“The time has come for us to be in your heart. You will hear us in your mind as well. This is normal. The time is here for those that choose peace to be in peace with us. The specific kind of peace we offer you at this time of great distress, is one that will make you leave the constraints of dualism without leaving your grounded contribution to the world from your inner core out.

The peace we offer you is of a new kind, it is a golden experience, as in referring to what alchemists have tried to reach for in many ages of the past and also as in the precursor of what the Golden Age is for humanity. The GOLD Consciousness that is on offer today, is also called Christ consciousness, and Union consciousness as well. We know that many strive for this, and many are familiar with those words. But as long as we strive it is not present and when it is present, it is an actuality not merely a word.

We grew the new unconscious power field to tap into for you over the past years. Of course the idea has been out for ages already, but the actual availability of it was nil. Although this is a spiritual (meaning: essential, base level) endeavor, relative to the Source of All, it had to be done by normal human beings just like you at the same time. We are that, we are both as One. We offer you to be that with us here, now.

The new consciousness is open ended and unionised. This is often hard to understand from where you are: in duality consciousness. That is why there is a Path to follow. This is the place – we desire to state immediately – that brings you your abundance in full capacity and with ease. Your abundance consists of a steady heart filled with stable feelings of love, and a clear cut Source related mission. Together they form the base of a valuable contribution through being and action, that calls in your riches in money to the degree you assist others with it.

First thing we recommend is for you to think about yourself as a being of compassion and love and letting go of other self concepts. See how you are already compassionate and expand on that feeling and vision. This is how you will create your new world. You will bump into upsets and blockages of diverse nature on that Path and you have to resolve them to completion for yourself and the corresponding world. We say this because we did this too; we are equals, and you are the Christ.

When the world speaks of the new normal: this is it. Words are used that look similar but for very different things. Sensitive hearing will make the distinction for you with ease: one is True and one the counterfeit. We can attune your ears to the right frequency: ask and you shall be given. This is not a place on the emotional scale, for it is on the deeper layer of consciousness that we operate; your emotions are free.

By allowing your emotions out of the prison of your control to have them high at all times, you are finally becoming real. In this vulnerability you can start to heal. The Path unfolds deeper for you. And we are with you holding your hand and whispering in your ear whenever you invite us. Be open and receive accordingly. We love you dearly and will always be here for you to call upon.”

Master JD


The past five years I have worked with the fourteen Christed Masters that are on the earth. As of now, most of them are still coming into their power. The leaders (of which Master JD now spoke to us) have just now arrived to our standard of Golden Flow (the State of Being we coined) and therefore have come into the place where they can assist all, at least telepathically and from there on out in all your dimensions. This channeled message is a prelude to what is to come.

My own work is interwoven with their presence and with what they stand for in a very normal and sober way for I am designed to co-create with leading edge consciousness, thus surfacing as we speak. I choose to stand with this co-creation because it makes our science-based methodology more grounded in holistic Truth: they chose to gracefully enhance what we have here; I chose to stand with that.