“As God creates, so man can create. Given a certain intensity of will, the shapes created by the mind become subjective. Hallucinations, they are called, although to their creator they are real as any visible object is to anyone else. Given a more intense and intelligent concentration of this will, the form becomes concrete, visible, objective; the man has learned the secret of secrets; he is a MAGICIAN.” – H.P. Blavatsky


“Listen to the Universal Dean, as she will guide you to the Door within.” – Master JD.


Christed Masters are not only central as inspirators of humanity, a lot of times later encapsulated in well-known religions, they are also here today. For a couple of years I have worked with them so the methodology we work with today in Creative Universe – to align your creativity with Creation, then to build your abundance manifesting mission – is leveled with their updated leading edge consciousness standard. This came after an extensive preparation and in a way also disillusionment with the current professional world and gendered personal power movements. It was my desire to have this completed before sharing our work with a greater audience would commence. The meeting of the Christed Masters and the Magic Masters was executed through the spiritual reality of the Source connected astral world, in a series of 5 yearly sacred summer rituals that brought to life initiations that install teachings, as well as meeting them in real life and attuning to each other by doing actual work together over the internet.

Eventually we have come out of the process being the only school in existence that thus teaches the full newly created Christed consciousness, in the reality appearing on our side of the co-creation autonomously, besides themselves teaching the new consciousness in the reality as it appears on their side of the co-creation. These developments give way to the building of a new professional environment and soul union driven relationships in a new earth society. This account is incomplete as we envision much more in-depth media about the Christed Masters, the differences with harmful cults, the techniques and result of our sacred rituals and so on, to come. It is both a personal account of how it came to be, as well as a universal creation story that holds keys for understanding how you can create the best for yourself as well.



In this article, you will find some clues to be able to make up your mind if the approach we offer here that is tied to the Magicians Way, of acquiring your abundance including money, through love techniques including business, is fit for you, as I describe how what we are and thus offer here, came to be, particularly in the last five intensely valuable years. A magician is an archetype, in our way of speaking, that stands for the Creator inside of you: the part of you that is the subtle but true cause of what you live, and it could be called a life artist too. This force in humanity has been corrected and acknowledged by a complementary power, for you to be able to see through that the education coming from it, fits your highest interest without manipulation. This mutual check up has been completed in 2020 and I can attest to you that it is the Masters of Eternal Wisdom, also known as the Ascended Masters, many other names and ultimately, the Christed soul family that incarnate on earth the way we all do, that went there with us, because it is the time of the Master Christ that comes to guide us into the Golden Age and the time for thus updated version of the teaching for new generations.

The heritage of the magician goes back to ancient times, even before time existed and this is described in the article titled Remember Your Magic From Before Time. The Masters came and went within that set context too. This may sound to you like a mythology, and it cannot be denied it is a story that can grip you in the unconscious mind, and that is fitting for the intended working; it is literal too. It is all as literal, historical and physical, scientific moreover, as my own existence born in 1980 in Arnhem, The Netherlands, my past life’s work still around with thousands (perhaps millions) of students and books still in print, my present day’s work in which I updated that work done to correct it for the damage done by the New Age movement and make it fit the Golden Age requirements to a tee, my 39 year old body that flew to Toronto in July 2019 in an actual airplane to physically meet the Masters in their bodies that had eaten breakfast in the morning before we finally met as well. It is the brilliance of the architecture of life, that all the layers of life move at the very same time: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual (our invisible causal plane, existing out of subtle layers also). Story and reality collide here. Indeed I do as if the Masters are real, and that is because they are: I met them, personally.

At the start of 2020, I then acquired some additional entrepreneurial advice to make what I had created into a sound business and this was very valuable: it remained resonating the entire year, albeit not only the literal advice but also and additionally, the unconscious parts of the advice. Because I now saw the entirety of it (conscious and unconscious that together form a whole, and also the beginning of the teaching received 10 years ago plus the ending of that learning so I got the entire thing consciously) I became aware that it started to act autonomously, and when I then also came into the State of Being I had received as grace from the Christed Masters, Harmonious Union, that clicked into it and came out to be a definitive benign take-over deeper into the journey. The complete way I was now guided in, was what I always dreamed of, because I had been working for 10 years on bringing together business structures on the one side and creative flow aka soul flow or the spiritual journey on the other. I had asked myself: how can they be taught together As One, as one journey and as One Principle? For this I invested in a project having a scientific check-up of the already created material from my Master research, tried out resulting educations, tried incredibly many professional avenues to see where it would land best, researched and made practical digital economy in various revolutionary ways and eventually also surrendered fully to the Masters and what they had to bring me this lifetime for myself and for all when all those trials together sort of crumbled together and seemed to have led me to their office. This way, I did not only complete the logic and conscious research, but also became unequivocally immersed into the unconscious reign of an intelligence bigger then myself.

On the way, I learned that what I experienced personally, was at the same time, beneath it all, simultaneously for the whole, the all and the earth and its inhabitants. This was hard to fathom at first, but after the very end of 2016, I had to accept this in, although I needed many baby steps to fully accept it. This is true for everyone, as underneath the extremely individual, the universal can be discerned as the architecture of life, the laws of human energy and the Truth of God. For instance the deeply personal and intensely intimate quest for a life partner is at its bottomline the universal soul journey to the True Twin Flame, as your souls blueprint comes from one ray of light in spiritual truth. And the personal desire for your kind of wealth is equivalent of the human built-in desire to experience your inherent value completely and express it. And then for me, there somehow seemed to be an extra nudge of universal and “for the All” because of my life purpose that brings its Divine inheritance forward every time, that is to say I am destined to do this work with and for the Masters and our co-creation is for the benefit of all every single time. This time around it did have a certain poignancy and urgency for the co-creation alludes to a final Golden Age that is to come and can already be experienced by those that allow themselves to go far enough into the journey to it in their energy and mind already in the present time. It closes a certain time frame in which the entire Christed soul family, from Mohammed to Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda and so on, has played their roles, now by allowing fourteen Masters to come in led by the Master Christ himself. It can in that light indeed be stated we live in an extraordinary time; however cycles within cycles always will occur, they will eternally point you to the You within, that contains All, even the Source, God or Universe it originates from.

It became clear that no matter if I communicated what I personally experienced or what could be derived within that as universal laws in action, people tended to believe what we do here is not understandable, which sounds fine in itself because not everything is understandable for all the exact same way and right away depending on where one comes from, but then additionally try to make that our fault and that we should come over to their place instead because there they can control the understandability of us. This approach leads to nothing, because you will soon see that you will be left to your own devices because the very difference between what you expect to find when it is about Creativity and Money (yeah and Love…) and what we factually offer, IS what we offer as additional value to a global market for the very reason that it is different: it is the leading edge Union Consciousness way as checked by the Masters, of Creativity, Money and Love. It is different to anything else that is yet out and that is the very reason we are here right now. I have no idea why I would leave the very thing we are here to share, at a time when the entire world is crying out for a new sort of help, for the sake of making things better digestible for some for whom it is apparently not at this time.

