How to determine it’s truly them.

Is it your True Twin Flame, or a false one? Five signs from both experience of me and my clients plus channeling the Divine, it’s your True One & one BONUS sign!


Your True Twin Flame actually does love you perfectly at all times, even when you don’t like how you are temporarily being treated, you know and deep down feel that they are loving you into your ultimate version and you can feel a deep sense of gratitude for that fact because it helps you grow in a space of being unconditionally loved.

Your False Twin Flame does not actually love you, they will however pretend they do for their own agenda or a personality infatuation and to have their own needs met without taking you seriously into consideration fully on the fundamental level. When you push sufficiently on the deeper motivation of their desire to be with you, you will always find out there is something not entirely whole about their love.


You do think same deeper thoughts around the same time. You will get to understand this when you do get to know them better over time, and you’ll see that always when you have the inclination to go in a certain new direction, or get the hunch to get to prepare an upleveling of your life, your True Twin Flame will have a remarkably similar stirring in the same vein that works together perfectly with your developing thought process, while speaking about a healed mind or healing one (because an unhealed one can hold development back).

Your False Twin Flame will work against your deeper creative thinking flow and for instance leave you alone just when you think you are going to go build on something more sustainable together with them. At least it will not come together harmoniously as their thought process does not follow the same flow and even when they do give you the initial impression they are in your corner and your story moving into the future, it comes out to not be their honest autonomous though process.


You go in the same direction with your True Twin Flame: life will develop to a togetherness simply because both of your innate creation desires work out perfectly complementary. You do not manipulate yourself in order to be able to squeeze your life to be fit to be with them, and neither are they. You are genuinely independently desiring to move in the same direction on the deeper level, even when it is hard to be open about it, or you still hold it back in practice a lot because of fear (which will melt away and heal with your True Twin Flame, if you accept the work and process).

A false Twin Flame will not move with you to a coherently co-created future as they will see the future different and separate from you, and perhaps not the immediate future because of some additional benefit it might have for them, but their long term and even eternal future will every time in every subject not truly be with you because they are not designed to effortlessly move in the same direction. They have their own Twin Flame with whom they would have that.


Even when they are assholes to you, you know deep down they love you, when it is your True Twin Flame. Their way of being with you is never devoid of a deeper meaning, so there could be lesson for you to learn here, and you can sense the unconditional love that is present underneath the surface of life of what it looks like. True Twin Flames mirror their asshole-ness in complimentary ways in order to heal it in both of you.

When it is your false Twin Flame, and they are an asshole to you, there could certainly be a lesson but that would ultimately entail to let them go. You don’t feel a sense of eternal Divine Love in their behavior, even though the lesson that will eventually push you to let them go completely forever can present you with what you need to be able to choose the True Twin Flame.


You share your fundamental core values with your True Twin Flame. However they can sound like having another form, you learn that that expression of that deeper value is in fact a perfectly complementary way of being that still expresses the same core value. This way you feel met at the core and complemented in the form at the same time, which gives you an allround feeling of being loved from all angles. It’s harmonious and at the same time never boring.

Your false Twin Flame will not share your core values and they may (temporarily) seem to match the form of your expression of your values, such as a certain political direction or diet, but when you get to know them more over time, you never get the impression that it has any real depth or meaning how you come together in these topics – if they even do come together with you there.


A false Twin Flame will not want to go significantly deeper with you while a True Twin Flame will every time want to go deeper with you even though there are issues to work through or it takes some time to soak into the direction before action surfaces again.