The foundation of having the True Twin Flame and the birthright Abundance come in is being on the journey long enough so you’ll go deeper and see the Truth of it: it is you and already yours. Then you make it come true.

The journey is an essential part of creating that foundation for these beautiful miracles to happen and become fully physical for you, 3d, daily life, lived reality, relationship in a home and money in the bank. Get comfortable in the journey, doing spiritual work every day, is my best advice.

Then when the foundation is fully functioning, you can also start to think about building. Building a business for instance, working relationships as well. This will be placed on the foundation, to have it be as sustainable as virtually possible.

To create this foundation, a couple of ideas and tools are necessary. Because I want you to have access to the journey just like that, I started to give them out for free in February 2022 and ever since in my social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram for you to view and as an interactive experience in the online monthly Mini Program in our Facebook community Your Abundance.

It is my honor to be able to give you the fundamentals so that you are never needing to suffer being without the foundation. Of course, you are allowed to give back by means of donating if you so desire, but that is not a strict requirement.

The Mini Program is important because it gives you the opportunity to interact and have experiences, so that it is much more then some lines to read: you start to understand it in the right way and become ready to start doing it yourself afterwards. Our team provides you with the tools that you need – and they are all you need, you are absolutely able to do the entire journey and arrive with just them.

The elements in the Mini Program that are important starting material for you that you can finish with as well, are:


The KEY tool came into being to aid you to your Twin Flame Union and your Soul Money directly, by making you feel good immediately and journey to these goals on the long run precisely as well. In involves taking 4 steps genuinely and vulnerably for yourself, which makes you turn around how you feel about your current reality so that you start to feel different from which you can birth a new reality that is one step further in the direction of your ultimate life.

Every month you can learn the KEY tool in the Workshop and it is important to come in and learn it together interactively so that you get a real feel for how it is supposed to be done and wipe out any potential misunderstandings about it. There are two versions of this tool and they can both be tried out. The last fundamental element that can be experienced in the KEY Workshop is saying the Decree: a sacred way of claiming the end of your journey already in the here and now that really works.


This may sound like a strange word, but it simply refers to the book ‘A Course In Miracles’ that is being used in this second type of monthly online live event you are welcome to attend. It is a book with a method in it that stands on itself completely; it’s also for free (online, although one can of course buy a paper copy of quality should one desire) and perfectly fit for self study.

We have selected this method to use for you as additional element, so you are able to go to a deeper understanding of reality itself and the spiritual Truth the entire journey ultimately refers to; the Twin Flame and your Abundance are the Truth for everyone in a universe that has certain laws and works in a sacred order – and these are able to be learned in full clarity through this method. It certainly has a feel of Christian mysticism to it, but just as much refers to education and psychology. Religious terminology is used to explain certain ideas to you that would otherwise be unable to be expressed; the son of the Father stands for everyone as child of the Divine, for instance, and Christ is important in the definition of that this is the deeper potential of everyone.

This method is actually not what we stand for in itself; it functions as a equal partner methodology that pairs remarkably well as a more Divine Masculine attuned tool with the more Divine Feminine attuned core methodology that we ourselves have and stand for. A beautiful complement that adds some very specific clarity that can be incredibly useful. When we have the ACIM event, we open the book as an oracle (‘random’) and discuss the piece of text that was found. It always turns out to be just what you needed.

Q&A plus Group Energy Reading

It is normal that questions arise, practical about the work or more personal or insight based. Once a month there is space to ask them in this event that also contains some playful group energy reading efforts using oracle cards. Because we are a group that practices the tools to be on the journey, there is a group vibe and the reading has something to say about that for you that can be of intuitive help.


It is natural to start your own endeavor when your foundation becomes in order. This can be your creative project that you desire to share, or your business that you want to set up or bring to a higher level, or your dream work in whichever way fits you best. Fresh inspiration for this part of the journey we get and share in the online monthly Master Mind Club. Sometimes we just only have a dream about what we want to create, or we simply love to have some feedback through natural conversation and meeting one another about where we are in the now: that is certainly more then enough to participate.

Thus the 4 events of Mini Program give you an allround taste from what we stand for and what the journey is about. From this program, you can take the jump and go deeper. Deeper into your journey by using the material and inspiration, and deeper into our work as well, because these events only represent the tip of the iceberg of what we offer (in programs, methodology and more). At the very same time we guarantee that you actually CAN do the entire journey with just this!

Note that should you want to go from the Mini Program that has its living room in our community Your Abundance, to coaching – which is highly recommended -, you can start directly with the nice small KEY sessions and if you desire to go deeper in an individualized full blown VIP Session of 2 hours + materials & aftercare you can ask for your free Strategy Session in which we will discuss if this is a good fit for you, what fits you best and where you could come when you’ve completed it.