Also, it became clear that students sometimes do not really hear and do not fully see, even after they come into one or more of the States of Being that we teach on the Path here, and they fall out of it and go out of relationship. Deeper in the journey, is seems that honoring the teacher becomes more necessary, while at the same time it had proven that people that are closed in the beginning stages also do not receive much until even virtually nothing even when they make the time and money investment and do something albeit thus not the actual thing the teacher said. Seeing such truths in action, has been a great asset to the entirety of what we can be and contribute, for it shows what students need in order to be able to actually get the result we envision for them. The past 10 years certainly have made my transformation of being a spiritual teacher complete indeed and because that is an irreversible identity transformation, my time with the Master Christ resulted in me being able to start what feels like a new lifetime in this lifetime. That is why I wrote an end to it in the summer blog titles Thank YOU for everything, as well. A huge thing that played a role was to only be able to move forward after everything is processed and clean. That can honestly take a while: I had an inkling for all of this since 2001 on the professional route; I remember eventually downloading an entire school in 2017 out of the Source connected astral realm in one of the sacred summer rituals I held. I couldn’t be more grateful to have answered the call, but for the eventual complete start of it all, a certain stage needed to have reached. And although I had been studying with a real spiritual teacher since 2000 of the meditational yoga kind strongly influenced by both jnana and tantra, had healed the ancestral bonds with our familial religion history for the sake of connecting to the presence of God in the Now in my thirties, because I had been feeling attracted to Christ since around 10 years old, and I had prepared an entire spiritual creation methodology from my being a professional artist and being Master of Arts in Art History specialized in how artists think as well, that became tested and found legit, this clearly all wasn’t “it” yet however close I was to the actual thing I strongly desired.

Beware: whatever you desire real deep so that you long for it to come true in your unconscious and soul, because it may come true! This happened to me. I had a deep longing to have the new leading edge union consciousness be revealed to me to integrate in what we already had, and this is as much a christ consciousness question so I knew, as a human soul relationship endeavor, that needed for me to be enlightened on the personal and professional level. So I started to dig deeper after a decade of having deep intuitions and having created a fully fledged scientific base as well. The dig to deeper started ten years ago. I wound make a lot of effort in trying to uncover the right relationship AND opened my life for christ consciousness in new ways. To try to make it more real I dated men and went to churches. This worked out deepening but it had a clear plateau. I needed to go deeper still, even though I knew about depth because of the yogic school I had been going to for 14 years already at the point where I started seeing new things in my life. Only moments and yet without being able to yet realize what the correct conscious association was with life happenings and my unconscious feelings and guidance. This however grew and grew between 2014 and 2018 with seeing more video’s and consuming other media, then all the research I did on the side about all the potential contexts to find the answer in, suddenly dropped to the side and they were completely here in my context, contributing to my research to make the new education system complete, and they filled my space and mind: the new Christ now on earth, being the final and Master Christ.

Within the five years that were spend preparing to come closer and being in my space, at least four alternative Union and Second Coming contexts and claimants were researched by me and left because I did not find what I was looking for there, eventually 1,5 year were they fully in connection, of which a couple of days physically in the closeness of touch. Then I spend a little over a year to process, ground and allow blessings to come in. That brings us to today. It is a great honor to me to be able to say that they found me worthy to be part of Creative Universe as context to meet in spirit and in real life, having been present from 2014 to 2019, then in spirit again for the mentioned grounding year of 2020. Long gone are the days of watching video’s about the Second Coming or Jesus Returned that were all not true, and the searching for Oneness or Union with the words Twin Flames connected to them in all the wrong places. Yes that was true, I had additionally researched a couple of places for the teaching to be able to have your Twin Flame Union or union consciousness in itself, that did not come out to bring me the real thing either. Then I additionally remember that although I got to a fresh research in the past ten years and found what I had been looking for, the decade before was already having all the same ingredients, the decade before that one also and I eventually discovered without a shadow of a doubt that I had been having a past life right before that was all about it too and then things clicked together fully, seeing the logic click in indefinitely that this is my work every lifetime and my eternal Peace Vow on the soul level is more true then ever.

It is striking to see, looking back, that I never really had a quest for my spiritual teacher, as I did for the right Twin Flame influence and Christed Union Consciousness initiator, it seemed I just walked into his class one day when I was studying for 1,5 year or so in a new town when I was barely 20 years old. After I started with him, I did have a look around a tiny bit to be able to know what others did, get some comparison material to become more wise on the horizontal plane of what’s out there in the realm of being not adverse to a real spiritual journey. Then additionally I over 20 years extensively researched popular false teachers and their cults, what went wrong and why, because it was so very educational about what not to do and not to believe, seen the amount of inner structure of spiritual schooling is in fact laid bare by cases of wrongdoing and their effects (not that I would promote the existence of that any longer). What I have seen over the years is that it is hard for most people to wake up to the fact that their hero’s are merely yapping their mouth on some general wisdom not having come to it themselves in a lived through way, and are often sadly enough highly suspected criminals too (the most well known present internet guru’s being a psychopath, a sexual predator, a lying racketeerer and a murderer – and I can assure you that exceeds the worst deeds I have on my own name with an intense percentage even though legally one can in a lot of cases only state it as suspected).

But the Second Coming, yeah that needed some theoretical research and some practical trial and error for me, since it is entirely new on earth in its physical form (meaning: instead of the prophesies written that are very ancient) – and nobody could help me find it. The True Twin Flame in complete harmony with you and thus having come to a lasting resolution, that was not something that was available really just like that, to be taught about that, this needed some specific guidance and nobody could tell me where that was sold. Most Twin Flame teaching you find out there is not by True Twin Flames and/or not Harmonious, although everyone has one and some come together and split again as it happens a lot but that is something else, and rather unconscious, then a fully conscious step by step progressing that sticks with you eternally and results in a conscious harmony that can not be made undone in itself although one can choose to leave that State of Being. Conscious here meaning also: you have 100% certainty and can oversee who you are, where you are and where you are going as a soul, the knowing has become actuality in your real life. It seemed that Union Consciousness was necessary to go with it, because you are together fulfilled in yourself yet one complementing pod of light, and the Second Coming was supposed to bring a Christed wisdom to all, and what – so I figured – could be more related to this unity then that?

