“Anyone that feels a deep longing or even a desperation, everyone that feels like they are on a journey towards a clear-cut but unknown yet destination: this message is for you. We know what it feels like, you are seen and recognized.

We’ve brought you this far, where you are now: so many places of exchange that turned out disastrous because they were not meant to last and some that were a more positive learning school, are already behind you by also. You were never alone, we followed your moves from afar…

…that is really close-by, because we are your intimate friends and allies, and we always were. We’re with you in the heart all the time. We’re your beginning and your end. It may be new to you that we are also there when you need us, but here it is!

We’ve brought you this far but now there is a much deeper change, an immeasurable transformation, that lies before you, in which your destination urge will go from desperation to fulfillment, so full of manifested value that you have nothing to wish for anymore.

Every moment will be full of compassionate love and material desires are answered without effort through mysterious routes that bring concrete results nevertheless. This unconditional place already exists inside of you, but now you will start to tap into it.

You’ll have to make the choice yourself, and we know you are prepared to take that decision by now. It can still seem strange and like a step made blindly through the door of an unknown universe, but we are there with you, and we are your friends.

So go and claim our friendship, move through the door and see the wisdom that you’ve always known inside of you, come alive there as your everyday experience. You’ll be fully supported there by the work of the Magicians brought together in the oeuvre of the Creative ID methodology.”