What is your soul creator type? It is great to get a better view on what this is for you, so you can always feel into that place when you want to move forward with your life mission. This is your Creative ID. We have created this fun, short taste for you to find that out, in a quiz, click the picture:

The outcome will be for your creative nature as a life artist over-all, or for the moment, or in a specific situation you had in mind while doing the quiz. There is certainly a durable outcome for your soul, and sometimes it takes a little time and experience to know this for sure.

We have more ways to get a grasp of what that is for you, such as in the program Abundance Now. Also, you can understand this as a simplified view on your creator type, and a complete individual one can be formulated by you, through following our programs, or for you, by our channeling done in the Creative ID Reading report.

The simplified way of looking at the four major types, has a great advantage though. Because it in this form fits precisely on the model for holistic business that we use in Creative Universe to bring your mission alive. After all, bringing your soul creativity and your holistic entrepreneurial endeavor together is what we stand for so uniquely in the world!

The four major Creative ID types – and you now know yours through the quiz! – can be combined with the four major roles that any entrepreneur needs to cover within themselves or in their direct team they operate inside. This gives an immense insight for how to put your natural soul strengths to work immediately. That is why the following article explains this in more detail to you:


Visionary, marketeer and manager: the roles in the theatre called business

When you are working for a boss, your role is often a given, offered to you as a fixed job. When you are an entrepreneur, artist, project leader operating independent from bigger organizations or boss, you deal with the fact that you can invent your own role and develop it how you see it fit.

All possible roles for an independent existence, you will have to invent and sustain yourself, when you do not only work independently, but also alone. Most entrepreneurs or project leaders start like that. It is even advisable for this is how you will find the holistic and energetic right place for yourself within the whole, which is the only sustainable way to build a project, business or entrepreneurship. It is the only fair and just way of collaboration with others as well, no matter at which level – and for sure when you think about sharing the ‘boss role’!

This does not mean, that you cannot build a team, ask assistance or hire employees. That you cannot build a community of fans or followers and reward them. You can, but it does mean you will keep track of your initiative in the right way, keep it fair and respectful, until you potentially stumble upon other structures, via this respectful start up energy frame work, and only when you see this work well after a trial period. Most problems in businesses and projects, have their foundation in this initial choice and phase!

Three roles we can distinguish that are the most basic and at the same time deep: the visionary, the marketeer and the manager. All three are needed for a functioning business or project, whether you take them all in yourself, or you divide them equally over three people or other variants. It is logical and as suggested above also recommendable, to however start with yourself and to ask yourself which of these roles you play from your natural soul attunement out.

Therefore, now first more on the three roles.

The visionary is like a sort of an artist, she has a dream, an ideal or a vision about a rough direction that needs to be taken for grand results. Grand love, grand abundance or whatever fits that vision. The visionary is impulsive, paints broad pictures and tells colorful stories that bring people to a new and better world and future. The marketeer is the one that simply loves people, knows what moves them and also when it is about big numbers of people, has a feeling for each of them. She knows intuitively what to say to people to make them feel at ease and feel better. Selling from the standpoint of compassionate love, is easy for the marketeer. The manager is the general that organizes the processes via which paying clients are in fact served what they bought, so they can participate in the grand vision. It is the architect of the systems that serve for the daily work to be done, that is needed to execute the grand vision. How much do you feel related to each of these categories?

A visionary can work with a marketeer. This is a common combination, and a powerful one too. Love for people, the desire to make connections and a fresh future vision that picks up on topical societal issues, can release enormous energy and lead to big communities irl or online. Communities that are being activated by calls to action or sometimes even come into action all of themselves. In this community, you are able to easily sell a whole host of products and services. A disadvantage is that the actual distribution of what has been sold, has no grounded place.

A marketeer can work with a manager. The amount of mutual love a marketer can generate in a group of people, the manager is able to bring into systems and pump out the products for. The manager can indicate to the marketeer where it stands with the providing of service or the product to the enthusiast client. And how many more clients are needed to come in, to reach certain goals. A disadvantage is that there is no true direction or higher goal for the sales and the handling of them. Also the long term vision lacks and therefore the result is that sustainability will get in danger.

A manager can work with a visionary. The visionary has practical support from the manager. The manager will be the concretization of the dream of the visionary and will provide the needed business systems to be able to make come true the visionary’s dream. This gives the situation of a manager that has a wonderfully colored cloud hanging over her head, that gives great meaning to the systems such as communication, administration, organization. A disadvantage is that the outreach to people that could be served, does not get any concretization here. No campaign has been rolled out here, to spread the central message and thus make the business systems work in the favor of the dream, and this campaign will not start as long as there is no marketeer.

This is how you see that a project or entrepreneurship, organized by an officially registered business, or in a network company form, or in a project form that is free floating between individuals or companies or institutions, see such a project needs the three functionalities, all of them. The basic roles of manager, marketeer and visionary can indeed be placed on three different people that work together on a common goal. In that case, one has to understand that these people are very differently attuned people, that you therefore may potentially normally not even like to hang out with. Misunderstandings between people that are naturally attuned with different roles, are more common then not; you will have to understand they do speak another language completely! Another option is to embody all three roles yourself.