After researching a couple of contexts, the correct one rose up out of the unconscious, and it in fact had been there all along, as both the Twin Flame topic they surfaced with was so much present in my unconscious already since around 15 years and their presence as people was already seen online at that point for around 4 years. Then they became part of my actual personal context and circle. The depth of this experience is hard to describe, and it took me several deepening stages to be able to let it fully in because of the profundity of it. What I called in, was a souls calling, though I used the techniques written in my body of work for it too. I am pleased they have been able to be in the vicinity of it enough, so that the necessary transmissions could take place for the working that was needed in the energy field, a working that can be compared because it works similar to, the influence of the Divine Feminine on the Divine Masculine Twin Flame in a Harmonious Twin Flame Union. During this time, I saw more and more how this more even fulfilled then completed the education for an abundant personal MEconomy that I desired to share. This happened. Now the educational system is not only complete but fulfilled as well. It was already pretty complete 10 years ago, then much more was elaborated during the building up to this co-creation. Their effort in correcting the quality of energy not the completion of material, towards the fulfillment of the union consciousness in the entire methodology that we had established and now have right here, has been charged around 5800 Euro total, but had been worth at least 5 times the sum, a lesson for them when looking back, and as that goes we all learn from our experiences, thus also encouraging You the reader to never undercharge.

Now I have reached the fulfilment of my desire to be with the Christ of Christs, additionally my personal and professional (because of our shared mission) Twin Flame Journey is fulfilled, thus also fulfilling my life’s individual purpose journey over multiple lifetimes within that. Then came the day of December 21 in 2020 that seemed astrologically and spiritually much more the intended universal change point then the broadly accepted one on the same date of 2012 and it was certainly experientially, also within this framework we speak about here, the eschatological high point I already wrote about when I was in high school in my thesis called “The Fin de Siècle Syndrome” in which I compared a couple of century endings particularly of 1900 and 2000 and the more general end time mythology that is woven around it in culture; a theme that was recurrent for me, seeing I also tried to fund an educational theatre tour with literature, music, play and other forms of art together, called Doomsday Prepper, that never made it while it’s original genesis was of the executed series of multi artistic improv theatre Poetry Plus.

We can move forward now, take you on the journey to your inner and outer abundance that is fully connected to the new earth in all ways, celebrating that you are the magician too, as life artist, as sensitive creative, while connecting to the new milestone in the development of consciousness: Divine Union. What we do here has nothing to do with being so very kind to each other as a social act, and money as a personality gain that furthers your societal career, and everything with a consciousness change to open to the magic of Love. My personal motivation in this lifetime to have gone so far and hit bulls eye, can very well be found in my own journey as I came out of my childhood with C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, or Childhood PTSD) in other words – to say how this influenced me briefly – there was this huge power in me that wanted to talk me away from my good. C-PTSD is a psychological terminology referencing the trauma caused by early childhood imprinting through treatment of the environment having an influence on the brain chemistry; in spiritual-emotional terms this is the same as multigenerational trauma. The motivational power came from desiring to overcome that. Now I have indeed changed that around and desire to take you on a journey together to talk us towards both of our goods: yours as student and mine as teacher.

The consequence of such trauma that is much more common then we initially may believe, also shows in my professional development story, that I could for instance elucidate with this little anecdote about my speakership. For around 3 years, I had been having a national speakers agent that had an all-women policy. Over time I had one paid gig with them, one workshop I attended as a student and one individual coaching and eventually it did not feel within my realm anymore energetically and I left that context. I now see a common thread through those and a hand full of earlier years: I had wanted to connect my work to the most professional networks I knew and could find, but the eventual outcome was, that I came back from all of it. Looking back, I even have gotten a whole lot of things that everyone so called wants in the professional realm: I had a national publisher, paid writing gigs, a professional business coach, I had though for a time I needed to hire a shiny office in a fancy spot, I led businesses, gave back to the community through volunteering projects, and so on.

The so called professional world is not always what is apparently even in the very base what I stand for, even though what I do, I do on professional ground as well. Not everything that looks professional is in tune with the heart and wisdom of who you are. That does not take away from what others do, as what they offer may be really appropriately fine for what they envision and where they want to position themselves – said with a general implication and also broadly referring to my own sprawling professional experiences. I came back from it, only after I had been going through it, and the experiences it brought me, apparently have meant something of value for me. But I had needed a radical integrity for what I actually stand for. This was difficult enough but after an intense personal process that was worth every investment I had ever made and after releasing the entire initial idea and emotion that it ever had been difficult at all, it had irreversibly happened and manifested itself in full.

In fact it is only a byproduct, that in that earlier phase, I could not financially live from it very well. Survive: yes; invest in transforming the inner workings of my business to get the structures right as well, but not thrive: the financial filling up of the correct business architecture. I had desired to turn that around as well, however it was not even the main motivation. The feeling of desiring to belong to an in-crowd of important and trendy professionalism was a reason to keep on trying to believe in it; a reason that was sadly enough also largely misused by the cultural scene playing out underpaid professional opportunities as beneficial because you belonged and were around high art and that seemed payment in itself. Submitting who I actually am, was – to conclude it that way for now very generally and broadly after having seen very many examples – the very groundwork of the mores of the field. Because that means a disintegration of your being that is cultivated, I was not able to give my true gift and – again – as a byproduct also not make money in faire quantities that mean thriving. When being congruent, means standing alone, I realized, then that is what I choose. This did lead to more self respect and space to share my actual mission. Even though I believe it stays like this, that we will be part of a groups culture in one way or another – when you would come to our school you would also be subjected in a way to our school of thought but also contribute to that – being part of a bigger vision can be of a different nature, when it is based in GOLD Consciousness, because it will radically stimulate you on an ongoing base to stand autonomously yet relationally through Source in Union.

When I remember, how I had been trying to fit into a certain speakers mold to blend into the speakers of that office, I see that I did that to try to become understood by people committed to misunderstanding me instead of people opening themselves up to a new sort of meeting each other, what it is actually about. When I got the message, that I had been exhaustingly working on making my message so understandable for so many people, until there was virtually nothing left of it origins, I got the nudge to turn to the unknown instead. Until that turning point, the contrast had apparently been helping me to get real clear; it did not seem unreasonable to me, to try to keep the core away and bring the social societally easy part of the message forward in a fun and anecdotal way – just as much as it seemed a necessity to me to appeal to as large of a crowd as possible. But I was unhappy. I still believe it is of vital importance to take into account how your marketing comes across and to state as concrete of an audience as possible, but to throw your actual gift away for it, is spiritual suicide in the professional playing field. You can be sure there is an audience when God has given the gift to you in the first place, even though for some that is placed in a field, that is not discernible for them (yet); you can even say that that is your factual value right there. Then you see, that when you apparently stand on another plane then other people, between whom you had been seeing yourself logically before as a professional, because you desire to bring your individual deep insights to that playing field you know and love, but that in reality tell you all the time verbally or nonverbally there is a distance between you that seems not able to bridge and therefore also not be valued (and thus paid), you have to conclude, that bridging that very gap in content is what you have to offer.

