You have been pulled in one direction or the other, concerning the situation in the world. You feel strong about where you believe you are heading. You feel right about the consequences of your choice. But somehow, you feel bad still. Like, an undercurrent of anger and fear, of insecurity. It is as if your firm choice for your solution, does not suffice. Is there more to it, to return to a stable peace within – and thus without? Maybe consider to choose peace, choose the third option.

Forgive yourself that you don’t know the true peaceful solution yet. It may be very logical because you may not yet have fully processed your childhood trauma, multigenerational and other trauma yet. Or the trauma from believing you are separate from Source, from your soul, your self, your good, your inner and outer abundance… your money. You may be knowingly or unknowingly hurt in your emotions that create severe tensions in your body organs; in your mind that has an out of order biochemistry in your brain; in your body’s inner clockwork in some way, and this directs the way you see the world as drama. Choose peace instead.

Choose to go through this phase with peace, if you do not want to get ill, or if you unconsciously want to, even if you desire to die, be in peace and go in peace. Choose where you desire to go, create your own path following your intuition babystep by babystep. Move through the world as your creation in peace. See the not-peace, forgive yourself, go deeper. Detach, let other people choose their choice, even if they want to die, that is okay, this is not how the game of life works, you can’t control that, and everything and everyone we so called gained in the material sense, we have to let go of eventually, so choose to live in the fullness of that notion. There is a fulfillment in colliding your consciousness with the entirety of that.

Don’t forget half of all things in panic, remember the whole of everything. The wholeness of life is in accepting what you are even if nobody understands it, or even if nobody asks you what you truly stand for, even if you do a bit of what seems the new outer life norm of cautiousness and do not really feel it, even if you are extremely cautious and think it can never be enough, maybe still nobody sees you and your true intent. Your true care for the world, expressed in your over-cautiousness for everyone. Your true care for the world because of your true heartfelt compassion devoid of fear, another option, may still not be acknowledged, even though your compassion is deeper then any bug or cure can ever reach.

Choose the whole of everything. Not overextending your responsibilities; not the bottomless pit of ever deepening your compassion. Choose the whole of you, including your death, and choose a love so complete you can ascend within that wholeness. You can choose the third option from that place of acceptance. You can be there unconditionally. No matter if daily the struggle continues, but you can choose rest. No matter the emotions that keep on being stirred up by worldly happenings, but you can choose to feel them out, let them run through your entire being, heal something emotional you already wanted to heal anyway along the way and let it go. You can do that, even if it takes you getting accustomed to a whole new sort of life experience for the days, weeks, months and even some years to come.

Choose peace now. This is the moment.

Peace can look as in the picture, but peace can look like very many things. Peace can look like complying with new rules. Peace can look like being against freshly introduced norms. Peace can stay calm and on the background. Peace can blaze like a flame unexpectedly. Peace can look like – as seen from the outside – crazy. It can – from other people’s perspective – look as if you are angry and out for a fight. Peace can – from a distance – look as if you are afraid and act accordingly. Peace can look many things because it is not a “look”, it is a state. It can look anything because that is the viewers projection and possibly some fleeting old skins your are shedding in this process of collective yet individual healing.

Trust your kind of peace, no matter what you or others think it looks. Even if you know that you walk some awkward steps and say some words you earlier would never have, keep on trusting your process in choosing peace. Understand yourself: you are learning, this is in many ways an extreme time. You can still choose peace. Leave the rest, and also: perspectives.

Stay with peace or with the choice that will lead you to (more) peace.

Be in peace with the way you deal. In peace with the way others deal. The peace you are in, while acting or being, is what counts, the peace WITH whatever that is. That is the third option. Choose it fully. Your path will unfold.

*Om Amen*


This blog was for the occasion of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in our astronomical world, a cultural phenomenon associated among others with the Biblical Star of Bethlehem.