“Hey hey, we are the deva’s! We are gnomes and fairies, dryads and fae. Yes yes we are playful and a lot of fun, and today we’d like to play with you, so immerse yourself into our realm, you’re definitely gonna like it.

You want justice and that is good, yet you’ve got to understand that to achieve that, you’re going to need to let go of your inner stiffness so your playfulness can start to come out!

Often your stiffness is much like an unconsciously egotistical man that is so supported by the larger structures of the game of public society that he doesn’t see his own psychological immaturity.

Or like a woman that believes in fairytales and dreams of a man that will carry her away in a love story, while in reality taking a man that can be manipulated so she can implant in him her own egotistical goals.

It’s an unconscious stiffness that is keeping you imprisoned and it can pair so incredibly well with the general vibe of your larger social constructs, that it can stay largely unrecognized. This is not the game that we’d like to play! We play in purity and innocence instead.

We’d love for our playfulness to creep up to your societies and grow through them until there is nothing else then psychological maturity giving way for a never-ending playfulness. That’s where the justice you are looking for, resides.

You’ll feel light and joyful and recognize that everything you desire is already there for you. We’ll help you heal into this state that is awaiting you. Simply open your heart for us to get things going.”