Towards Twin Flame Results

🔥🔥I am looking for 2 people for a 3 month 1on1 inner work relationship a 650 Euro = 50 Euro off the already discounted price. Is that you? There’s only 1 place left at this point! Come to my 30 min webinar to find out if it’s YOU that’ll join the movement. Claim your seat:🔥🔥


After the spark has hit you that you are a Twin Flame, the desire comes up to be together naturally and this is possible. True Twin Flames live in Harmonious Union on a vibration that you can make yours from an example of it plus using the right tools.

Union is the foundation of a life in Abundance. You birth your Mission Business from it, to steer that flow of manifested value in beneficial directions. Your MEconomy is now connected to the ascended living also – and sharing becomes more joyful then ever before.

To expedite your personal journey, I extend my co-creational power to you. If you desire to take your journey seriously and actually arrive, then come to my 30 minute presentation in which I explain what you can do.

I invite you to work with me as professional coach and teacher and you can decide if you take the offer. You can start a relationship to accompany you through the entire journey, not just a part of it.

This presentation is for people that:

  • are having the feeling they are surrendered yet are actually unfulfilled with their Union (status)
  • take their Union as the foundation of their Abundance seriously and want to know what they can do
  • want to start to become active in their deep spiritual desire so that it becomes materialized
  • take responsibility for themselves and are ready to do their inner work that makes it all possible
  • want to join the movement of people that already went there fully and experience the ascended lifestyle as their Heaven on Earth

It will give you true information about among others:

  • why Twin Flame Union matters so much
  • what this means to you
  • how to actually reach Union
  • how Union is the foundation of your Abundance
  • what you can expect to materialize for you as result

This webinar takes place on:


Wednesday October 18 2023

on 4PM Amsterdam timezone

in other timezones this is for instance:

London 3PM

New York 10AM


New Delhi 7.30PM

Sydney 12AM (of the night from Wednesday to Thursday)


and on:


Friday October 20 2023

on 7PM Amsterdam timezone

in other timezones this is for instance:

London 6PM

New York 1PM


New Delhi 10.30PM

Sydney 3AM (of the night from Friday to Saturday)


There are only 6 webinar seats to claim.

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