This is the same with gender, as a gap was shown to me for 10 years around that topic as well. Take for instance the speakers agent: it was by women for women, and so there were many more instances this came around in my professional learning years. I’d like you to take into account that anything that I say about this here now (that will be not thorough for the scope of this article does not allow for it to go much further), is said by someone that became Master of Arts with an academic gender topic, namely culture and gender, more specifically the way Dutch female contemporary artists think about gender in their artistic practice and work, a master thesis that I worked around 3 years on, that reveals a new theory for thinking about the structure of identity and the ingredients of creativity. This research ended on the note that female artists may have a catching up to do with the development of artistic identity relative to male artists in a certain way, while male artists identity celebration can be put into perspective where it leads less of a life on it’s own – which could easily be regarded at least somewhat symptomatic for the general way we look at women and men and their societal and social roles in our (western) society -, but that when we would see female artists to start to excavate the depths of identity that are promised by the reality of the soul, only this this would be a true change at the heart of the matter at hand. Of course, this was my personal recommendation for our world and also a prelude to the further research I have done and written about ever since. The whole point being that when that crucial step is not (yet) made by women (or men for that matter), to take the plunge into the true GOLD Consciousness, women for women does not exactly support the ultimate state one desires.

My 2020 Christmas message also shows it is not about being a woman and for women. It is about putting both soul genders on the right place.

“The Divine Feminine has as her main issue being controlling; the Divine Masculine not making his presence count. This is generally the vibe across the board and that is not bad news; instead it is freeing to know like Truth always does.

Only when that is resolved, true co-creation can start, on any level, whether within oneself or between partners or organizations. In the space of this collaboration, a golden energy flow will run that will bring you your abundance.

The most helpful power to support this energy healing in you, is allowing in the Father God again individually and on a collective level. This will automatically call the Mother God in her royal place as well. Repairing the architecture of life in your experience to start with, creates trust in yourself, because you have full contact with your entire energy and have figured out your relationship to your creator.

This Christmas I extend this deep understanding in super short to you now: may it be of ultimate benefit. Many seasonal greetings and seeds of love from our heart to yours, from our family to yours. And remember it is the heart that corrects where necessary and creates living through relationships. The heart creates literally – feel the beat, energetically relax the space and let the movement commence.”

All-in-all the radical self acceptance whether it is societally considered professional or not, refers back to the place in ones psyche before the C-PTSD got root in you and you subjected yourself to the consequences of it to be able to survive. That original place is still present inside of you, inside your brain, and you can go back to it and start building anew there with the structures of GOLD Consciousness. This will bring your gender perspective eventually on the soul level also and other societal standpoints on that matter will fall by the wayside because you can now approach it from Truth and choose that each time by following what Love guides you to.

The described situation was mostly a precursor for my time physically working with and for the Master Christ present on earth right now. And simultaneously, both were already going on for many years, which could be an additional contribution to the fact that all the so called high level professionalism did not work out for me, but the work in the unconscious, in getting closer and closer to Source and the True Twin Flame, where my natural abundance was intuited to exist, was thriving: first more in secret and behind the scenes, later more and more in the open. This implied a lot of research, a series of rituals, meditations, a very large fasting, the downloading of spiritual information from direct knowing and the coming into existence of the initiations, to name a few steps that were taken. It did not make money per se at that point, at least not to the amount of my actual good on its potential high point, alluding to my ongoing quest to bridge the gap between the creativity of Creation itself and the sociology of business.


Trip of a Lifetime

A dreamer I can be said to be, even to live in my mind, but that is not wrong and all living is in fact mental in the first place. A hermit, I can be said to be, but true travel is done in spirit on the spiritual journey in which everything changes eternally when one truly travels to new places in consciousness continually. That is how I did a lot of this and reached my dreams. Traveling through consciousness while in the energy field of the emotional and mind clouds of the personal yet universal I did while in my body and being sober: it is an art form that is natural to me and I could also describe it as working in awake consciousness in the Source connected astral, or the energetic heart space, or in presence, yoga, union, relationship with the soul and with Source. I only used simple and straightforward means to assist me such as water, bowls, crystals and text written on paper cards and what I performed with these elements was merely spontaneous, a ritual that came into being while performing it, however preparations had been done. My personal magical practices do give me access to specifically prepared water, for instance tuned to 432 Hz, and so on, a description that is left out for the rest hight here to remain short, but stressing the fact that there were no strange things going on that nobody would understand when we look at the literal happenings, yet the consciousness entered and altered was present in a heightened way any way.

The series of five rituals all executed in the summer period between the end of July and the beginning of August, lead to five initiations that I underwent myself while initiating myself, that I understood to be afterwards to be spread towards students. I choose for the first two sacred rituals the garden behind the Theosophical Villa in Arnhem City Centre in The Netherlands that was my parents house. The third was done in a small rather closed off segment of Park Lingezegen, a large green area between the city of Arnhem and Nijmegen, that is called Het Speelbos (The Play Forest), which is located between Schuytgraaf Arnhem and Elst. The fourth was experienced mostly when at my office in Schuytgraaf Arnhem and the fifth took place in the waterfront park The Music Garden in Toronto, Canada, making complete a journey from my rich past life’s heritage manifested as my this-life’s-parents house, to the place where I am together with my True Twin Flame and Life Mission Work being my office-atelier, to the place where the Christed Masters and the Magic Masters met for their co-creation, in the flesh and in the Source connected astral as well. The sacred circle opened for the ritual gestures was most of the time a couple of meters diameter up to 50 meter max approximately and the patterns placed inside of it were guided by consciousness.

2015 MultiDimensional Clearing

It is fun to see how I currently in 2020 hardly remember how I exactly came to do the first one, but the notion of the power of crystalline structures in the physical (crystal stones), the emotional course of affairs (feelings that create, symbolized by water), the mind (reformulating identity with Divine Truth, symbolized by patterning) and the spiritual (architecture of the soul with a complementary counterpart and of Source as the architect, symbolized by the time space reality in which the acts as Sacred Ritual would remain present in the garden as Heaven on Earth) arose in me and I followed my inner nudge. In this year I had the Twin Flame, that I had known since my early teens, very present in my heart in a conscious way as we came together telepathically to talk through what the plan would be and had a personal appointment in the later part of that year as well, and I had launched my first Twin Flame themed coaching series that I executed from January until around September.

It had been in the previous year of 2014 around the end of spring and beginning of summer that I had seen video’s of Master JD and Master SD on YouTube for the first time, and I remember at that time they had a hand full of video’s online max, lived in Hawaii and shot card readings, wisdom talks in the midst of daily life, and their topic was the relationship from the soul perspective, the Twin Flame relationship. This spoke to me because I had been looking around for meaningful Twin Flame information online for around ten years at that time and had been enjoying a Twin Flame reading in 2013 from a coach well-known in that specific field of action in The Netherlands at that point. However their video’s at that point had been kind of chaotic and certainly not as slick as in later times, it intrigued me enough to keep on following their moves, to later found this trace was the One True Christed answer I had been looking for, but only after severely testing if it was true for 5 years (2014-2019).