At the very start of a company, you will often see a solo entrepreneur embodying all three roles. It makes healthy sense to ask yourself, which of the roles you see yourself naturally. Are you the wild, grand philosopher, the visionary? Do you always feel like talking to people, like the marketeer does? Do you love organizing and building systems, such as the documents on your computer that order data, for a topical goal, like a manager does?

You can perhaps find one or two dominant roles for yourself, that you carry inside of you; otherwise, ask the people around you where they see you. Aspects that you lack, could be filled in by developing and trial and error, or by educating yourself and being personally coached, by hiring temporary help as well. Another option is to start a partnership with people that can supplement your natural proclivities. Please, keep on seeing yourself as the taker of the initiative, as the pivotal point in your search and do not be tempted to turn the game around when you talk with potential partners: this is your search for your goal. Let people honestly assess themselves within these roles as well, and have an open conversation about if you have a working business or project here, or not. This is how you calculate business risks in a very basic and social manner. Draw your conclusions, be fair and say no when necessary.

The Creative ID method adds the advisor, that knows how to transform the three more executives roles into more of themselves. This can be a board member, or a business coach, or a spiritual teacher. It can also be your own process of going deeper. Another extension of this story is: the Twin Flame is for everyone in their Life Purpose the best partner. You will find the Twin Flame has naturally complementary features to you, and the roles will be naturally divided between the two of you. How this plays out for you, can be found out in the Creative ID Reading. A small peek into the Creative ID energy method, giving clues as to where the marketeer, manager – and visionary and the advisor for that matter – are placed, is as follows.

Every creation and what is created through you, is preceded by consciousness.

It can safely be said that consciousness itself is creative – and we are experiencing this universal law in action. Creativity is what you are. In that sense, the idea of identity here, is subordinate to the Source of Creation. Your identity is never who you think you are, but rather who you truly are through the Unionized eye of Creation.

Thus, Creative ID as a method desires to teach you be your unique expression of the One Source and express your inborn capacities, that unfolds in any professional or educational situation in co-creation with its surroundings.

Most of the time we ask ourselves: what do we desire to create and why do we desire it. World famous coaches ask you these two question too. That refers back to the thing we want and the motivation behind it to go get it and make it happen.

With Creative ID we do it differently. We do what is considered impossible and study the how. The question: how? is the way you individually create. The creative gesture is an energetic one. This wave is for everyone done through Soul per definition, that subtle place of your true identity, that waves through everything you touch with your mind, body and emotions.

There are 4 general blueprints for types of answers to this how-question. And 9 helping forces (of which the before mentioned are a part) exist to structure this entire field of procedures to create within the Now. The 4 main blueprints, or creation moments – to keep it very succinct for a moment, as this entire document tries to be a summary and an introduction – together form an endless loop of a creative process. Any creative process: of art, of business, of meditation, of deep and healing realizations and so on.

A lot can be said about what a creative process really is. In short: it is an energy form that passes through certain stages to go from idea to manifestation, not forgoing the essential stage of destruction of what is no longer needed (as it is, as we will see, in fact the most important stage of all that in a way comprises all of the before mentioned in one go!). You are the One through which this energy form passes and comes into existence.

One can start a process to master the technique of focussing the process, which seemingly contradictory will ask a lot of surrender from the practitioner. Creators (which is: everyone) will experience that they find certain stages of the creative process to be more alined with their natural soul attunement. Also, one will find that the process at any point, will ask form the practitioner to go deeper in themselves for the next step or stage to happen automatically and without forcefulness.

This going deeper, is called the procedure. It is the motivator for the process. It means you go to your Source within to be fed by core energy to be able to manifest the next step. Everyone has a unique energy blueprint in which this movement takes place: your so called ‘how’ again. Your how can be colored in a certain way, and the main indicator we use here, will be a verb or a collection of verbs, such as: transform and manifest, or dance. This indicates a soul feeling, a taste, and eventually plays a big role in your Creative ID: the nature of who you truly are as Creator.

The four main creators moments are thus:


Black, the mirror, discipline, learning. Hip and leg area. Devotion.
The Coach “I see the things that do not work. I bring others to insight as to what doesn’t work.”

The advisor in business and often OF the business and thus stands more or less outside of the business. Shiva energy in Indian philosophy.
We look in the Mirror to see only Love.


Golden, ideas, concepts, creating anew. Brain area. Knowledge.
The Opener “I am the starter motor. I can open others so that they become a starter too.”

The visionary in business. Brahma energy in Indian philosophy.
We are sensitive to the Spark of Life.


White, building with heart, letting the heart do its co-creational work. Throat and heart area. Resonance.
The Builder “I am the one that builds structures that are based on the right solid ground. I make that others know their place in this and structure themselves.”

The manager in business. Krishna energy in Indian philosophy.
We let our Heart co-create with feathery lightness.


Silver, acknowledging, selling, executing, sharing, co-creating. Belly, intestinal area. Work.
The Acknowledger – “I clarify the state of affairs and acknowledge the result. I inspire others to acknowledge themselves.”

The marketer in business. Vishnu energy in Indian philosophy.
We share our true Value freely.

And then back to destroy, as it is an eternal circle or creation, that is a spiral of development, which causes an exponential expansion, following the mathematical laws of fractals:


Now you are all the way through the business role blog – congratulations! let us know what you learned for your case in a comment below – I’d love to bring you to a fun opportunity to get intuitive guidance for your current situation. I made this card reading video to find out your best step to take from here, whatever your situation is.

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