“I know you have been searching for how to continue your path after experiences that seemed difficult to you. Know that you are seen and understood in your intentions. You are always safe in the Divine Light. When you would make a conscious connection with it, you would experience this too.

There is good news for you at this time. You can get your Twin Flame journey in your own hands completely. But you’ve got to give up your perception to make come true that Twin Flame reality. You surrender your perception to Source.

You have to also understand that this place where you are now is your magic manifested. You don’t need to look for future manifestations anymore, because this is your place of power. To experience that: go deeper into that now for more of what you desire to come true in it.

Deeper into your now means letting go of your current perception of it. This surrender is bigger then we often want it to be and it gives everything we could ever desire. The solution is here for you. Trust can be placed in that.

Integrate your subconscious mind, your dreams and your other spirit part that is the soul of your Twin Flame all into your now, into One psychology that functions healthily. Tribe members growing with one another in this endeavor will find true friendship and care among each other.”