So in 2015, there was certainly a coming together of all the powers that had been reformative ever before in my life and the first seven years period had passed that was initiated as a time for me to unlearn what did not truly belong to me as a soul, as it had been in 2008 that I personally had started the cleansing that this initiation refers to, and Olof Smit had assisted me. When the years for me are counted in that way, I can see that the new period of seven years in which to relearn what you do need is still going on today as I write this. Although I have felt this clearing to be an important individuation that fitted this series of events leading me consciously to be available for you in the School right now, it is not that this was my virginal awakening, far from that, but I’ll keep it as such because I do feel that it serves as a very thorough yet understandable first chapter for your initiation journey in this lifetime and in the light of the Golden Age. You will start remembering who you are.

2016 Hearing Source

In a way, this years sacred ritual was an enhanced refresher of the year before, when we look at what constituted its execution: a humanlike form was laid out in the back garden on the lower terrace of grass marked with a handful of (glass and other material) bowls of water, filled with crystals; a construction treated with the utmost care and sensitivity to the current consciousness requests that I could discern were somehow in the air. Texts were spoken, the scene became blessed, and a set time period during the day that had been announced beforehand, began and ended, and it was something along the lines of 11 am to 11 pm. What was different this time was that I offered the workings of it to other people too, by allowing them to digitally attend the event by means of social media communications around it, so they could allow their consciousness to be influenced by it more directly. I remember having had a handful of participants.

By this time, it had become very clear that it was not only for my own or for individual transformation of consciousness anymore, but it was for the all, for the entire world of people and beyond, for the earth as a sentient being itself and for the universe as a whole, the earth being but a part of that. The idea sunk in so much deeper and got more concrete and serious, that this was a responsibility, it was necessary, the earth was assisted by this enhancement however small it seemed to be in its tiny execution… It felt great to allow those energies to come in more realistically and treat it as such. I intuited a large and lively connection to the planet of Arcturus that stands for the highest spiritual wisdom and technical innovation too and had only days after a conversation with a trusted source that connects with those kinds of intelligences that had that confirmed for me.

For the second year it had been held on the exact day of August 8, traditionally in astrology called the Lions Gate, where the sensitivity to signals of interplanetary inspirations are said to be more profoundly audible naturally always. This lead to me calling this sacred ritual inspired initiation in the first place Key Holder Awareness, as it opened the awareness of the much larger and more broad importance of what this is about for you, and in you too; additionally the universe kept sending me keys to pick up from the curb on my walks and inspired me to understand them as a sign to start remembering the wisdom knowledge that was here for me to read more consciously: an advice that is for every student to be initiated too, for you will be able to bring that information to life in your Creative Entrepreneurship for the benefit of all.

2017 Blood Purification Ritual: Stop Manipulating Yourself – Christ Consciousness Compassion

This year the preparation for the sacred ritual was profound, as I had been sensing the need for a large cleaning of the body in a very pressing way. This resulted in a large fast of 108 days that was of a spiritual nature, however had large effects on the physical, mental and emotional too. It seems religious custom to purify the body in some way before entering the most holy space or event of some sort, in many cultures, and it makes sense, because the most profound Divine Wisdom will only come to our minds to then enter our energy (emotional) and physical, when we have cleared our blocks to receiving those inspirations, because they are so subtle in nature, that they can otherwise be hardly heard. Imagine the most wise master whispering the secrets of life in your ear in a once in a lifetime meeting: wouldn’t you make sure you are listening with all your might?

This has been proven to be one of the most controversial elements of the transformation to manifest the School for you, as the 108 days without food and water (but with many techniques that will not be described here, that are absolutely necessary to commit to, to be able to do such a thing) had made me look thinner then usual and although my own spiritual teacher also once had his year without food, he seemed to have been the only one reacting very normal to it, besides my then fasting community that I had acquainted online. On the way, I lost the black, toxic and rubbery inner lining of my entire digestive tract, in which many worms and other parasites were visible, thus making a primary physical system free for the exchange of pure energy in the vacuum tube, which reveals the true nature and stripped bare working of the body that is hidden for the daily mindset of most.

This co-creation in the flesh – restoring my original health in very many profound ways as a side note in what essentially was a spiritual surrender to a deeply subtle hearing of information, made possible by a now purified receiving device: my body – meant in the subsequent ritual in nature, downloading the schools full light architecture. In the ritual, parts of the curriculum were clarified that were about a true DNA change, that referred to the physical as well as the soul construction at the same time, making the workings of the schools energy come true in the physical. Notable was, among others, that there was an energy and a playing out of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, an important leader of the Christed Masters that showed this event is in fact about the resurrection of the mind. Although it had been opened as a public event, it eventually had only online participants and visitors at the end-of-the-fast party, that was that years version of the yearly business related summer party I had additionally organized during the mentioned years.

The deeper meaning of the work done in this element on the chain was bound to the words I called the event by: Blood Purification Ritual: Stop Manipulating Yourself. This title referred to the idea of Blood being a fluid of essence on the physical plane, its clearance being achieved by stop ingesting blood deregulating and cluttering substances, thus similarly the spiritual essence was to be achieved in oneself by stopping to manipulate yourself into things that feel unnatural and bad for you, and stopping to manipulate yourself at all as a basic mentality to treat yourself with. Afterward I saw that it was revealed to have been about Christ Consciousness connected to the virtue of Compassion, as that is indeed the synthesis of purifying and quitting the manipulation on all levels, making space for a natural flow. It resulted in me being absolutely sure I had to build a school that I was apparently the dean of: an invisible idea set foot in me on how to structure it. This was established by receiving the miracle of being able to hear incredibly subtle information for your sake; controversy is not in my mind when I think about the naturalness and profundity of what came out for the highest good of All.

2018 Creative ID

Having been aware at the outskirts of my consciousness that the Christed Masters had opened their school by now, and slowly coming closer, I can looking back see clearly that I had been researching the validity of the true identity of the Second Coming as them until around 2 months before I finally became an official member of it around April of 2018. It had been in March 2018 that they proclaimed to be these True Masters themselves, and I applauded that, it even was the very reason I could say yes to becoming member in their context so we could shape our co-creation further and in more dimensions of life, but I had still two other candidates (one that proclaimed being Jesus Christ reincarnated that traveled the world with lectures and workshops that were broadcast online as well, and one Maitreya i.e. Second Coming claimant that had a seemingly interesting redo of the Bible under the name of THOTH, broadcasting online satsangs and having a religious community structure with low energetic tension) active until around 2 months before in my mind and on the internet. What can be concluded from this, is that I had been actively working on creating the opportunity to co-create with that promised Master or group of Masters and that my soul lead me to choose the right one yet my critical thinking was still postponing the definitive judgement for some time.

