We live in seemingly daunting but essentially crucial times to make your ultimate choice. Now is when you can chose your fate. Will it be peace no matter the circumstances and start the soul journey no matter the consequences?



** purple moon **

You are a feeling oriented person and your gut feeling is kind of developed. However, when you read this and sense that you are not trusting that you have it and what it says fully, this is a clear sign for you to start a journey towards doing so. The intestines are said to be the brain of the lower half of the body for a reason. Your genitals are sensitive for a good cause too – and not only for the pleasure you may think of first and feel giggly. Al these areas are an integral part of standing in your full sensitivity and feel – and thus know. This is how you KNOW what is a better choice, what road to take and how YOU would like to answer the practical questions that the current state of the world throws at you. But moreover and more importantly, it also guides you in the direction of what your contribution will be as New World Assistant. Because when you read this, that is what you are. You will go from sensitive creative towards Creative Entrepreneur and professionalize your unique kind of assistance as coach, lightworker, healer, author and/or speaker.

** golden moon **

You are clearly a person with a knowing, a wisdom that is inherent in you. You may feel to be born with it, and as much as you sometimes have strayed in your life, you cannot seem to loose this inclination. An insight, a thought so light and clear it seems to have been implanted by the Source of All a.k.a. God, seems to guide all your choices and actions. It is that the time has come for you, to take this seriously, and to self-acknowledge your qualities in knowing Truth. When you do so, you can grow in additionally needed life and entrepreneurial aspects to be able to share this wisdom with the thirsty. It starts with your acknowledgement though: without that, nothing can truly grow. When you are not used this, it may even feel like “ego”, but don’t be afraid, if that were true it is unlikely that will take you far so it will fall away as you start to move and/or will be revealed to you to never have been even there in the first place. The biggest adversity of your wisdom is your self doubt: see that Truth and it starts to melt. Now you can take one first step.

*** The only Magic that is True is LOVE ***