because the Twin Flame will push your shadows out in the open to be healed, by nature. When you focus on the pain, this can be daunting. It seems strange to volunteer for pain. It seems natural to want the pain to stop.

The solution is, to place your focus elsewhere: on the consciousness that births your Union, that is full of love and light, even on the very times that simultaneously your trauma is being pushed out with tears and pain to be healed fully and never return. This can sound theoretically okay, but how to do this in practice? By doing the Twin Flame inner work with #KEY, committing to it and staying close to the community and teacher.

In fact, looking closer at it, this Twin Flame process heals you one last time from everything that is so painful and so traumatized. And that’s it. Now you’re purified. That feels good. Even though it is arguably an investment. But you invest in Divine Love that guaranteed will be yours. How much better can it get? The only thing you need to do for that, is to let the pain that was already inside of you anyway, come up to be released.