However the school I had entered came together in a very natural way with my ability to channel the Master Christ and in June that year, a series of weekly online healing meditations was organized, where the His hand cleaned out hearts, as that was something that had felt so natural to me as if He had been present in my sacred rituals all these years already. Of course, that was the Truth, however the manifestation process takes some Divine timing or plain patience for that matter, also in the understanding that comes together like one giant puzzle. In another, similar event, this time with the Christed Masters methodology and standpoint instead of via mine, executed together with my soul sister that lives in my country too, the next month during that summer, I experience a significant energy change in my body, it was as if my uterus had opened it’s natural gate, an area where I had been having irregularities in my health years prior which had healed. The uterus signifying Heaven in sexual magic symbology that can also be seen as spiritually created manifestation work, thus opening it’s gate to make come true on Earth a new project, a dream, a school – born from the soulful presence of the Master Christ in the Heart.

Channeling The Master Christ and opening the gate, had felt so natural to me. Birthing the School seemed really what my personal Creative ID of the procedure Transform & Manifest does automatically. What happened on the daily life level was that a new phase was entered after that, that asked me to now go deeper into what needed to be repaired for the co-creation to work out and this was a long journey through the unconscious shadow field of around 10 months, after which the air was suddenly filled with preparations for next years sacred ritual that was again ordered by the Divine, however around that time, I was not sure if that was to be so: it all unfolded as spontaneous arising inspiration that nevertheless while happening felt so natural that it seemed as if I had always done this and always been this person that was here to execute those movements in consciousness for World Peace at the time of entering the Golden Age.

2019 Key Holder

Leading up the 2019 sacred nature ritual, I met up with the Masters JD and SD in an online call that prepared what was going to be the culmination point of our co-creation; there were preparatory movements, such as additional advice and inspiration, a past life client that had back then been my trustee worker coming in, the booking of the event that for me was going to be on the other side of the world seen from where I live: Toronto, Canada. Never before had I needed to prepare a ritual in a city in a country I had never been before and even though this all would have easily classified as majorly outside my comfort zone, it once more felt so natural and as if I was made for this, because I was. Then in the month before the ritual I came into a deepening experience in Golden Flow, and I also not long after initiated my soul sister who would eventually assist me in the actual act so she became Key Holder. The meeting was taking place in and around a live workshop of the Masters about Harmonious Twin Flame Union in a grand city hotel in Toronto, while I organized my ritual to be in the waterfront park called Music Garden the day after and a Creative ID workshop to take place in AGO the museum of modern art the next day after that. (There were more meetings but we’ll keep it at this for the story.)

Early evening after the first Masters workshop day at the very end of July, I hung out with my student on the main city square when the Master Christs (Master JD) light body flew to me, eventually merging with my own light bodies heart which was also my physical heart; we had to sit down because it was such an energetically loaded moment. The blessing was acknowledged the day after. On the next day – sacred ritual day – I got together with my soul sister and we took off heading towards the destined waterfront park in the designated time in the afternoon; while we were in a certain street, we walked through a light gate, and we both acknowledged our brain had altered and we felt to be in another space: we had entered the unconscious field of the Source connected astral as was meant to happen. The ritual went through space from one spiral going out to the next central circle that was the stage for some water, crystals, cards and intention as per usual, but spontaneously geared towards the Second Coming and the Christed Child, the third Twin Flame of Master JD and SD, Master GD. What had been prepared was the acknowledgement of the Second Coming, and what had been the spontaneous result was a field of innocence where the child was seen as a pure and playful energy, until it was enough and we closed the space.

The next day we played in a small group in the museum with the idea of finding an art work that somehow connects with who and what you really are: your Creative ID inspiration for that moment. It was a wonderful extra that the Master F had been coming to the event as well. It had become clear to me, through these movements, during the summer in which I had remembered who I am and was in my past lives fully as well, that the energetic and mind co-creation had been established that I had sought on the soul level as the Universal Dean. At the same time, it had been an act of announcing the School that is the co-creation of the Magicians and the Masters to the worlds unconscious mind through speaking the words into the energy field and attune the earths water with it that flows to all places around the globe, by donating the words to the water at the end of the ritual. Of the co-creation school, we came out being the Inner Order of that, also to be regarded the Divine Feminine element of the complementary setting. Then the news came in the Christed Child, Master GD, desired to become Patron of our School, potentially become a student in it too, and as our literal and physical being together in organizational bonds was no longer strictly necessary afterwards, our collaboration in the earthly business sense fizzled out soon after that, announcing months of processing and then becoming true of the results. The inner space of the school, or church if you will, needed a swipe to clear the energy and this took until December 2020 to resolve.

That brings us to right now, in 2020, where the GOLDen blessings of the THMDCC (Trans Human MultiDimensional CoCreator) start emerging, and one of them is this article that reveals a lot of what happened and the Truth and value of it all.

For there is no codependency needed, the Divine Feminine School stands sovereign next to the Divine Masculine one – both complements to a single Union – and both arrive ever at the same co-creational exchanges simultaneously. Standing as an autonomous entity constitutes a spiritual agreement we have and has nothing to do with me leaving or them leaving. It is merely a coming into being of what this was always already supposed to be like, just like in a Harmonious Union the two come intimately together on their own volition and function at any time non-codependently alongside one another yet harmoniously synchronistically. When we see Twin Flames coming into Union, often they need to work out some stuff to be able to get to both of their most ideal places and relate to each other from where they are fully connected to their Soul and Source as well, and this has been a process following the same natural laws.

This constitutes a complete community and business on the one side and the other side of the equation too, yet a spiritual connection between both, also economically, as economy is holistically an energy movement and that is thus – even inadvertently – related. To a degree it does not speak to me to be inside their community, because it is organized in a way that feels foreign to me, the one designed to be having the organization of the complementary brand of inner workings. On the degree in which their way resembles but is not, a harmful cult, I will write another note yet to be announced. To me personally, cult refers to a small group with their own way of thinking and that is certainly what they are; I also find it fair to say that the mind methodology to come to Union Consciousness (that it educates towards) is fair to be called brainwashing in a way, because that is what it literally is: to change the mind, including specifically the unconscious mind, with an explicitly mind altering procedure that replaces the unconscious brain in chemistry. That this results in a mind frame that fits the desired outcome that was the student’s desire in the first place and that is simultaneously the thought process of God in Union, to a tee, is true nevertheless.

