Having worked professionally with artists of all genres for two decades in multiple capacities in the high art kind of institutes and for myself, and having had a professional career as nationwide published literary author and performer, I know very well how difficult this combination can be with building an economical sound life simultaneously. More broadly this is true for any independent professional shaped by the power of their heart as a life artist.

The economical downfall is much worsened for many nowadays, as we speak 2022 now, the year that we collectively go deeper and experience economical collapse as byproduct before it can start to change into something we may yet barely recognize or acknowledge is possible but will arise as we tune into new levels of Heart from Self to create MEconomy (a term coined by us since around 2013 to describe creating your market from the forgotten deeper me, the self, the soul).

For years I studied new ways of dealing, in the past: how to be an artist that actually assists people and therefore society become better and more enlightened versions of themselves, or more effective and healthy even too, because they have creative qualities, which can be translated to coaching those qualities in itself to others in a way less related to the original art form it was distilled from, yet still remaining in full respect for the artistic oeuvre the artist has as well.

This was fairly possible, with the help of the groundbreaking theory I created in my academical research that I completed in 2006. Also, as I started a new field study in economy and entrepreneurship, both traditional and holistic (and alternative too in fact) that lasted for 10 years. Building the intellectual environment where this was to be executed, was not yet enough, so it seemed. I brought in my spiritual journey that was hands on and enegetic-bodily since I met my teacher in early 2000, because the idea of hard economical times are in the spiritual sense merely a belief, a story we tell ourselves, and our essence is free from stories, as it is just IS, and from there on out, CREATES.

But then stil… you know what, maybe it really HAD to come to this: the year 2020, that surprised us with its awfulness as much as with its depth for who let that sense of “yuk” do its work by processing what it did to you emotionally so your heart became more clear and peaceful. Taking up the task to transform your creative qualities as artist and building a second pilar to your career, as coach, should be regarded wore welcome then ever, for economical benefits but just as much as for the True Calling that is in audible this time.

Similarly, this is for lightworkers, healers, authors, speakers, advisors and so on, that work independently or desire to. And let’s not forget those that simply feel their Heart and desire to contribute but are yet unsure how or what of the before mentioned category exactly they belong to or would like to take on moving forward. This is a time of great inner healing and as a result a push to become visible as your Creative ID You, take that seriously and professionalize that.

Because your Creative ID is – what we have found over all those years – your true self on the soul level, the self that is the essential actor for this new time. This is in a many ways another way of being yourself then the engrained individual and societal pattern, the ego personality traits that you thought you were, the survival of the fittest 

Because we believe that business and spirituality go together. Because it is eventually the spiritual journey that shapes your personal development, in which business is the social aspect that brings to life your mission while using time and money to order the workings of it.

Why not lead the entire journey to find your True Self, your True Mission, learn how holistic business works, and start to execute it, from the perspective of the greatest denominator: the soul that is connected to Source. This will let all your life aspects fall into the right and truly sustainable – because: eternal – place.

In that way, business development – as coach, as healer, as artist, as author, as speaker and beyond – can be a motor for your spiritual unfoldment too. While you go deeper in your Heart, your business makes leaps towards new fields of clients, that deepens your Heart again and so on.

While you go through the doors of consciousness that are open to you right now for you individually AND because of the universal steps available in 2022, your business makes the move towards the One True Mission that is here for you in the New World that starts unfolding at this time. You can live this together with your Ultimate Co-Creational Partner that is your Twin Flame realistically, too.

Your Creative ID is like the key to that New World. You can now find out what yours is through a fun quick quiz. Or maybe it is yours only for the moment, for the current state of mind, but nevertheless, you get a sense of what you are in the face of the new challenges you find yourself before. Click the picture to go to the Creative ID quiz:

When you click through the entire journey of the quiz, to the MORE section, you will eventually find practical and insightful business consequences described for your type as well. As a gift to make your 2022 the best year yet, a harbinger for a valuable future. – Let’s do this together.