Going on the Twin Flame journey has many benefits to you, even when you are not yet at the definitive result and also when you actually desire to do the normal spiritual journey to the true self (which is in our time and day updated to include the Twin Flame, when you are talking about the leading edge of creation in the spiritual journey sense).

More meaning

You will experience an enormous amount of meaningfulness in your life; even the most simple daily life experiences of yourself (alone or with others) get a deep meaning for you that reaches core deep and therefore have the potential of touching the others and the world from that core experience as well. Life will be and in a growing way become, thick with meaning and that will feel very satisfactory. The way you will be transformed through the journey, will be in the ultimate and deeply loving way and that sparks positive changes in others around you and the world in general automatically, too.

Destination urge resolved

You probably have the feeling of destination urge, and that is often the reason you are on the journey or the motivation to start. The experience of destination urge is something that autonomously lead you to want to resolve that matter and make come true what it promises, whatever it means for you at the place where you are. Following this journey, will make you go to the full catharsis of this feeling and present you with what it essentially means so you can start to live it as a result.

Living according to Divine order

Once on the journey, you will undoubtedly start to slowly let Divine order into your life and take over. And although that can sound scary and it has got everything to do with surrender to the ego death that any serious spiritual journey promises, it is in fact a very safe, good and solidifying thing that happens in your life. That is because Divine order is the order that the architecture of Creation is created as: your life will be influences by a deeply powerful force that will establish something that stays eternally and serves your highest good.

Accelerates healing

Being on the journey means your wounding and trauma and errors and ego will become loosened up more and even though that can bring you to face pieces of yourself that you earlier rather had left uncovered, it is in fact a prime opportunity to heal them completely and forever after. It can be hard to face yourself to enough of a degree so that this is what happens and the purifying result is fully yours. But once deeper into the journey, you can’t escape this cleansing power anymore and you undergo its healing benefits to completion. That will make you (obviously) feel loads better!

More right kind of love

The journey will open for you the right kind of love. Often we’ve learned real strange and blatantly wrong concepts of what love really entails from our earliest childhood onwards, which is often reinforced by society but even if it is challenged by it you still may not have found Divine Love. Divine Love is unconditional love: the kind of love that is always there for you no matter what you think you’ve done. It is warm and compassionate no matter where you are in your development. It is ultimately healing you, and therefore it can present itself as well in any form you’ll need to be able to heal yourself. And it is for sure not one sided love, conditional love, hot sexy love only, love that goes away over time, love that works with toxic psychology and behavior, love that asks you to hide, love that asks anything from you and so forth. You’ll uncover the True Nature of Love and benefit from that allround, because the soul needs love to grow and you’ll bask into it as if you are in the sun on vacation, deepen your unconscious relaxation and exude the healing rays to others also.