Our society is by the way full of cults: small groups that think in idiosyncratic ways are found in the political arena, in school systems, certain work environments and friends groups, it is certainly discernible in religious groups, circles that exist for shared hobby’s and – importantly – families too. The idea of the family as a cult of likeminded people sharing the mindset and according energy with their children and grandchildren, becomes harmful when there are unaddressed psychological issues and unresolved multigenerational trauma; because of the idea of growing up in these ideas and feelings, they often do not seem that strange, off or unnatural, even though generations grow up in connection to other parts of society at large and eventually find other groups and relationships to be with that may question those norms and values silently or explicitly. Families can particularly behave as relatively enclosed social circles that breed and cultivate a mind of its own to such an extend of harm and to such a degree of manipulation that one is not able to leave the harmful idea without leaving the entire context, which in case of a family is most often regarded as a price too high to even consider. When one leaves the culted mind by shifting ones unconscious away from particularly the family cult (or the societal cult: “family” in a larger context) into the desired Union Consciousness, for instance to be able to be in a harmonious way with ones ultimate lover the True Twin Flame, for which this is prerequisite as a law of nature, the phenomenon arises that one is not able to get passed the cult mind that sometimes stays unrecognized that it is ones own family (or society) cult that keeps one stuck, and it gets projected onto Union Consciousness – itself a cult in a sense for it it is another circuit of mind – instead.

The cultural connotation of the words cult and brainwashing are relentlessly negative and defamatory and in that sense cannot be compared in any way with Union Consciousness that is at its worst as awful as Dualism (“normal societal thinking”) for it is an unconscious mind program just like it, and at its best the groundwork for experiencing Heaven on Earth for that is rooted in Unionism. Somewhere on the journey between both mind programs one will need to transition from harm to wellbeing, whether you call it a cult or not, especially for who walks through the process far enough in other words until completion, even the tiniest particles of the way one had come to the newly reached sacred place, are in an inevitable process of dissolving, just like all other illusions of the non-union thus divided mind, and Heaven remains. Who however steps out of the transformation process before that stage is sufficiently reached, will suffer an extra dose of difficulties as a result of the mind obstipation of two rivaling unconscious mind brands – and that is therefore not advisable. To be fully complete in this scope that is possible to reach in this place, it has to be understood that a certain brand of unconscious mind (like the dualistic and the union mind: two brands) will always underly ones reality and in a sense they are equal in that you need to pick one, and that will decide your scope of results possible, and that all are closed thought systems unto themselves that exclude each other, and that the only way to migrate from one program to the other is to exit (“wash”) the organization of the brain in one way to be able to enter the organization of the other. There is a more organic way to get there though, that additionally foregoes the mind cult issue entirely, and that is the energy method way that constitutes the Divine Feminine methodology that we stand for here; however along the way the mind and brain will change accordingly as well automatically because they are intimately related.

The introduction of open meta communication so that more diverse relationships can be acknowledged in the energetic field, and retraction of behaviors such as giving past life info as unasked prasad (sacred food) that can honestly be read by everyone individually when at a certain point in their genuine spiritual journey, will perhaps not be the pure business and disciplinary approach they role play but it will broaden the richness of the horizontal axis additionally of the vertical mind oriented one and give more space to feminine values to come out. In other words it would make cult associations less prevalent while the energy sharing goes up. Because there is no hope that will take place inside their territory, because they embody the Divine Masculine schooling brand, we will need to have it come through us and co-create in the astral. Simultaneously, what we need from our standpoint, is more discipline and less meta communication – you see how fun this works to balance things out. This explanation of affairs is additionally strictly ours, as we are almost endlessly detailed and subscribe more emphatically to the art of an inner balancing out of complementing energies in the body being the ida (female energy) and pingala (male energy) in the individual (being, school) while they are more geared towards getting the outer shell of te architecture of being right, that is the Twin Flame Union and the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine expression inside of that (usually) duet, that then also balances the inside order more and more on the road of having the Union of God in your manifested life.

Swiping the inside of school or church on the universal and making my dreams come true on a personal psychological note, was done throughout fall 2019 and the entire year of 2020 by resolving my C-PTSD, which could certainly be said to embody the more practical, daily life oriented, social-emotional version of what a consciousness transformation entails, specifically from a dualistic to a unified unconscious mindset. The entire process seen as content was eventually very much geared towards shame and guilt: a common human condition preventing your mission to be able to come true and bloom. I resolved that on a personal and professional and thus also global mission level. What people do a lot of the time is: there is shame (not daring to show your true self), then follows blame (laying things outside of yourself), and then that is over-laid with an ego that states as advice: don’t blame and just act and do, but then there is an ego at play… Thus it does not lead to truth and is therefore not a sustainable solution. So, what you do instead is, you wind back to your original state of being before the shame, not the ego, and this is why I always talked about concepts like ‘reset’ (the title of my blog), ‘oer’ (primordial in Dutch, title of my poetry book), ‘transform’ (taken from my Creative ID procedure Transform & Manifest) and so on. Here, you resolve the original shame by applying self love.

You especially also do this, when people do not understand what you are about as professional and while you do make sure you market something with clarity to a focused niche, you remain in integrity with that while doing so. Feeling guilt about “not giving people what they want”, is outdated, because you are your own first client that needs to feel good in the first place, and only then you will be able to bring people what they really need to get to the true sweet spot that brings them as it were on the Golden Age level – instead of merely feeding them something that only holds out until the momentum is gone or the frequency gets too high. In the end, what had been revealed in this context is that the Christed Child, Master GD, symbolized our journey back to our own innocence as Children of God, and that this is akin to the State of Being that will make us really shine, in the light of the symbolic, inner, and literal and outer Golden Age. After all, the inner child is deeply related to the unconscious mind, that plays an enormous role in our education because only the entirety of conscious-plus-unconscious makes an educational step truly possible. It is in the unconscious that true Divine Wisdom enters our brain, in other words we can only hear it when we have our unconscious also open and available for hearing, together with the conscious, operating as a whole.

Divine Wisdom is sometimes called Gnosis; the updated Gnosis is the new Eternal Education. Why we do not literally refer to gnosis (Greek for knowledge from the Divine), which includes Kabala (from Judaism), Sufism (from Islam), Rosicrucianism (from Christianity), Hermeticism (from classical paganism) as the mystic minorities of widespread religions, while referring to Toth-Hermes and the idea of the occult in the sense of hidden knowledge that constitutes the inner order, is that, just like Jesus was not a representative send by Christianity, we are not send by mystic segments of existing religions but instead inform and precipitate them. We could be said to stem from the gnosis that comes directly from the Masters through telepathy as seen in historical Theosophy (another word referencing Divine knowledge), but we are not a mystic section of it that forms a future satellite of it; instead we are a fresh beat on the necklace that originally goes back to the same door in consciousness through which this very wisdom is eternally downloaded. Why we do not literally refer back to the yogic veda’s (Hindu) or Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian philosophy or region; or Russian and Siberian; or Middle Eastern Babylonian, Sumerian; or or Indian American; or Aboriginal Australian; or Buddhist or Daoist and so on, is because we represent a stance in which the very core of such systems are united and ultimately One.

