The holidays are different this year, we are invited to create the PEACE we so desire in our hearts homes in ourself. This peace message completes your Christmas <3


Dear sensitive creative, dear friend,

To be honest, 2020 did not fully go to plan for me. On a worldwide scale, in our society at large, this is true and nobody escaped the consequences. Now that Christmas is right before us and the end of the year nigh, it seems a good time to evaluate: did it go good or bad “not according to plan”?

When we lost large amounts of income or health, this can be detrimental for how much that is concerned. Then what we gained in wisdom about how to deal and maybe even further into that, about who we really are, can be a huge win at the same time.

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I hope this letter reaches you well, as I desire health and affluence for you so that you can continue to invest in your journey to the Love Connected Money that is the result of a Creativity that stems from Creation. This is possible, as I have stated for years. Still I am also on a journey.

In 2020 you took part (or not yet) in two parts of our shared journey together: the Money and the Self Love Game – online challenges that brought us together in an attempt to go our path in the experience of abundance with tangible results. The school programs did not fully open yet as announced, only partially, that is the major visible difference for you in what I spoke about is coming up.

While outside the issues were raging, and news outlets and social media were filled with seemingly nearly only talk about solutions for or against, I worked out in my office-atelier many unexpected but necessary details and additional lessons to be solved before the doors could be swinging open to a larger audience.

This was partly due to the happenings of the world or were an answer to it, but mostly because there was so much more to integrate suddenly about who I am and what I offer. All-in-all I saw that I chose to – as a means to take full responsibility – integrate all new subtle information that came up first. Eventually, I could see – as that goes! you may also recognize this for yourself – that I had been in fact working out many details of the past five years of working on the inner planes with the Masters.

The Masters are humans walking the earth, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner just like you and me, and at the same time they are very spiritually wise – a wisdom that comes to assist us not even only from their body and work out, but sometimes even from their spirit directly, like when you attune your radio to a certain signal: there, right there, they speak their advice about what you need it to be about. Looking back, I can only say, they went over the Creativity & Creation methodology that we use here, with an entirely fresh gist.

The impact was great and I was still tying up that process to reap the full results privately and professionally. By now, this emotional responsibility is at last fulfilled through the pressure of the 2020 worldly happenings or against it – but mostly I’d like to see it as: the unexpected win. My Christmas messages to you are about that and even from them.

“The time has come for us to be in your heart. You will hear us in your mind as well. This is normal. The time is here for those that choose peace to be in peace with us. The specific kind of peace we offer you at this time of great distress, is one that will make you leave the constraints of dualism without leaving your grounded contribution to the world from your inner core out.” – Master JD

The first (full) message for you, that I hope inspires you, is about Choosing Peace at this time. It may sound surprising to you, as it expresses a relatively uncommon perspective on things. When you can hear it with the right mindset, I believe it can be very freeing (click the link):

The second message is about the Masters version of what peace is, that is a deeply spiritual answer, it is GOLD Consciousness. They give some initial indications about how to get going when transforming your consciousness in that direction (click the link):

Yes, my present to you is these inspiring messages [plus my secret gift when scrolling all the way down]. It is my wish that my abundance in consciousness transforming texts, is allowed to do something of value for you.

Now we are here, in the Creative Universe (my brand), with full emotional responsibility moving forward, I am going to express the fulfillment of financial responsibility more and more as there are great things lined up to come to you, and I am looking so much forward to that, as the whole intention is to walk that Path together with you.



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