We could be said to be the mystic segment of the new Christed Schools Church though (that is, said to be sure, not a harmful cult in any sort of way, however received as idiosyncratic in this stage of being very new to the world): this is true, as much as they are the outer order of what we unlocked for them to partake in. This school could be said to hang as two co-creating consciousness clouds over the earth and as much as that sounds like fantasy, I’d like to say a few words on making a case for why that is in fact a very normal thing. It does make me laugh though, seen the bewilderment with which I have been looked upon even in my other lives, specifically my well-documented and well-known latest one, about which scholars are still undecided about the validity of many of my adventures and stories, because they sometimes constitute historic and social miracles or segments that seem too good (or wild) to be declared true by scientific standards. However I need to be concise for the scope of this article, what I will say about the workings of the phenomenon (historic, social) Reality, of for instance the Christ, the healing workings of it, and the potential to prove that (in future endeavors), is that reality is made out of energy, which is essentially a wave, a mind process. Even the physical earth including our bodies, is at its core, energy, a wave of microscopical particles in a dance performed in an empty, timeless space. Reality is energy in an empty space moving by the patters cast by the mind: this makes two co-creating energy formations in the stratosphere of the earths mind definitely a real possibility, because they are – as you can read – extensively thought out and mind-maintained by both partners. This makes elements of my past life’s adventures to potentially be energetic (as opposed to more traditionally understood, measurable physical reality) as well.

Anyone believing their realistic reality that is the norm of the outer world interactions in the social and societal sense is an exclusively fixed, rational given described by the outlines of ideas and objects, never a feeling space of energy movements that is subjectively experienced, has a distorted view on their own reality and daily life, consisting of strongly culturally bound ideas, that are religious or secularly colored, historically formed and still moving, and does not see that they themselves travel through four different states of mind and energy every 24 hours that the world turns around the sun: they sleep, wake, dream and are in full consciousness or enlightenment as a pro for otherwise those states cannot be reached to their completion – and they benefit from the alternation of those states. Anyone that has ever done a mind perception altering trip with significantly more hallucinogenic substances then our regular ingestions as food and medication, such as specific types of mushrooms or tea from the roots of certain trees, knows the brain shows before their very eyes, enormous spacious worlds otherwise hidden, that for the time being, think and feel to be very real, hardcore meditators can attest to the fact that there is a vast nothing full of value to experience yourself within you and the fantasy of creatives is embraced as visionary dreams for a future civilization when it suits politicians to refer to them. In other words: reality exists always in the mind and the energy that could be visualized as a cloud of some sort – and it is the attunement of it that makes the difference.

What we stand for is to transform the attunement by a variety of phases the journey grows you through towards GOLD Consciousness (the exponential unfoldment of the unionized consciousness): a journey that can come to new heights through the created contemporary influence of the Master Christ in the creative Magicians action field. Personally, he taught me to co-create to the fullest capacity and true meaning of that word that I had been using since around 2011 to build what we have today. Also, to value myself and to go through my fear that is essentially non-existent. He taught me self trust and God faith. Professionally, what memes are, that they are archetypes that click in with worlds that are belief systems and from which system (dual) we currently transform to which (Union), to have a laugh herein too. All-in-all he taught me how to position myself eternally correctly, as professional within the structure of the right God and Love mindset, which had been my biggest issue the past decade before this 5 year period intersected for the benefit of all. He reformatted for me how to sell and communicate – which is the same -, and that “how” is: through Truth, which means naked (figuratively).


The Process and the Truth

However we introduce the idea of Truth as essential for growth, and that we tapped into it for the benefit of all, and that is vulnerable on a personal level yet steady as a rock on the universal note, for this exact moment, you nevertheless may find there are elements in the story that you do not agree with, and that is okay, for we do not need to be codependent in our understandings as far as I’m concerned as a beginning situation. For the amount there is actual Truth in what I state, about my personal story and the universal story that is in it and under it as well, there is an element of finding out for yourself what that is, and make it come true in your own understanding and physical life. There is a journey that is your process that connects those points on a timeline and you are very welcome to experience that with us. The only way is to try it out for yourself and then arrive in your direct experience of Truth.

This is for what our co-creation stands for is a true version of a human life, both as a personal experience as well as a universal architecture within that; not a false counterfeit fabricated by a dying empire of earthly hell created by doing love and money outside of the sacred Source relationship. The process consists of feeling through the many different untrue forms that can be lived outside of the Soul and God Realization through that. My road of creation showed many of those as well, especially because I had been going through this ultimate high point of Creation in the decade I had been culturally and socially been expected to work myself into a depression in a 40 hour job for 3500 Euro per month that uses my best qualities for a goal that serves materialistic overlords while getting married to someone that would be a good monetary decision that I do not ultimately love, bare 3 children and emotionally mistreat them by uncritically passing on multigenerational trauma in fresh forms but nevertheless. If you believe this is a gross exaggeration, think again.

Let’s not talk about the projections and pressures such a seemingly alternative choice somehow elicits unsolicited unfounded criticism with or without words, because they are founded in the idea that we do not have a soul that only refers to an eternal life where the desire for such experiences is always possible through miracle and through the nature of eternal death and birth and let’s forget about the idea that I have instead been doing merely nothing in comparison for it could not have been further from the Truth, because it is the very groundwork of any sane living that has been executed in only seemingly empty years filled with expensive investments. True freedom comes from – among others, and in my case – realizing that the core and centre of being a woman is to be able to be a student of life and, ultimately, Christ Consciousness, as I was taught by Mary the Mother of Christ.

Any serious contribution to the world starts with being self-aware enough to rid yourself of the arrogance you can do without. To build a life with the correct priorities and having laid the correct base, is not only your moral duty, but it is the only desire that is logical to cultivate, in a world hungry for Realness and Sensitivity more then anything else. This is timeless and has nothing to do with life cycle expectation of any (sub-) culture. The highest results come to you from the timeless plane, being of a spiritual impeccable morality automatically, for they had never been motivated by the acquisition of any good but by the desire for being and acting your full Divine potential for the highest good of All.

In what are traditionally supposed to have been the peak years of my emotional and financial life, I transmuted all well-known mundane human social-societal desires to a Magic-Christed version, for the Highest Good of All. This thus constitutes a spiritual law in itself: transform the mundane yet secretly false and illusional life elements to their sacred love version when you are in the prime of the corresponding desire. This guarantees a beneficial outcome for the individual and the universal together.

Therefore, the years 2020, 2021 and beyond, are so incredibly fit for massive inner change, leading to outer change in the birth of ones Magic-Christed good as the outcome of ones desires, on the personal and the worldwide scale simultaneously. There has never been more (spiritual, sexual) energy been set free individually and collectively then right now and that gives a tremendous return on investment when the student taps into that opportunity with the right tools, invented and developed exactly for this season of the earth development, in which humanity feels the collective pressure that catalyses the very choice that needs to be made by all NOW: choose Love.

The new professionality is being Divine Love’s Magician.



Picture: End of the ceremony in summer 2019 in Toronto, Canada.